How To Get Voice-Over Jobs Online-The Top 8  Platforms

Hello friends,

Just remember, Did you receive such compliments “ Oh! My friend! You have a great tone!

What a voice you have?  What excellent way are you talking about?

It can be any type of compliment from any angle. Do you hear something like that from your friends, family, colleague, from anyone? 

I emphasize on you to remember because it can be a great way to earn extra income. That’s why, if you have received such kind of compliment regarding your voice, style of talking, then, It will be inspiring quality to be part of a voice-over job holder or voice-over freelancer.

Although, If you don’t receive such type of compliment about your voice. Also, you can prepare yourself for a voice-over content employee. 

Today, I am going to talk about making money with voice-over and how it can be a great side gig?

You might be thinking: “I’m not an actor or a voice-over artist.” You’d be surprised what you can do with your voice? And most importantly, you don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to.

If you’re reading this and thinking about how it might be the perfect side job for you, then You have a great chance to be a successful voice over 

Today, in this article, I have explored some secrets that I’ve learned and the tips and tricks I use to make money with voice-over up to $4000/month.

How To Start Voice-Over Work Online

More than that, I am going to discuss some of the better places/platforms where you will find Voice Over jobs online that pays quite well.

Common concept about Voice-Over:

Generally, Voice-over content is all around us whether you’re in your car listening to an audiobook, at home watching a TV game show, or online surfing your social media feed.

If you have a pleasant speaking voice and are looking for a way to make extra money from home, then this article will walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

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Some misconceptions about voice-over. 

You may know that voice-over is used in movies, commercials, and video games– but you might not know that it’s also a very lucrative career field with many benefits. Voice-overs are used for anything from narration to dialogue. With the amount of work available, voice-overs provide the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash. Here is how I made $4,000 last month with voice-over.


The best part is you can work from home and the hours are flexible as long as you’re able to meet the deadline.

So, Are you ready to get started? Then, Let’s drive….

As a Beginners, How to Become an Online Voice-Over Actor?

Becoming an online voice-over actor is the perfect way to work from home, make your own hours, and do something you love. It’s also a rewarding career that allows you to follow your passion. In fact, You don’t need to go to an acting school or be a professional actor to start this career. You could have any type of background or education. And best of all, there are many opportunities available for you in the field of voice-over acting.

Some people might think it sounds easy, but it takes time and practice before you can land jobs as an online voice-over actor. More than that, there are specific skills that are necessary to have in order to excel in this industry. If you want to know how to become an online voice-over actor for beginners, the best way, is just to keep reading!

 Basic tips and tricks for beginners:

-Know your voice. To give a voice-over performance, it’s necessary to have a deep understanding of the sound of your voice. Also, You need to know what your vocal range is and what type of tone it conveys. You also need to know how you can manipulate your voice for a variety of characters and emotions. The best way to do this is by listening to recordings of yourself and practicing in front of a mirror or video camera.

-Be versatile with your tone. The more flexible you are with the tone that you take on, the better an online voice-over actor you can be. So, It’s important to find out as much as possible about the type of company, product, or service before recording any material. This will help you sound more natural when you perform for them because you’ll be able to understand the tone they want from their audience and use those words in your performance.

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-Build confidence and practice consistently. Confidence is one of the most important traits that any professional needs in order to excel at their job and become successful – regardless of whether it’s an online voice-over actor or not! Practice daily so that when opportunities arise, you’re prepared for them!

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The Best Platforms to  Find Voice Over Jobs Online?

According to my experiences. I have worked on different platforms, sometimes as a freelancer, getting hired for a project, As an employee.

Considering my versatile experiences and based on observations the below platforms are the more suitable for a voice-over actor. Freelance or who wants to start the carrier as a voice-over.

Let’s find out the platforms and choose which suits you more:

1. Fiverr: Freelance Voice-over Work on Fiverr

In the digital age, many people have turned to freelance in order to find more work flexibility and a steadier income. However, freelancing often requires a lot of time and effort to find new clients. With voice-over work being a highly competitive industry, it can be hard to break into without the right experience or connections. Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers gigs for freelance voice actors which include jobs from narration and commercial to character voices for animation. In addition, there are tons of tips on this website about how you can get voice actor jobs on Fiverr.

