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It is not easy to find jobs to do from home these days which fits both your needs and educational background.

We have that’s why came with a good option where you have to score tests.

With this type of Work At Home Test Scoring Jobs, you can earn some real cash online.

Remote workers do these companies’ large works.

The test which is given for scoring is usually handwritten answers, essay portions, etc.

What you have to do is thoroughly read through the whole paper and give the paper marks.

To be honest this work is helping people out there who don’t have a suitable job.

This one is easy, and so they start their income scoring tests.

But wait, you need to have some tools and skills before you become a test scorer.

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What do You need To Become A Test Scorer?

Work at home Test Scoring Jobs

The required basic skills for applying for the jobs are following.

  • Be attended while reading detail.
  • Computer skills, at least basic
  • A well-performing computer and good internet connection
  • A bachelor’s degree  (can be in any field)

Now the question arises that how much money you can make by doing test scoring job?

Generally, a test scorer is paid $10-20 for every hour though it depends on the project you get.

You have to make a choice for how long you want to work daily.

It would be best if you were careful before fixing the working hours and why standardized tests are not held all the time rather at certain times.

You can take this as a seasonal job to make money at those particular times.

Also, you can take advantage of those test times by saving up all the money for going on a vacation or buying something expensive things you are dreaming of buying.

After all, we know It’s always better to have something than nothing.

And the best feeling is when you fulfill your dreams with your own earnings.

The time has finally come to discuss with you about the legit sites where you can do test scoring jobs from home.

Work At Home Test Scoring Jobs Sites

This website are among the best website for doing work at home test scoring jobs. You can choose any of these site to make your legit money.

supper Affiliate System

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The Education Testing Service (ETS) engages all the test scorers to check the test papers of  TOEIC®, Praxis™, Sat, TOEFL®, GRE®, and other related programs.

They will provide you training at first, and later you will be given a certificate to work as a test scorer.

They have requirements though before they accept you as an online scorer, but for each test, they vary.

Most tests only ask for either a bachelor’s degree or a degree on masters. If you know a second language, you will get more advantages.

And if you had teaching experience, you would get even more priority.

 This company has huge numbers of remote workers who work from the world’s different places.

This is totally authentic, and so you can try working with them.

About the payment method, you get payment either weekly or monthly, sometimes after the completion of the project through your bank account.

For a person who doesn’t want to do any creative jobs online, this could be the best choice.


A person gives it hired test scorers SAT exam’s essay portions. Hence it would help if you had a degree of bachelor or higher.

The other requirement to be accepted by them is the experience of teaching in a high school or college.

Also, you can make your timing of working here. You can apply today and earn money sitting at home.


Grade standardized tests from home working with WriteScore.

You get to check the papers of elementary, middle, high school. But one fact is you have to be a US citizen to be accepted by them.

You will be paid according to CareerBuilde. but usually, they pay between $8-$15 for each hour.

They don’t require any experience, but you must own a two years degree in any subject.

PinCone Research

Study Point

This one is a bit different because it’s an in-home tutoring renowned company.

It hires test scorers and gives them to check the test papers of their students.

They also pay hourly, and the amount is decent. You get all your payment right after a project is finished.


It is also allowing working as a test scorer there but only to the US citizens.

It’s a great site and never late in giving payments. They ask for no special skill or any degree.

You can check out our this article if you want to earn some free money while searching.

Final Words

Working from home is the most comfortable way of making money. Therefore, the online job demands are rising day by day.

You will find many other different opportunities to work from home.

But for now, work at home test scoring jobs the one you can take as a chance to make some side income when the exam seasons are on.

The payments are also well, at least you can save them for a party or trip.

All the companies we introduced are legally doing it.

And if you feel interested, you can apply them today. Make money, grow daily, and never stop earning.

And yeah, you can check out our related articles to find others job that you might be interested.

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