6 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Power BI

Achieve new skills to Learn Power BI with Youtube channels. There are a few ways to learn Power BI but Youtube channels to Learn Power BI is one of the most effective sources. If you want to achieve your target quickly, update your inner confidence, and gain success. Then, you need to learn Power BI which is one of the best business intelligence tools. But, How to learn Power BI? I prefer Youtube channels to learn Power BI. You will find available resources and different free courses on Youtube channels that are more interactive to learning Power BI than any other way. Last few years, power BI gains popularity among many professionals’ intelligence tools for its interactive features. I have found some Youtube channels that work in great ways for educating people about power BI. You can also learn power BI through Youtube.

Power BI Channels on YouTube That You Can Learn About Power BI
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What About Learn Power BI Channels:

In modern days, all businesses need data to measure their position in the business world. So, With the analysis of data, businesses take crucial steps for their business. Also, To give meaning to data, businesses have to take the help of business intelligence tools.

At first, data is a piece of disorganized and meaningless information. So, Business intelligence tools’ job is to collect and process unstructured data into structured ones. In the market, there are many business intelligence tools for instance tableau, sense, Dundas data visualization, license, and others.

Power BI is also one of these business intelligence tools. In recent years, power BI gains popularity among many professionals. Because it has interactive features like Data modeling, power query, DAX formulas, or calculated columns. It collects and processes big data from various sources. It has also professional dashboards, and reports to be shared with more people and others. More, Data analysts, or anyone who wants to learn power BI. If but do not know where to start. Then, this article is for you.

I will name some channels. They dedicate their content to teaching and educating about power BI. More, These channels not only share lessons about learning power BI but also launch comprehensive courses to learn power BI.

Why Do You Need to Learn Power BI?

You are thinking to use power BI but are still doubtful to use it. So, I want to help you to decide by enlightening why you need this?

  • Power BI is an economical and easy-to-use business analytics tool.
  • Power BI ensures that individuals and organizations can diagnose their data separately. Also, A data analyst or data scientist can use the Power BI desktop to analyze and practice personally. Or if he uses power BI pro. Then, he can share dashboards and reports with his teammates. More, Power BI gives people the opportunity to use power BI based on their necessity.
  • If you want to keep your data in high security. Then, no one gets an insight into it. No worry. While using power BI, you can also keep your data safe by power BI security with service tags, azure private link, and Azure virtual network.
  • You can also mold your data in interactive dashboards and visualization. This also enables your team and clients to understand better
  • If you are a user of Microsoft office 365. Then, you can easily connect with your power BI dashboards to reports, data models, and excel queries to analyze quickly.

So, if you want to learn power BI. Then, you can start your journey by learning from these 6 Youtube channels.

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1. Guy in a Cube :

This channel has made learning power BI. An easy data analytics tool. 243k people are using this channel to learn power BI. Adman Saxton and Patrick Leblanc, these two Microsoft employees start this channel with intention of teaching people about business analytics tools to learn power BI.

In videos, they share tips and tricks about DAX formulas. How to make the dashboard more professional and attractive? Also, they share information relating to power BI and do live streams to answer viewers’ questions.

If you are willing to become knowledgeable and want to learn power BI. Then, you can buy their courses. It is like power BI blueprint creating reports, and more.

2. SQL BI :

If you are crumbled upon using DAX formulas in the dashboard and reports. Then, Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari can help you to overcome this problem. More than that, They have an amazing YouTube channel dedicated to DAX formulas named SQL BI. Also, It has published a video about DAX formulas and data modeling related to learning power BI, analysis services, and power pivot.

It also has a website. Where they publish articles about learning power BI, DAX, power pivot, excel, and more. You can also take advanced courses from them.

More, They also published two books related to learning power BI named the definitive guide to DAX and analyzing data with Power BI and power pivot for excel.

3. Enterprise DNA :

Enterprise DNA is a wholesome platform that wants to master business analytics tools like learning Power BI. More, They give importance to both making insightful dashboards and implementing DAX formulas. It also teaches on YouTube as well as for comprehensive lessons. So, you can become a member of their website. 

If you gain a member position. Then, it offers various purchase rates. You can also purchase member positions based on your purchasing ability. To become a member you will enjoy many benefits like on-demand training, extensive resources, virtual support, exclusive event invitations, and many more. They are also offering courses on Udemy.

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4. Bilete :

Bilete is still a growing YouTube channel. Although, it is more active on its website. In the channel, it published videos on the basics to learn Power BI, DAX, and power query.

They also offer paid training and consulting for their clients. More than 40000 users are getting training from Bilete.

PinCone Research
5. Curbal :

Curbal is a channel of a BI consultant company in Sweden. In this channel, you can know about learning power BI from 862 videos. More, Every week they upload videos. Regarding DAX, they start a series of DAX measures. They also upload a video every Friday to talk about a particular DAX measure.

To become a member of Curbal. Then, you can create an account on their official website and it is free of cost. By becoming a member. You can download their videos. More, They are offering a few courses named basics to learn  Power BI, M language, and power query. Some are free and some are paid.

6. Microsoft Power BI :

Microsoft Power BI is very useful. If a company wants to teach people about their product or software on their own. Because nobody can tell you more. about the product who build it. 

Microsoft launched this data analytics tool to give people a luxurious experience to mold their data into brief dashboards and reports. Microsoft also opens a YouTube channel to learn power BI to educate and update data analysts and business professionals.

More, This channel shares different tips and tricks about power BI, updates, and customer success stories. Data analysts who want to learn about power BI and get updated about new features in Power BI. So, They can look up this channel.

FAQs : 

Question: Can I learn Power BI on YouTube?

Answer: Youtube is one of the best ways to learn power BI.

Question: What is the best tutorial for Power BI?

Answer: I have mentioned the top 6 Channels Where you will find the best tutorial for Power BI.

Question: What are the basics required to learn Power BI?

Answer: You can start from the beginning. Step by step you need to learn about graphs, charts, and visualization. Also, you require Knowledge of data modeling and mathematical measures. More, you will get details in my post. 

Question: Is Microsoft Power BI difficult to learn?

Answer: Microsoft is one of the good options for Power BI. But, you did not get available different types of full courses. Where you will get Power BI channels on youtube.  

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I hope, these channels make your power BI learning journey easier and more efficient.

In modern days, all businesses need data to measure their position in the business world. With the analysis of data, businesses take crucial steps for their business. Power BI is one of the most demandable skills for giving meaning to data and businesses have to take the help of business intelligence tools.

So, the YouTube channel is one of the great sources for power BI to educate and update data analysts and business professionals. I hope. You can take the advantage of those Power BI channels and make yourself updated with the modern business.

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