Teach English Online With No Degree & Get Well Paid

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There are some matters. That makes me surprised continuously. When I explore the beneficial side, impact, and the way of learning those things. I am talking about some sources. That you can learn easily. More than that, You get paid for that. What a wonderful idea? You can learn. Plus you can make a side hustle of income.

I had no idea in my student life. That kind of opportunity can be created. And I have tested such kind of awesome policy. For example. Online teaching. Or. You can teach English online without any degree. What an awesome way to make money in the remote. You can earn money from your home. Also, It is no matter you are on the road. I mean. You can be connected from anywhere. And, You can make yourself be part of it. Plus, You get paid handsome money.

You Can Teach English Online With No Degree & Get Well Paid

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Yes, I am talking about Tutoring or teaching online English. There are so many options. You can be part of this learning chain. But, If you have no bachelor’s academic certificate. Or you do have not any degree. Then, it is natural to think. You have no chance to teach English online without a degree. That, You can’t create some ways to make money in this particular section.

So, If you want to teach English online. then, there is no chance for you. But, In real fact, You don’t need to be worried. I am happy to say. That, There are a few legitimate ways for you. In this digital era. Almost, there is no section. The answer will be “NO”. I am happy to announce. You have a chance. It is quite possible to teach english online without having any degree. Also, There is no need for any experience at all.

But, How is it possible? Over the past few years. The digital world has opened such kinds of opportunities. Now, So many people want to learn and teach English virtually. Also, I have taken on such kinds of opportunities for two years. When I was in China. But, Nowadays. You can complete your Teaching tasks remotely. I mean. You can enjoy more freedom and You can teach English from anywhere.

So, in This Post. I Am Going to Discuss. How to Get a Job in English Teaching Online Without Having Any Degree. How to Earn Some Extra Cash In Such Kind of Position. Also, I Will Discuss. Which Company and School Are the Most Convenient for You to Teach English Online?

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You Can Teach Online English Without Having a Degree. Do You Have Any Chance?

Once upon a time. The answer was negative. But. Over the past 5 years. The scenario has completely changed. If, I want to reply your answer in straight. Then, The answer will be ‘YES’. You have a few opportunities to get such kind of job. Also, You can teach English online. Without having an academic degree.

I have compiled a list. With such kinds of schools and companies. They don’t ask you. Are you have a bachelor’s academic degree for teaching English online.  But, In that case. I have found. Some schools and companies ask you for a TEFL certificate. In real fact. This is one kind of good sign. That, At least, You are capable to teach English. Also, It is better to avoid any odd situation later. It will be helpful to make your preparation for your classroom of students.

It is also the reality. About your payment issues. If, You have a well academic degree. Then, You will be hired and. You get to offer more payment. I mean. Your salary will be higher. As an English teacher. If, You have a proper academic degree. Although, It can be online or offline. In some cases, the salary depends on your degree.

But, If you have no degree. Or, You have no previous experience. Then, Sometimes. You need to sacrifice a few commissions from your salary. But, You don’t need to be worried.  I have compiled a list for you. There are several companies. They allow you to teach English. Without having a degree. Although, As an English teacher. You get paid well enough. Who has an academic degree. So, You have the opportunity to teach English online. Although, You have no degree or previous experience.

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Which Extra Qualifications. Do You Need to Teach Online English Without Having Any Degree?

I have told you. There is not a required academic degree to find a job. It is true. You can teach English online. Without having a degree or any previous experience. But, I am not telling you. That, You do not have any capabilities to teach English online. I mean. Your skill will talk. Not your degree. If you have the quality to teach English online. Unfortunately, You have no degree. Then, Your capabilities take the place. Instead of your degree. But How?

In my list, If, You are willing to get a well-paid job. Then, You need to fulfill some common requirements. You are asked by most of the companies. You need to fulfill the below requirements. To get a job as an English teacher.

Ok, You have no Academic degree. But, You need a certificate of TEFL. So, the first requirement. If you want to be an English teacher, you will be hired for this job. Then, you have to manage a TEFL certificate instead of having an Academic degree.

It is also a fact. That is not a fundamental requirement. To have a TEFL certificate. But. When I compiled my list of companies. Most of them (Almost 50% of companies) are asking for such kind of certificate. While you have no degree to teach English online. So, If you want to submit your resume/profile for 100% of the work. You need a TEFL certificate. If you don’t have any such kind of certification. Then, You can apply to only 50% of companies. On my compiled list.

This is also true. Now a days. There are so many people work from remotely. When, There is an available option to choose your own flexible working time. Due to this. Your competitive candidates are higher than before. So, it will be a wise decision. You can make yourself ahead of other colleagues So, You should achieve your TEFL certification. Then, You can be one step ahead of others. To be hired for your dream jobs. So, You need to consider some kind of affordable certification of TEFL.

If you are well enough. To speak in English. More than that, You have a TEFL certification. Then, Let you inform. The other requirements are so simple. In fact, Your success rate will be quite high. To get your required job.

You Need to Create a Video. With a Great Introduction & Your Teaching Profile:

You need to do something unique to introduce yourself. That proves you are the best fit for the required job. It’s a great intro video and your thinking about teaching makes you stand out from others. So, you should consider creating a great intro video about yourself. Then you can share this link where you are willing to apply.

