Website That Makes $1000 Every Day

Getting charged to test sites is perhaps the best way to get cash online from home with your spare time.

There is a wide range of companies that extend to the site testing of job prospects. In case you’re curious to get paying testing sites, you should go ahead with them and start testing sites.

You can buy up to $10-$25 a day of testing sites. What you need is a web association, a PC, or a mobile phone.

Now and then, you may need to program your earphone and screen recording. You will be billed by PayPal week after week. Here, I’ve reported some conventional organizations that extend to the site testing of work openings.

Pick up the website platform (WordPress)

The initial move is to select the stage of your web. There are different choices to think over.

WordPress is simply the most comfortable and most popular place to build a website, be that as it may. Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s open, you don’t have to spend a single dollar to use it, and in a real sense, you can add an extensive range of free modules and formats;
  • It’s effortless to use. Even individuals with no PC aptitudes will see how WordPress functions;
  • It’s adaptable altogether. You can make a blog, a professional or straightforward site for your nearby company, deals sites, registration places, everything you might imagine. WordPress can probably make anything you need.

There is also a vast range of modules that, in some context, can add new highlights or expand the website.

Having a domain name and a company for Web Hosting

This is the most relaxing and critical aspect. You’ll need two things to get your site running:

A Domain name

 This will be your site address where individuals will discover you. Anything like “” would be your area name. The cost of the name of a place is very modest, around $10 per year.

A network facilitator

For an agency with a platform, you will need to pay a nominal fee. They have countless PCs that will store all your stuff and pictures of your site and be patient. The cost of successful web facilitation is just $5-10 per month.

Few Companies offer Web Research Work that costs $20 per test.

PineCone Research

PineCone Study is perhaps the most professional website that covers work openings and other paying summary occupations for site testing. You should settle for up to $5-$10 per testing site. Via PayPal, they pay week after week. You need to try and apply the pages. Enter PineCone Study now and start exploring sites today.


UserTesting is another trustworthy and popular stage that pays consumers to inspect sites. Typically, they’re paying $10 per test spot,

and it could take 15 minutes for you. You need to enter their webpage and take some training orders before you get help for complex site monitoring occupations.

After your endorsement, you can start checking sites and get cash. You’ll get billed by PayPal week after week. Enter UserTesting today and start taking in cash.


UTest also provides a range of web review offers. This company provides Customer Testing Administrations with Actual Sites and Computerized Things such as Software, Scripting, and so on.

You need to enter their platform and take some preparation exercises before you have access to dynamic Site Testing Offers.

You will get up to $5 per test job. You will be paid by PayPal or Payoneer every fifteenth or last month.

Enroll App

Enlist is an awesome alleged agency that applies to a variety of minor work testing possibilities, for example, information passage, logo selection, site leveling, and so forth. Anybody can do small job testing and pull in cash. You will get settled up to $10 a day.


You need a PC and a mobile phone to work with them. In comparison to the various organizations, their research assignments are simple and straightforward. Prepared to deal for them, huh? Knowledge exchange at the moment on Enroll.

12-Minute Affiliate


StartUpLift is another agency that stretches to a gigantic platform testing work prospects. The big benefit of this platform is that you don’t need to speak, review, or log something.

You need to apply the test input to get paid for it. In case you don’t prefer to chat, this platform might be an excellent place for you to get paid testing places. You need to request a Paypal account when registering on their web.

You can purchase $5 per site checking errand and pay for it every Monday. To start work, join the StartUpLift now.


TryMyUI offers a range of web-based research activities that include a screen recorder and a microphone. You’ve got to document the works and apply them.

You can have to request a text document occasionally. You’re going to get $10 charged for the research mission. You’ll get a lot of new site testing activities every week. They pay via PayPal every Friday.


WhatUsersDo has a lot of online testing offerings to sell. You need to compare current and old websites to boost the efficiency of this website.

You need a video recorder to work for them. They’ll give you a few practice training exercises when you sign up. If you can do these jobs effectively, you’ll get more research jobs. You will get $5 charged for the test mission.


UserFeel offers a variety of online monitoring activities. Like everyone, you’ve got to complete the mock checks before you get the acceptance of real web testing work.

You’ll need a microphone and internet access to work with them. You can work on your mobile, too. They’re going to cost $10 per good test.


In this article, we talked about how you can create a website and how you can earn money from it. I hope that this article is useful to you. Also, we talked about some websites that will pay you for testing.