Super Affiliate System Review- Is it Worth Buying or Not? Everything You need to Know Before Buy

No luck with the 9-5 regular jobs? Hey! But you are interested in affiliate marketing. Then you’ve landed in the right place.

The affiliate marketing industry is growing more significant than ever. It’s your time to take a chance at it. Yes, you’ll find several affiliate marketing programs that promise to give you a successful future, but all they offer is disappointments! Enough of the money wastage and enough of the fake promises.

It’s time to enter the Super affiliate system, a modules-based learning environment created by John Crestani. Why do we think it’s different? Because it focuses on simplifying teaching the strategies and concerns students’ learning depth rather than just the cash. I guess you will know it better once you finish this article. I don’t think you should wait anymore. Hop on!

Super Affiliate System Review 2020

It’s time to take a roll inside of SAS. Now, don’t worry, I’m not here to announce the Super affiliate system as the no. 1 recommended online business, nor am I here to mark John Crestani as the no. 1 affiliate marketer.

As I’ve had the Super Affiliate System for quite a while to learn more and work with traffic resources, I surely know how well the teaching method is.

So, please sit back and relax because I’m here to bring forward the inside story of the Super Affiliate System course.

What is the Super Affiliate System?

With the developing era and the competitive attitude in the job market, an affiliate marketing program can be the rescue.

Already, affiliate marketing has become quite the popular money-earning source in the last decade. If relying on such systems to enter the affiliate marketing industry has only brought you empty promises, then let’s make a change and see what this popular Super affiliate system offers.

What is the Super Affiliate System

The SAS is a course created by John Crestani that claims to offer the affiliate marketers all they have desired, focusing on the path to become a successful affiliate.

Now, you have to admit the fact that successful affiliates aren’t just made overnight. But with the Super affiliate system, the marketer can feel like being on a race car by acquiring the right tools for a successful affiliate marketing program from scratch.

John Crestani will teach you practical ways of collecting affiliate commissions that’ll help generate credit out of products owned by someone else. By a combination of buyers, traffic, a website, and of course, affiliate marketing skills, a landing page will be set up that’ll transform general readers into buyers who will help you make money from each sale.

Yes, I’ll take you on an in-depth tour of the whole system, but before that, don’t we need to know the mastermind behind all this?

Who Created The Super Affiliate System?

As you already know, John Crestani is the creator of the Super affiliate system. And I’m quite sure you are not learning this from me!

If you are a Forbes, Yahoo Finance, The Entrepreneur, or Business Insider reader, then you’ve probably read about him once at least. And I’m sure if you have read carefully, then you got all awestruck!

Created of The Super Affiliate System

So, John Crestani is a successful entrepreneur and a renowned online marketer. He has been in the online business market since 2011. His journey started with a Los Angeles based advertising firm where he proved himself to be the master of paid advertisements and digital marketing. He has shown exceptional performance in the field that got him to regularly raise the client’s business revenues to 40 times their income! Now, that’s what I call skill.

After he got laid from that corporate job, he was on his own on the way to changing the affiliate marketing system. At the age of 28, he created his online empire for affiliate marketing, and now this makes him up to $500,000 in a single month.

Mind blown, huh? He has been imparting his knowledge to the eager learners since then. So, if you start on the super-affiliate system, you are not in the hands of an incapable marketer or not in the way to empty results; instead, you will learn from the best!

Does the Super Affiliate System Work?

I’m here to give an unbiased Super affiliate commission system review and not to tell you that this is a full-proof method or something of that sort. It is worthwhile to bring into the limelight many success stories of general people rising from the super affiliate system course by John Crestani.

If you ask me if this system delivers what it claims to, then I’d answer in the affirmative. It provides a well-organized curriculum to teach you the process of starting an online affiliate business. Not only that, but you also learn some bonus skills and techniques, including swipe files, free ad credits, click funnels, etc. once you begin creating your affiliate marketing system.

Hold on! Let’s face reality before you start fantasizing about a full-proof method. Affiliate marketing isn’t a piece of cake. It needs patience, hard work, and dedication. You will face many trial and error situations, but you must remain dedicated and show persistence even then. But of course, you should only sign up for the program if you have realistic expectations. You must know that this isn’t a method to make you rich in the quickest possible time, but if you are here to learn and remain committed to the course, then John Crestani will walk you through the path.

Of course, let’s not forget that this course has a 100% money-back guarantee backup. Hence, there are zero risks in taking time. If Crestani can show such dedication towards his quality, you can try it out once.

How Does the 6-week Super Affiliate System Work?

The Super affiliate system 3.0 course becomes an effective learning platform offering extensive courses that contain more than 50 hours of videos and hence the content, spanning six weeks in total. 