2. Snap Recordings:  How to Get a Voice-over Job for Your Podcast with Snap Recordings?

Podcasts have become a major source of entertainment for people all over the world. With so many podcasts available, it can be hard to get your podcast noticed. In fact, One way to do this is by recording your podcast in voice-over. With Snap Recordings, you can create an audio file that will help promote your podcast on social media or send it to potential advertisers.

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What’s more, Snap Recordings offers recordings with various voice actors. Whether you’re looking for a deep male voice or a bubbly female, they’ve got them all! Just give their team a call and they’ll find the perfect voice actor for your needs.

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3. Filmless: How to get a Filmless Voice-over Job Without Breaking a Sweat?

Filmless voice-over jobs are becoming more and more popular for a few reasons. The first is that filmless voice-overs are much cheaper to produce, at least in the short term. This is because you don’t have to worry about processing or transferring your footage, which takes up time and money.

The second reason why filmless voice-overs are becoming so popular is that they’re much easier to edit. It doesn’t matter if you need to change the wording or delete a part of the script, it can be done in seconds. And finally, digital work is much more environmentally friendly than traditional voice-over work. Digital work doesn’t require any paper or ink to process, which means no trees are cut down for products that are often thrown away after one use. It is one of the great ways to get into filmless voice-overs without breaking a sweat!

4. Voice Bunny: What You Should Know About Voice-over Work–Before It’s Too Late!

Voiceover work is a booming industry. It’s also one of the most competitive to get into. With so many jobs available, there are hundreds of voice actors looking for work. When you find your perfect voice-over job, it might be too late to get in on the game.

To be successful in this industry, you need to do your research and plan ahead. you should know how to get started with voiceover work and all of its components, including how to audition, market yourself, and decide what rates are fair. Voice Bunny is one of the helpful platforms to know the last update related to voice-over jobs.

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5. The Voice Crew: A Behind the Scenes Look at What It’s Really Like Working On The Voice.

Working on a show like “The Voice” is a dream job for many people. You get to travel the world, become a part of the music industry, and make new friends. That’s not to mention how it’s a big reason why you’re able to share your own talents with the world!

In this platform, you  learn more about what it takes to work on “The Voice.” You’ll learn about all of the different jobs that are done behind the scenes of the show and some thoughts from crew members on what they love most about working on The Voice.

6. Upwork: Tips and Tricks for Landing a Voice-Over Job on Upwork

Sometimes Landing a voice-over job is not easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and experience to get where you want to be. But what can you do to increase your chances of getting hired on Upwork?

Well, the first place to start is by making sure that you’re qualified to do the job. Find out if your voice-acting skills are up to par before submitting an application. If you’re not ready for prime time yet, then continue working on your craft before reapplying.


Next, it’s important that you make sure your resume is in order and that all your information is current. You never know when another company will google search your name and find out that you used to be an actor at one point in time!

And finally, it’s important that you use social media appropriately. Posting about auditions or jobs that interest you may lead to potential opportunities with other companies. The more people who know who you are and what kind.

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7. The Ultimate Resource For Anyone Seeking Voice-over Jobs

Voice-over jobs are a lucrative and growing industry. In fact, the voice-over industry has been estimated to be worth over $200 million dollars. There are some statistics from, a site that provides voice-over jobs for people from all over the world:

1. There are over 5,000 voice-over professionals on!

2. The average hourly pay is $100/hr

3. Most of these professionals work as voice actors, announcers, and narrators.

8. Voice123: Top 3 Reasons Every Voice Actor Needs Voice123:

Voice123 is a free voice-over marketplace that connects you with clients. It’s the only site where you can search for clients, audition, and find voice-over work all in one place. Here are three reasons why every voice actor needs Voice123:

1. Voice123 is the largest online market for talent, allowing you to find the right job easily.

2. You’ll always be informed on what’s happening on your profile because it’s FREE to use our dashboard to track your auditions and stay up-to-date with your submissions – no more emailing back and forth with managers!

3. You get more chances to audition because of our API system that allows sites like YouTube, Craigslist, Kijiji, eLance, Freelancer, etc., to directly post their voice-over work for you to do – no more cold calls!


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