15 At Home For Woman Jobs To Make $5000/Month

Women working and making money from home is perfect because they can then do both, taking care of the family and contributing to financial matters with Woman Jobs.

If you are a lady who wants to earn money from home, we know which jobs are suitable for you. Thinking about the efforts a woman always puts into her family, we recommended 15 easy online works, which will bring you much money with putting less effort.

 The amount you can make doing any of the following jobs is enough to pay bills, going on a trip with family buying them things and for you too.

 The more good fact is our suggested works will never be heavy on you because it will be up to you how long you can work. Let us then introduce all those amazing 15 online jobs that you never knew can make you $5000 a month.

Online Writing

In our daily life, we always read to know about something no matter a product or service. The articles we read are created by online writers who write and earn money from home.

The contents we read are not always their ideas. Some writers write on their own, and some write working with different clients.

Clients manage their titles or contents; they write the rest. That is content writing or online writing. Content writers don’t work under anyone. Rather they go in contracts, takes projects, and write for them.

 A pro writer later starts her website or page and writes all by herself. Starting content writing is never something tough. Thus, it can be counted as Woman Jobs.

You need to have ideas, concepts, and the talent to give them shapes through words. Many famous websites are available to start the journey of becoming an online writer without having zero experience.


If we want to describe this online job most simply, it’s a work that includes only two things to do.

Reading books, documents, files and finding errors from it like grammatical, pattern, punctuation, spelling mistakes, etc.

It Can be very relaxing if you’re a mother because when your baby is sleeping, you can pass that free time reading and finding mistakes. It’s fun because you keep reading and enjoying the writing.

When you get to see an error, you point that out and thus make money. A proofreader’s usual salary varies from $25 to $60 per hour; depending on your work quality, the rate increases.

Virtual Bookkeeping

Thinking about how you can keep a book virtually? Well, it’s nothing like keeping someone’s book at your home. Rather, it’s an online work to keep the financial transaction records of a business, especially the small ones.

You will love knowing you can do the job from your home with the help of a computer. Becoming a virtual bookkeeper doesn’t have many requirements.

 It would help if you had an internet connection, computer, and little math skills. If you continue to work hard daily, you can easily make $5000 in a month.

Virtual Assistant

If you are good at managing social media, can do graphics designing, write, edit files, documents, fulfill administration duties, then you have all the qualifications to become a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant

 This work can bring you so much money in a very less amount of time. The more your skills grow, the more your demand grows.

 $25 is paid to a beginner virtual assistant generally, and the experienced one earns $100 per hour. I hope you can guess how easily you can make $5000 for yourself every month doing this job.

Transcription Works

Transcription can also be a great and relying job from home, and we think it’s perfect for ladies. Transcription work requires no extra certificate or experience.

Anyone start doing it at any time, but they should continue. Remember one thing, and money never comes without putting any effort.

No matter online or offline, you always must keep working to make money. A transcriptionist’s job is to listen to some audio files they get from the contracted company and make a typed record of everything they hear from the audios.

One good news is a transcriber can make from 17-30 dollars for working per hour. At first, you may need to work for a long time, but your rate will eventually rise with the passing time.


We see most lady bloggers getting successful earlier and making a lot of money. As you can do blogging from home, ladies feel attracted to this work. Besides, a blogger’s money range has no limits.

With the growing popularity and followers, a blogger can make thousands of dollars in just one day. Of course, you need to give a lot of effort at the beginning to make your success come faster.


But if you keep the confidence up while working hard, it won’t take much time to get the expected number of followers. As a women, with this Woman Jobs, you don’t have to go out. You can do this while staying at home and take care of your children.

But before you start blogging, we suggest you gain some experience in online writing and have a website of your own.

English Online Tutoring

Let us tell you teaching online is now becoming popular. Most of us are good at English, and if you are one of us, you have a perfect chance to make money by teaching English to Chinese kids.

China is trying to make their young generation better at English to make them able to learn more from foreign countries too.

So many online education academies are hiring teachers from across the globe as English teachers. As an English teacher, you will be paid $25 for each hour of teaching. Hence you can use this great opportunity to make $5000 a month.

Resell Items Online

Women always have eyes for fashion, and they are more fashion conscious. If you, too, have my fashion sense, why not recreate things and resell them?

 It has become a nice business idea for many women, and now many became a successful businessman.

 This way, you work as the boss and do things just the way you like. When your business goes in full swing, there’s no stopping of coming money.

Use Multiple Apps At Free Time To Earn Money

If you are young and studying you probably, don’t want to get exhausted by working in your free time. We have solutions for you too.

 You can make money by just using some applications. Many applications indeed pay their users for using their software.

 You need to do some simple tasks daily to earn. Those tasks include playing games, taking surveys, watching videos or ads, reading emails, and many more.

Teaching Online

It is not that you have to join an online school to earn money. You can start your coaching online and teach Students other important subjects like math, physics, chemistry, and other important subjects.

 If you have great knowledge of any of those, you can start coaching and make money out of it. You can charge students 25-30 dollars per hour.

Real Estate Agent

One more opportunity for ladies to make income from is to become a real estate agent. It’s a work where you connect buyers and sellers for making a sale of real estate.

You help buyers in searching for their dream home and also help estate owners finding a good buy. When you make an estate purchased, a big amount of commission is always given to you.

Moreover, you get a monthly salary for becoming an official agent. But to apply for this job, you need to have a certificate that proves you know everything about this business and tactics.

Life Coach

If you are not familiar with this, let us explain to you. Describing in a simple way life coaching is guiding people in life.

Time is passing, and the competition is growing among people. This competitive life is creating depression and stress whole leaving many people without hope.

 Life coaches explain to them the meaning of life and tell them how they should enjoy it. They inspire people to keep working and become successful.

If you, too, can make people feel relaxed and inspire them to be somebody, you are perfect for being a life coach. A life coach charges $25-50 usually, but the most experienced once charges over 200 dollars.

Freelance Works

Freelancing is this generation’s first choice of working online Woman Jobs. Different types of freelancing works are available to do, and the platforms are also many.

Freelance Works

 You can start your freelancing career with graphics designing, content writing, data entry, web designing, and more.

The best freelance website to start working on is Fiverr. You at the beginning get $5 for each work you do, but you can higher your rates with your growing experience.

Create An App

Creating an app is the best choice to make your regular income as a source of passive income. Apps are software that does one or more particular works programmed.

If you have a useful idea that can be used by many other people through an application, you can make one and upload it on apps stores.

 If you are not a programmer but still have a good idea, you can hire one programmer to create your app. This way, you can start making thousands of dollars daily when your app is noticed.

Become Influencer

On Instagram, Facebook nowadays, we see lots of people who have so many followers. They are not superstars, they don’t easily appear on TV’s, but they are called influencers.

Commission Hero Review

An influencer can make dollars right after getting 5k followers. You get noticed by brands and companies, giving you money to promote their products or services.

 An influencer earning depends on her followers. The more followers and engagement, the more money you can make.

Final Words

Working from home jobs like Woman Jobs are now highly demanding. Both males and females prefer working from home, so we researched to find out more than 10 ( 15 works) from home jobs.

We kept in mind before making a list is no matter whether you have a graduation certificate or not, and you are always welcome to do any of the jobs above and income daily.