So, how does this program prove its effectiveness? By featuring all the essential video lectures, tutorials work as input by Crestani pairing up with quizzes, home works, assignments, and test retention of the topics as an output from the learners.

So, you’ve probably understood the difference between similar courses and SAS. He ensures the learners acquire an excellent affiliate marketing base instead of just selling his practice.

What’s in the Super Affiliate System?

The intense and comprehensive study of 6 weeks will take you from zero to the top with hard work and dedication.  In the program, John will teach you the process of affiliate marketing and traffic platforms, including Facebook ads, youtube ads, and Google ads.

As I’ve stated earlier, you don’t need to have absolutely any skill to start on this program. So, you can relax because there’s no reason you will fall behind or understand nothing. After all, your rescuer is here.

Another exciting thing about the learning process is that John is always updating his course. In the case of affiliate marketing, things are seen to change almost regularly, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to top in the market and sit numb when something changes, including algorithm updates of Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. To match their pace, advisers need to update their ads system as well. And Crestani is here so that you and your skill don’t go out of date.

I’m currently talking about the Super affiliate system 3.0, but there are reviews of previous versions, including the Super affiliate system 2.0 review, which gained popularity among users. There is also an upgraded version- the Super affiliate system pro. How but you check a Super affiliate system pro review as well?

Many people claimed they have become quite the professionals at paid traffic marketing and have increased their earnings at an exciting rate. So, let’s see what this program covers that’ll turn you into one of them.

What the Program Covers

The comprehensive system covers a complete course, as I said earlier. The main topics covered by the contents are as follows-

  • Google ads, native ads, Facebook ads, social ads, YouTube ads
  • Website and content creation
  • Niche selection
  • Scaling, click funnels
  • Affiliate networking
  • Tracking and testing
  • And, of course, advanced strategies to pace your way to the primary goal.

All these teachings in 6 weeks. How about we break down what these six weeks of learning will cover? That will help you to know more about the course, and hence you’ll be more confident about whether you want to invest in the time or not.

Breaking down the six Weeks Study

The program starts with a welcome module consisting of 10 videos worth 1 hour and 30 minutes.

It is the introduction phase to the program where John Crestani introduces himself, this course, how this works, and an overview of the dashboard.

Week 1. The System Setup

So, here starts your journey as an affiliate marketer. No, this is not your introduction week of paid advertisements and advertising traffic; you need to have a proper setup before all.

Within this week, you’ll learn to set up your site hosting, domain, creation of landing pages. If this seems like a time-consuming process to you, John also offers the templates and landing pages. But how can you make use of those? He will put forth two methods-

The click funnels method

In this case, you’ll be using a shared funnel account, which isn’t free.

The manual method

This is entirely free of cost, but it involves access to your host file manager by cPanel.

Week 2. Google Ads Setup

Well, no matter who you are, you, I, and everyone else knows that Google advertising is the most used searching platform in case of the internet. Here, you have an advantage. So, what is it? If people are using the Google platform, then it’s apparent that they are already searching for something. And if you can provide what they are searching for, then boy! Your sales will reach the peak of the profits in no time when people get your message.

This week, John will tell you about Google ads, how they work, and you can profit from Google ads placements. You will also get an insight into how to display these ads on Google and set up Google AdWords conversion pixel, target setting, and optimization. In this way, you will gradually learn to sell your products to the billions of people who use Google every day.

Week 3. YouTube Ads Setup

In this module, you will learn how to transform your amateur YouTube account into an atm booth! And hence maximize your return on investments by up to 10 times. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Youtube channel for advertising yet because John will start right from there and take you to the finish line.

Week 4. Advanced Ad Tactics

Before this, you only learned about the necessary advertising campaigns. It will boost your strategy to the next level.

Guess what? Here, we will learn to utilize social media to market any product you want. Yes, I’m emphasizing the ‘any’ part.

Week 5. Presell pages and scaling

John will teach you all you need to know about the presell page setup and scaling this week.

Now, the lesson will teach you to carve test presell pages and optimization tactics. It will tell you to split the test till you get hold of your desired presell page. And once you get the winner in hand, all you need to do is invest money. Yes, this course will teach you these simple yet effective tactics in no time!

Week 6. Item selection.

In the final week, you will know about different traffic channels with examples. You must choose a particular market to start your work, but if you don’t know what to choose, he also has a lesson on choosing the best niche for you. And once you learn to choose your suitable place, you will gradually learn to merchandise, market online, and make your affiliate money!

There will also be weekly LIVE training and improvisation campaigns with Q/A sessions. You can also attend the super affiliate system – john crestani auto-webinar for better understanding.

That’s one convincing Super affiliate system affiliate program we got there!

Super Affiliate System For Whom?

John Crestani starts from the basics. If you are here with zero ideas about affiliate marketing, don’t hesitate because Crestani will walk you from the start to the finish line of this system.

