How to Find a Profitable Niche: Top 6 Niches to Avoid for Your First Ebook.

Anyone getting excited about their first-time achievement. Maybe you jump up with a lot of success later. But, the memory of first-time achievement always is special.

That’s why I think you did not accept any kind of obstacle at the first time when you just make a decision to start writing for publishing your first ebook niche.

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Are you passionate about cooking?  Then, It is logical. You have full focus on the cook. Suppose, You want to start a channel on YouTube, then, you have taken all scope of cooking possibilities to boost up your audience about your YouTube cooking channel.

Yes, it will be perfect if you can start a cooking ebook.

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I am writing this article for those amateur writers who want to publish their first ebook. I also inform them through my article, Don’t follow only your passion, love to publish your first ebook which already has high competition online.

Let’s give you another example instead of the cooking book. I know you are a passionate writer that’s why you want to publish your ebook. In that case, if you want to create a children’s book to follow your passion. It’s can be your dream and inspiration.

If you ask me about to start. My answer is obviously, You can.

I have mentioned above two of your desired categories cooking and child’s ebook. But I strongly recommended avoiding these categories to get success your first goal. Because in Both categories you have found so many competitors and it will be too tough for crating your first ebook.  you can not find the desired audience with a single ebook. I meany your first publishing ebook.

But if you have already a series  (10-15 books) of the written books on those categories, Then you can be ahead and can take the challenge with high competitive sections.

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No doubt, I am concerned and appreciate your talent. So you an Feel free and keep your confidence high about your writing talent.

But, In the starting,  You will find different scenarios although you are a talented writer.

At first,  there are so many things you may learn as a beginner writer.

Additionally, Not only as a writer, it’s essential to know that how to be an online business writer, e-marketer,  promotional activities, and a lot more have to know.

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Just, Imagine those people who want to grow their business online but do not have enough knowledge about it. Then, What is more important? Definitely, learning can be the first priority. I don’t want you’ve first listed the ebook published to downsides.

So, At starting point. You have found out the low competitive niche. I mean you can beware of high competition niche to avoid publishing your first ebook.

How to Find a Profitable Niche?

In this process,  You can learn more about different kinds of obstacles,  the online opportunity can be highlighted in your experiences.  Accordingly,  you will learn all possible ways to succeed and can be aware of all possible online challenges.

In fact,  consider your talent level, Toady, or tomorrow you get desired space to grow up your ebook business by following your passion. That time you can select any kind of niches that you love but keep patience in your starting time.  Don’t waste your talent without knowing the priority of first publishing.

Because of A fresher talented writer. You have to know how to be successful in those highly competitive categories and jump into the structured way to avoid all kinds of obstacles.


To find a profitable niche creates the sense to avoid High competitive categories:

Although you are in love. You should not choose such kinds of niches for your first ebook.

Here I am referring to high risky six competitive niches you should avoid for publishing your first desired ebook.

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Don’t include the below-listed niches to publish your first e-book. Without having a series of written books to publish continuously.

  1. Romance
  2. Diet
  3. Self-Motivation
  4. Cooking
  5. Travel
  6. Kids book

1. Romance:

Most of the writers are passionate, in the love of romance as their writing niches.  Your income can be boosted up by rapid sales. But you should be ahead and writing the second, third book. I mean you have to be a series writer at least 10 books of the first series. Accordingly, you can step ahead with the second series (10 books).

Here, you have faced massive competition. So, you need to write multiple series to boost up your hit to the audience. If you are well prepared with an awesome storyline put in your all series, then it can be worked.

You have written a lot of quality books as a serial publication in the romance section. This is can be tough for a beginner.

A single romance-quality ebook can not be able to fulfill your expectation.

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2. Diet:

If you have multiple series of diet ebooks. It has brought a huge amount of income for you without any doubt.

There is no magic, have no secret recipe to lose weight. It is about genetics, a healthy diet, and exercise.

But let you inform. According to the search engines, most of the people looking for a weight loss system are inconsistent.

By the nature of human beings. Continuously looking the vast competition grow up in the diet categories.

Before publishing your first ebook, You need to think and write different kinds of series ebooks like smoothing diet, a diet with raw eating, exercise, yoga, weight machine, training, footing schedule, etc

This is a vast area you have to cover for weight loss. A multiple series of ebooks you have to write for the readers.

This does not end here, Every topic has so many sub-niches.

Are you really cover all of those matters as your starting point of publishing your first ebook niche?

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3. Self-Motivation:

There is almost the same matter of romance. But,  If I compare according to vast and sub-niches. ebook on self-motivation is more like the diet categories.  Too much competition. that’s why for your first ebook kindle I suggest ignoring this category.  Already a huge self-motivation ebook is available online.

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4. Cooking:

As per my experiences, I did not find any categories like cooking. It is like endless writing on cooking. You can’t define how many segments and sub-niches have in this category.

But, I have noticed people compare less money spent to buy an ebook of cooking.

One reason can be, If you open YouTube and search for cooking, then you will find how to cook practically first to last. No matter have left you can add your first publishing ebook.


Once, you grow up as in-demand online your main income source will be on advertising and cooking product promotion.

But I am considering your first passionate ebook publishing. Don’t take any risk in these highly competitive categories. Although, less demand to purchase an ebook on the cooking item. YouTube is giving you all kinds of ideas.

So, it is not a better idea to write and publish your first ebook on cooking. There is little chance to earn money with your first ebook on cooking categories.

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5. Travel :

Most of my audience is living in the US. I have found they are not much traveling as like different countries people do. Usually, they buy a travel book within five years on average.

So, in this category, your first ebook will not be in-demand.

Significantly. Tour and tourism industry has the opportunity for sales to grow up through the affiliating system.

Publish your first ebook on travel you cant expect so much. but a published travel series of guides including all sub-niches and segments can earn money through an affiliate marketing system.

Although, it’s very competitive, specific. And regional area basis.

Logically, publishing your first ebook in these categories is not the better choice.

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6. Kids book:

Once upon a time, parents purchase more kids’ books. But YouTube now covers all most everything with creating various king facilities by watching kids-related videos.  Parents now prefer watching Youtube instead of purchasing kids’ books.

You can write kids’ books. It has different ranges of age. So many different age levels of kids’ books you have to write. So. It is now so much challenging to write a single ebook to attract an audience.

A lot of subcategories, age-related variations, affiliate, and youTube.

A massive competitive category here.

I don’t prefer you to suggest publishing your first ebook in this category.

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I have respect for your writing talent. But I am discussing above my selected six areas that are high competition and vast publication already exists. Affiliate, Youtube, the illustration also growing up in these categories more and more.

So, it is tough to be successful to select your niche in those categories. Especially, when you are going to publish your first ebook online. The first one is always something more special for a writer.

I suggest avoiding the top six categories on your first ebook niches. I am not telling you that you can not write on those categories. You can but it is not a better option for your first ebook kindle. You can try it later on.

Here is more difficult to attract your audience with a single ebook.

So, you can start with somewhere else in low competitive categories.  where you can pick up your sales revenue easily with your first ebook publishing.

That’s why I just inform the real fact of mentioned six categories to avoid niches about the first ebook published.

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I wish you the best of luck.