Timestamps in Transcription-All the Basics You Need to Know

In this article, I am going to share all the basics you need to know. You can catch my thoughts about timestamps in transcription. How and when can you use timestamps during transcription? This article also covers Why Timestamps is important in transcription job. Type of timestamps, how and when do you use timestamps during transcription. 

I am sure. You spend a few times watching videos or lichen audio. Ok, let’s behind all of the things. But In this digital era, the news is one of the strong sources to be updated about the national or international situation. But, do you ever think? How editors or video production people can turn long video clips concise into 3 or 4-minute clips? The interesting matter is they create those clips within a short period.

Well, the amazing works done by timestamps. Mainly they use transcription video to text. Timestamps help expedite the whole process of transcription.

My next writing going to be interesting for you. Because many of you are completely unknown about how timestamps work in transcription, but, it is important to know how to make short audio or video clips.

Timestamps in Transcription

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So, keep your eyes on my article. I will inform you of the details about Timestamps. After reading this article. You have a clear understanding of timestamps.

Hope so, it will be helpful for those. Who has interested in transcription jobs, YouTube tutorials, video editorial works, and filmmakers?

Before that, we need to know

What Are the Timestamps?

Mainly, Timestamps mean is ‘insert time codes in Transcript’ it use to create the specific intervals for audio or video files.

Well, let you know the timestamps tag during transcription at the exact point in a video or audio clip When input text is spoken. Generally, timestamps insert in three formats. SS, MM, and HH. It means seconds, minutes, and hours. It inserts from the starting point of the video or audio file.

Why Timestamps Knowledge Is So Important in Transcription?

Timestamps are extremely necessary during the transcription of any video or audio editing project. Timestamps also require undertaking so many referencing cross-check works between an audio clip and a transcript.

So, if you are willing to work as a transcriptionist professionally. Then, you need to require enough knowledge about timestamps to complete your projects. Also, you should follow special instructions to create perfect visual or audio clips.  

So, the expertness in using timestamps is too demandable jobs for transcription-related different types of work.

Timestamps not only confirm quick editing. Also, it is very helpful to ensure work accuracy. Especially, for the researchers.    

How Does It Work?

Timestamps synchronize transcription processes with time code in an audio or video file. Timestamps allow an editor to identify quickly the specific content. Then, it includes the final video or audio piece without viewing or listening to the required footage.

Accordingly, the edits were made in transcription by an editor. So, timestamps are a tangible time saver to make an audio or video clip.

So, Timestamps are too important in transcription. if you want to edit any video or audio file in transcription. then, timestamps are used for a lot of cross-reference issues. For example, you have to use timestamps between a transcript and an audio file. Also, for editing a video timestamp is mandatory to ensure the accuracy of your task.

How Can You Learn Timestamps in English Transcription Training?

Timestamps aren’t so easy in a Transcription job. But, if you are confident and follow the instruction carefully. Then, you can capture the processes and become professional. Once you have enough knowledge and become the master of this trade. It’s awesome and demanding work. Then, you can boost up your career from home.

I am referring to a few mini-course transcription lessons. You can transcribe those websites from anywhere.

You can take a lesson for your future skills. Then, I hope. You will understand that you are in the perfect industry to boost your income and career.

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Types of Timestamp:

There are different types of English transcription timestamps. Generally, most transcriptionists use Timestamp for transcribing interviews. Here, I have discussed 5 types of timestamp. Hope so, it will clear your all queries.

No.1: Phonetic Timestamps

If the transcriber (You) are not sure about the spelling of any word after hearing, then, Phonetic timestamps can be helpful. In that case, you need to type the word. Then, include timestamps software with transcription tools like Express scribe. It saves you half of the time and completes your required task.

No. 2: Inaudible Timestamps

Just imagine. You have missed a seminar. Now, lichen the recording version. But you can’t understand properly what the speaker is telling about. In that situation, Inaudible Timestamps uses in English transcription for you. You just type the word “inaudible” using the specific timestamps. Your problem will be solved instantly.


No. 3: Cross-Talk Timestamps

It is one of the best solutions for noisy speaking. If any recording where the speaker’s voice is overlapping. Or there are multiple speakers. It can be three or four voices speaking at the same time. What happens in such kind of audio recording. It is quite impossible to understand who is a speaker at which time. You have an easy solution in your hand. You just need to type ‘cross talk’ in that Timestamp section. Now, you can precede the next steps. All audios are clear to lichen part by part now.

No. 4: Timestamps for Speaker Change

There is an interesting thing. You can insert time stamps and time codes. Then, each time a different speaker starts his or her talking. No matter, it can be 40 seconds or 40 minutes. It depends on where you insert the time stamps.

No. 5: Periodic Intervals Timestamps

Here you can use time stamps at specific intervals. You can fix your periodic time every 3 minutes, 6 minutes, or 15 minutes. But, the most common insert Periodic Intervals Timestamps after every 2 min.

Additional Questions?

Timestamps can be a highly important matter in any kind of transcription. It can be text, speech, and videos. It can be used in cross-checked, referencing, sequent voice sectioning and so many more.

Time stamps not only save our time. More than that it ensures the accuracy of any transcription format.

It’ can be possible that I have missed some answer or point. So, If you have any more requirements about time-stamping, then feel free to ask me. It’s my pleasure to get the additional question from you and keep in touch with my readers.

Final Words:

I think. Now you have a clear concept about timestamps. How and when is it used for transcription. Also, I am sure. You enjoy the different types of time stamps and time-code for the English transcription.  

In my article, I have already shared various formats of transcription and different video and audio editing processes in transcription.

So, now you can understand. How to use timestamps during transcribing any text, words, or videos.

Also, you have noticed all formats are specific instructions to follow different transcription guidelines.

If you want to produce the best output to meet the client’s requirements. Then, you need to follow the specific time stamps instruction. Also, you have to know. How to use time stamping during transcription?

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