Crestani shows videos that are very simple and easy to follow, and that will lead to acquiring some excellent skills and resources. Not only will you learn the skills, but you will also get to be a part of the community that will assist or mentor you every time an issue arises.

And trust me, for a new affiliate marketer, this is nothing less than valuable treasure!

Where to Buy Super Affiliate Systems?

Well, they have their official website. Just visit the Super affiliate system website, join their program, fill in the information, clear the payments. And you are good to go!

Buy Super Affiliate Systems

Once you visit their website, you’ll have even more information on what they are trying to deliver.

To get access to the whole program, you will need to pay a total of $997. If that seems too much for you, let me tell you it also covers the Click-bank super affiliate system refund. But if you still think a little less would be better, good news for you!

Many affiliate marketing partners are offering discounts. So, you can seek out the options and check if any of that works for you. Sounds like a deal?

Super Affiliate System -Is It Worth the Money?

After all the discussion, we can conclude that this course is jam packed with all the necessary information you can utilize to become a successful affiliate marketer. If you have been struggling lately with affiliate marketing, then it’s high time you learn the proper tactics and strategies.

Now, the catch is, as I said earlier, you need to have realistic expectations. And if it has worked for your friend, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. But the pieces of information you will be getting will always be with you, and you can start your affiliate career again and again anytime you want!

Pros and Cons of Super Affiliate System

Now, I will break down to you all the benefits and the drawbacks or necessary improvisations right away. Let’s see what you are receiving or not in a glance!


  • For an amateur, John’s teachings are wholesome, useful, and engaging.
  • If making funnels, targeting data, and templates seem like a time-consuming job, they offer pre-made ones as well.
  • All the users can interact with another through the community.
  • The day-to-day updates help you to keep pace with the changing market.
  • Apart from the basics, they also teach practical marketing skills that can be used in any online marketing industry.
  • The whole program is elementary; hence, understanding the lessons does not require you to be Einstein.
  • Super affiliate system Click bank money-back-guarantee is a great way to assure buyers.


  • Not the best choice for experienced affiliate marketers
  • Only a single affiliate program is used during the modules.
  • The price tag is a bit hefty, so not quite accessible for everyone.
  • Lacks a few advanced strategies 

Super affiliate system vs. Commission hero

The super affiliate system and commission hero are quite like the rivals when it comes to affiliate marketing. Let’s see who beats who!

  1. SAS provides a blueprint for different users, especially beginners, to start their home-based affiliate marketing through various online platforms. On the other hand, Commission hero shows how to sell digital products by utilizing only Facebook advertisements through affiliate marketing.
  2. When choosing SAS, you don’t need to invest big bucks on creating your landing pages and templates. They offer you the already-made ones.
  3. In the case of Commission hero, you only get to use Facebook paid ads and receive a commission if your promoted product is purchased.
  4. The pricing of both courses is the same. But as you can see, Commission hero only uses the Facebook platform.

So, I would not recommend the Commission hero for this amount of money with a brief comparison. Why? Relying on a single platform is like closing all other opportunities; it is expensive, and also, what if your ads aren’t displayed, and Facebook is hacked!

I guess for me; the Super affiliate system is the winner.

Super Affiliate System Real User Review

Ziga Breznik says, ” By using John’s Buyer list and optimization tips, I was able to get a profitable campaign on Facebook on the first day!”

Woah, that’s some good news, and good luck to you.


” Best paid Traffic Course for marketers.”

Nguyen Haitian

Many people say that, and you can know if it’s true only if you start the program.

Super Affiliate System Reviews- Our Verdict

I’m sure as the success rate reaches the mountains, once you finish the course, you would probably become a successful affiliate marketer. And hence, all your money worries might vanish away.

But of course, don’t forget the catch that it’s more like any other intensive instruction program; only your dedication can lead the way to success.

From the Super affiliate system 3.0 review, I’m sure you have understood that if you are committed to becoming an affiliate marketer and starting from scratch, I don’t think this would be a deal you’d want to miss.

Good luck to you if you are already planning to make a move. I might just read about you in Forbes later!

The FAQs About Super Affiliate System

Who is John Crestani?Is the Super Affiliate Success System real?

By no means it’s a scam rather a proven successful program run by a successful veteran marketer John Crestani.

How much do super affiliates make?

For low-level affiliates they make an average of $300 a day. For mid-levels, they can make up to 3000, and for super affiliates, they can make surprisingly about 10000 dollars per day!

Is affiliate marketing easy?

The answer is negative. You have to focus on your niche, your objectives, and keep track of everything. But with dedication, success is not far away!

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an expert in paid advertising, a veteran marketer who is the creator of the Super Affiliate System.


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