7 Weird But Legal Ways To Make Money $200 Per Day

Are you a fan of doing things in weird ways, even the earning? Then you have come to the right place. We usually hear people making money by selling their gaming ID or golds they have in their gaming account.

It’s one of the common weird ways to make money. But to make money by this, you need to be a pro gamer and wait for long enough to sell the ID because nobody buys a new account.

Don’t worry because we have come with seven weird works or money-making ideas which will literally work and bring you $200 daily.

 The process won’t even take much of your time to become a money-making machine. Come and let’s check all the 7 weird but legal ways to get a regular income.

 The list is organized so that the first work will be easier than the second, and the second will be easier than the third.


You can make more than enough money just by doing blogging, and it is no joke. Whoever knows about the income one can make by blogging is always wondering what to do for earning this much money as a professional does. Maybe it looks pretty strange to the people from outside, but it’s not.

What is the Super Affiliate System

The costs for starting your blogging, along with the regular expenses needed, are too low. But the earning potential of a pro blogger is nearly unlimited. Although this will also take your time effort but the procession is not too low.

 If your writing quality is good, it won’t take a long time to bring you an audience, ads, affiliate products, online courses, and more. Also, you can work from literally anywhere at any time.

We know some bloggers who daily visit different places, and still, they manage their work with the help of a laptop and the internet.

When you start your blogging, you can write on anything you want, and the best thing is to google itself manages the followers and ads that bring you money.

You can start your blogging career today with the “Bluehost,” and the cost is very low, only $2.95 for each month. You can also check the “Launch That Blog” if the process of setting up and installing seems overwhelming.

That is free if you sign up by Bluehost. They will help you learn the tips and tricks you can use to pick topics for the blogs, naming your owned website, making the website look great, growing fans, and getting 1000 real followers as soon as possible.

Manage Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be the biggest help to make some extra money from home. Run Facebook ads and help the local business to grow their followers. One can get over $40,000 within 18 months by only doing this odd job.

The demand for this side hustle is growing over time, and we see how many people taking it as their income source. Get clients easily through Facebook and earn $2000 in a month.

The big and well-known companies, brands, use Facebook ads for years, and the small business companies realized it later. But they may have realized the fact later, and they started approaching the same way for marketing their products and services.

 The Facebook ad service is thus gaining popularity among new entrepreneurs. If you start this job, we guarantee you it will not go away sooner. You don’t have to worry about how you can get clients or how you get noticed by them?

You can learn about all these things by doing a course. The course can be a great help, and after you are done learning, you can then make $30000 every month by running ads on Facebook.

 Creating ads don’t take a lot of your time; after doing the initial and onboarding a client, you create ads and test the audience, then the rest is handled automatically by Facebook.

 You can take this business as a side hustle too. So, if you feel interested in this business, check out the course and learn before you do.

Sell Old Apple Boxes

We are talking about weird ways to make money, and then this can you try. The empty apple boxes do get sold out.

Hence you can take this chance and earn by selling out all the empty apple boxes you have in your house.

Although we still don’t know why the empty boxes are in demand and why they are getting sold, oh well, our business is to make money, so we will look for ways to earn only.

 You can either sell them online or sell them to stores by teaming up with them. Teaming up with computer stores can be the better way because this way it will benefit you both. They don’t need to get to any hassle of breaking the boxes, and you get the cash.

Sell The College Notes You Made

Of course, this sounds weird, and that’s why we recommend trying this crazy idea for making money. This way will work for you best if you are a school going, student. The money you can make by selling your notes will be enough to pay your loans in student life.

Several companies are waiting to purchase the notes you have, but we suggest “Study Soup” because this site is counted as better than any other.

They pay an elite class note-taker $500, and already they have made a milestone by paying out $6,500,000 until now.

But before you go and try to sell your notes, let us inform you about a short process to apply there.

You must fill in all the information they ask for, like a profile picture, GPA, short bio, interests, graduation year, and major. If you feel like joining them, you can join them now.

Earn By Playing Games

It’s weird, so some people will not believe this, or some may think it a scam, but in reality, this is happening.

 We have seen so many of our friends making money by playing games, and also they suggest us to get some the same way.

“InboxDollars” is a renowned company that pays you for this odd job. You can easily make almost $2000 at the end of the month.

 But you must be playing all the time because the points you get, which can later be redeemed as cash, do take time to become worth 1 dollar. They pay you through the PayPal account.

Make Money For Taking Surveys

Can’t believe this? This website is the perfect and legit website where you can take some surveys and get paid for this simple work.

Taking Surveys

 “Survey Junkie” has already taken place in thousands of hearts because they pay every single person who takes surveys.

For per surveys that take 3-5 minutes, you get $3-$5, and for each survey that takes up to 20 minutes, you get $50. Their surveys are not boring at all. The payment is sent to all the active members via PayPal.

Read Out Emails To Get Extra Cash

We are not kidding; this weird idea of making money is benefitting the students most. They at their free times read mails and get the pocket money they need for one month.

All you have to do is open the emails you get and go to the links added into the mail; thus, you get dollars. We especially recommend “Vindale Research” because it is a completely legit website, and you are guaranteed to be paid.

 One can make $500 by just reading emails at this site.  This job can be a great opportunity to make the best use of your free time. You are allowed to get both cash or Amazon gift card.

Final Thoughts

Online has so many ways to make money. The ways can be interesting or weird, hard or easy, with one task or many tasks.

make money.

Feels like online jobs have no limits. That’s why everyday peoples are searching for ways to make money online. These are the effective ways you can surely get cash from, but these were only a few among many other online works.

 You are always welcome to our website to know more about interesting online jobs. We have written on plenty of job options so that you feel it easier to make a final decision. For any queries, contact us through our email.