15 Amazon Work at Home Jobs That Pay Up to $10,000/Month

Right now, Work at Home Jobs are getting more interest from the mass people. Everyone is trying to do something from their home.

Cause eventually, it will make you more empowered. At the same time, you will be able to some extra money rather than depend on your traditional job.

Internet is always there if you want to learn something very eagerly. So if you are searching for a high-paying job, then you should read this article till the end.

In this guide, we will cover 15 jobs that can pay up to $10,000 per month. The most interesting part of this article that you can have any of these jobs from your home.

15 Amazon Work

Customer Service Representative

Giving accurate and complete information to the customer is the first and foremost responsibility of a Customer Service Representative (CSR). You have to be very patient as your job is dealing with lots of incoming calls.

A company wants its CSR to be smart enough that it can generate sales leads. In some cases, you can build a good relationship with customers if you know how to talk with them and give them the right solutions.

Also, you have to keep records of your conversation. You should know how to multi-tasking to get this job.

Social Media Evaluator

Do you love scrolling social media? Then it is time to use this skill. Social media evaluation in which you have to give feedback on advertising and search results for social media.

It is an entry-level and a work-from-home job. In this job, you need a smartphone or a computer and a strong internet connection.

You will be lucky if you have a job in social media evaluation cause in this job, you will be learning new technologies. Also, in the end, this will add some money to your wallet.

Travel Agent

Travel agents plan trips for the customer. It is a time-consuming Work at Home Jobs, which is why clients want travel agents to do the job.

They give the best offer to their customer so that they could experience the best trip. Their job is to communicate with their clients directly.

To ensure itinerary items for its customers, specialists work with machines or call aircraft, voyage boats, resorts, and rental firms.

The research data on their customers’ itinerary items and give basic data to their objective, including climate figures, tourism warnings, and essential documentation.

Virtual Receptionist

As internet service is increasing, a new type of job is introduced, and that is the role of a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist does all the jobs as a traditional receptionist does.

The only difference is that virtual assistants do their job from a remote area. For the most part, you would get an automated secretary administration to secure your telephone nonstop, noting the calls even after the day is returning home by an in-house worker.

Life Coach

You will be love this job if you are a talkative person. You can do your works in your spare time. In this job, you can run a session to communicate with your clients and give them life advice.

In this job, you have to be very organized with your words as you are giving advice. You can have a decent relationship with your clients.


Transcription is the interpretation of sound or video to message documents. In the sound or video, you need to type decisively what you saw. It should be a clone of an in the same words.


There are very few capabilities required for this work. You can also build up certain abilities on the off chance that you need to arrive on a high paid customer.

Most importantly, you should have a decent listening limit since you may regularly need to work with specific, not justifiable, customers.

Data Entry

If you are looking for a flexible schoolwork vocation, at that point, the ideal alternative for you is the information section.

It is, in a real sense duplicating data starting with one PC then onto the next. You unquestionably need a PC for that Work at Home Jobs.

Data Entry

If you are skilled in information section work, countless organizations pay a respectable measure of cash.

Graphic Designing

It has become a traditional job nowadays. If you love doing the digital drawing, you will love this job. If you are passionate about this, you will end up earning a lot of money from this job.

You can find a variety of things, including advertising, publishing, public relations, etc. The fun fact about this job is you will be learning new things regularly. The priority will be designing always. Also, you’ll have the privilege of working as a team.

Software Engineer

Computer programmers compose, troubleshoot, oversee, and test programming that educates a machine to play out specific capacities, for example, saving data, processing, and so on.

The product designer will interpret what requirements to do to one of a few programming dialects.

The set of working responsibilities of the computer programmer starts with the setting determinations.

Somebody needing to get into this position would require a degree in tech, math, or science. Candidates will likewise be required to have a broad commonality in working frameworks and applications, for example, C++ or Java.


The blog is an online journal or notepad on the web. Blog material typically incorporates text, pictures, liveliness, energized GIFs, and checks from old physical disconnected journals or diaries and other printed version records.

Although a blog may work solely for individual use, for trading data with a selective local area, or general society, the creator of a blog may set up a blog for private or free.


Proofreading is the final step of publishing any content or article. Everyone wants their book, article, or content to be error-free. In that, you will need a proofreader who has an extra eye on your content.

Albeit a few people and organizations need to do their own editing, more are aiding this progression of the task. They need to ensure that anything they compose has a second pair of eyes on it to guarantee that everything is without mistake.

At the point when you function as an independent editor, you can be approached to edit everything from web-based media messages to messages and blog entries to books.

Survey Taker

Searching for an approach to raise some additional money? While most side positions can’t balance the consistent income of ordinary work, they can supplement the deteriorating check.

Paid studies are viewed as one approach to raise a couple of additional bucks without any problem.

Survey Taker

This is viewed as a purchaser investigation in specialized terms. The market considers it is a significant business. Organizations are contributing billions of dollars.

These organizations get the full picture of the flavor of their customers by market examination. It urgesthem to plan and create an item that will be mainstream available.

Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant gives help inside an association to elevated level heads and is regularly trusted with troublesome tasks and private subtleties.

Chief Assistants can be answerable for orchestrating social affairs, requiring minutes at meetings, overseeing records, and making reports or introductions for their chief authority, notwithstanding broad managerial work.

As a rule, Executive Assistants encourage the smooth activity of the workplace, teaming up with the heads both on a balanced premise, yet besides with inner and outer clients on a bigger premise.

Content Acquisition Manager

Amazon. Needs an accomplished, vivacious, information-driven asset for the procurement and coordinated effort of substance.

Our specialist co-op organization and accomplice associations will be fundamentally answerable for creating, keeping up, and expanding the job.

The individual in this position will have a point by point information on various substance classes, influencers, content makers, telecom companies, and substance proprietors/aggregators.

The whole thing works to provide our Amazon buyers with great substance to upgrade purchaser administration by giving broad substance choice and prevalent client experience.

Corporate recruiter

Despite the size of the association, corporate enrollment specialists exist at home in a business. An in-house scout may likewise be viewed as an organization selection representative and is typically on an HR crew.

They are frequently regularly in a more particular branch inside an HR unit known as the advancement of ability. The part of a corporate scout is near that of a leader spotter or representative enrollment specialist and is to pull in candidates.

Corporate spotters are relied upon to focus on individual positions that seem to have a wide scope of obligations and skills.


I hope in this article you find all the necessary information regarding the topic of Work at Home Jobs. We talked about jobs and the required skills. So if you have experience and any of the above skills, then it is high time you should give it a try. So start from now. No need to worry about what will happen next. Because the first step is important.