Keep in your mind. When you create an introductory video about yourself. It is too important to make it with your best affords. Because there are so many future students watching your introductory video. So. create that video. As like. It makes a very good impression on you. Your approach, body language, choice of words need to be awesome. then, it will boost up your chance widely.

Just be care full about your enunciation & pronunciation. It should be proper with a great approach when you speak in your introductory video. Also, The other matters. You need to be considered. Well dressed, lighting, make-up, hairstyle, background, etc.  I mean. Just, You need to do everything better. When you create your introductory video for the job. Only, this thing. you can be hired without seeking out any alternative qualification. So, do everything while you create your intro and try to make it the best. Here, Your positive impression rise your chance more than the others.

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I have Compiled a List of 10 Best Companies for You:

1. PrePly:

PrePly, you have a lot of opportunities here. They don’t ask for an Academic degree. Even you don’t require any TEFL certificate. If you have qualities, meet their requirements just share your introductory video link. It can be enough to get a call from them.

There have several opportunities. There is not only required in English teacher. So, if you are well enough and fluent in other languages like Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, german whatever it is. You can create your introductory video according to your expert language which you have more fluency. You can apply as an online teacher of any language. Because Preply platform works with their students almost all over the world.

So, You can do your job from anywhere in the world. It is no matter where are. Once you are hired you can fix your working schedule by using PrePly platforms. You, just need to share your profile with the PrePly platform. Then, it will be seen with search results and anyone can see your introductory video. So, the better profile, the more qualification, your positive impression. Any kind of experience to take the class online. your chance will be high to get hired.

Once you are hired, You will get paid on an hourly basis. You can set a parameter according to your qualification.

  • You can set your schedule and set your asking rate per hour.
  • If you have multiple qualities. You can offer to teach those separately. The more classes, the more hours you get. You will earn more & more.
  • Averagely in PerPly, one tutor can earn $600 per week. You set your price to consider others teachers’ rates.
  • You have so many options to receive your payment. It depends where are you in the world. Also. You can receive your cash through Payoneer &  Paypal.

2. Lingoda:

Lingoda. This is one of the renowned platforms to teach online from anywhere. This company is almost similar to PrePly.  You don’t need an academic degree or TFEL certificate to apply here. There are also several options to teach online students in different languages. So, you can share your introductory video not only for English languages. You can create your profile video in german, Arabic, Spanish and so many languages.

So, Here you need to share your profile on which languages you are most fluent in. The multiple introductory video profile you can share on these platforms. Although, your multiple skills can be raised your chance to be hired in this company. In Lingoda, you need to teach adult students. This platform’s working chain is all over the world. That means. Once, you are hired here you can take your class 24/7. This is a great opportunity for you. You have the full leverage to set your class time according to a flexible hour. It depends where re you living. You can take teach online students from anywhere, anytime across the world.

Lingoda. Can be more suitable for you. Although they are not required any Academic degree if you have a TEFL certificate or similar experiences. Your chances will be higher than others. Once, you get hired, you get paid well enough from these platforms. You can earn per hour $10-$20. It depends on your qualification. After a certain period. Your demand can be high. if you have such kind capabilities, you can make a lot of money from this platform.

Generally, you can set your calls. Schedule advanced in a month or a week. Here, you need to get your time at least 5 hours per week. You can receive your payment  in several options which suit you more.

3. PalFish:

PalFish is a different platform compared to the others.  There are two methods of teaching.  You can be a part of the official Instructor and another option is Freetalk. For, the official Instructor, your curriculum is given to you. You have to take calls accordingly. At least, you have to spend your time 10 hours per week. Your students will be between 3 to 9 years old.

As a teacher of the free talk section.  You have full leverage to set your time. schedule. You will be an online teacher for the adult students in this section. Palfish. is designed with an app. the whole works continue through an app. it maintains the Beijing time. So, you can give your working time as per Bejing’s schedule.

You can teach here with your smartphone from anywhere. You can submit your committed lecture earlier and fix your time to publish it for the students. As, a qualification, you have required at least a TEFL certificate. But, there is no required any Academic degree. Additionally, you can publish here articles and get paid extra cash for each article. Here, you need to be creative and energetic. The more active you are. You can earn more on this platform.

The salary range is average. You get paid $10 t0 $15 per hour. As a free talk teacher, you can fix your rate on an hourly basis. On average you can set your teaching rate Up to $30/hour. Also, There are several sources of income as like review papers, published articles and so many more. In fact, The whole process depends on the English language. So, your profile video should be in English and you will be fluent in the English language.

You Have No Academic Degree Degree. There Is No Problem.

I have compiled a list of 10 companies. There are similar renowned platforms. That  I am referring to you. You can also apply rest of the companies. You can make money to teach English online according to the above-mentioned ways. There are almost the same facilities from the below platforms.

Have a Look Rest of the Platforms Among the 10 Companies. Check Out the Links for Details. You Can Apply Anywhere Which Suits You More.

4. SkimaTalk

5. Cambly

6. Open English

7. Cafe Talk

8. iTalki

9. Tutlo

1O. Amazing Talker

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