Speechelo Review- Text to Audio Convertor- Is it Worth of Money?

It becomes very tough for marketer to create videos and advertisement. But in the current digital market scenario, Video content is a must for the markets. The problem becomes more severe like me when you are not using your first language or you do not like to record your own voice.

I used a bunch of tools to create text to speech for my business. But none of them was useful. They were providing me robotic voices. Then, I came across Speechelo and it is truly helpful. I loved this software because of the easy customization options and human like voices. So, if you are looking for Real Speechelo review, you can take a look at this one.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is an incredible and astounding cloud based A.I text to audio converter made by the Blastersuite team fundamentally for video makers. Speechelo lets you convert any content into an intelligible voice and use it as a voice over in your recordings, sound, podcast and advertisement.

With Speechelo, nobody can understand that your voice over is AI-produced. As indicated by the data on the Speechelo official site, they state that about 95% of individuals who tuned in to voice overs created by Speechelo could not tell that the voice over was produced by a Software.

What is Speechelo?

You can generate different types of audio in the case and it will peruse it out with your preferred voice in a real sense within 30 seconds. You can either let the AI generator choose how it will peruse or alter the voice tones as per your choice like ordinary tone, professional tone, euphoric tone, speedy tone, angry tone and more.

You can add breathing and interruption between two words whenever you feel it is necessary. The standard plan takes up to 700 words for every voice over and the pro plan form up to 2,800 words in each voice over for different languages like Arabic, English, Spanish etc.

At the point when you are done with the work, you can download it in a mp3 format. So, you can transform your content document into a sound record as fast as 30 seconds. Again, you have the option to alter it until you are absolutely confident about it.

Dissimilar to most content to audio programming available, Speechelo accompanies an esteemed alternative of 30 voices to browse spread across 23 mainstream dialects. The voices available are for male, female and children which give you an amazing opportunity to focus on any sex and age range in all things considered. Video makers and Marketers will certainly adore this.

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About the Creator of Speechelo

Speechelo was created by two Romanian folks named Vlad and Stoica. They are the originators of Blaster Suite. They began their profession as web advertisers while creating games at the school. In the previous years, they have delivered various types of software’s and some of them earned great appreciation.

Among them, Video Marketing Bluster, Thumbnail Bluster and Image Blaser are mentionable. Speechelo is their most recent expansion in the business. Within a short time, this software outranked many in the market. They state that they created this software for the people whose first language is not English and people who are shy to be in front of camera.

How does Speechelo work?

The basic content with pictures is for helping individuals with sight needs. But people generally find sound can be a lot simpler to work with. This is particularly the situation where performing various tasks is needed with sound permitting the client to coordinate their consideration on some other actual assignment.

When searching for the best content to discourse programming, you need something that is solid, valuable, and adaptable. This implies you will need something that is sufficiently basic to include your content and make a characteristic sounding voice perusing whenever it is prepared.

As this interest and competition increases, so does the requirement for quality. While there are several products accessible, some of them do not offer highlights that are agreeable for proper learning. That is the reason we have made this survey to assist clients with getting the best online content to discourse programming available.

The greatest trouble of Digital Marketers today is by all accounts putting out great quality recordings on YouTube. Huge numbers of us have anxieties about putting ourselves out there and recording a video with our own face and voice. Notwithstanding, it has become simpler at this point. All you require is the Speechelo to create live like voice overs for your recordings.

Speechelo is an astonishing software for converting text to audio into a 100% human sounding voice with only 3 simple snaps. The program is dependent on the cloud. So, you do not need to add anything. Speechelo has taken content to audio programming to a next level with its exact voice over and customization capacities.

This product works on its own AI preparing center. They give many genuine human voices to the neural organization contributions for creating excellent video contents.

At that point, the goal of the product is to make a voice like the ones that can be used for professional purposes.

On the off chance that you need to know how the generator works, you can check some excellent courses in Udemy.

The best content to discourse applications will give a consistent sound encounter to changing over content. While generally this has been in the domain of expert correspondence and record benefits, nowadays text to discourse has become unquestionably more normal and a common element of regular day to day existence.

In the event that you pick the Standard choice, you will have more power over each word or sentence. For instance, you can add breathing or a respite in the middle of words and underscore specific words by featuring them.

Though with the Speechelo AI Voice, you simply need to pick the tone like causal, professional etc. and it will naturally peruse out the audio content, you can change the discourse and add stop physically after that if you think it is needed.

I think I inclined toward the Speechelo AI software since it is brisk, it sounds adequate for me. In any case, I actually have a go to customized option a great extent. You can attempt the two alternatives and change the portrayal again and again until you are absolutely sure about it.

Speechelo is incredibly simple to utilize. You just need your content and with just a couple of clicks and you will have your voice over complete in a moment. You can just put your content in Speechelo and choose a voice of your decision among the 30 voices and download your total voice over.

Speechelo works with any video creation programming like iMovie, Adobe Premier and more. This product is a breeze as it can peruse the content in 3 different ways like casual tone, cheerful tone and genuine tone.

The voice sounds exceptionally awesome. You can utilize Speechelo to make advertising videos and prepare instructive video or any sort of video. I discovered this software incredibly accommodating.

How to Use Speechelo?

If you intend to make content for Youtube or some other video stage but do not have any desire to utilize your own voice for reasons unknown, Speechelo content to discourse programming will be truly inescapable. You do not need to pay each time to another person to do the voice overs for you. Haring freelancers will take additional time and cost. I truly found the Speechelo programming to tackle my concern productively.

Speechelo is anything but difficult to utilize. This Speechelo survey reveals that it is so easy to utilize Speechelo. You just need your content and with just three clicks, you will have your voiceover complete like a flash.

In the basic way, you need to copy paste your content in Speechelo and pick a voice of your decision among the 30 voices, and Download your ideal voiceover.

One of the explanation I love Speechelo is the straightforwardness of the product to create audio with the Speechelo programming.  Basically the Speechleo can be used in the following three steps:

  • Prepare the content you need to produce a voice over or type one up at the spot. You can simply copy paste the content you need to change.
  • Speechelo’s A.I. will check your content and will add all the accentuation marks expected to give the discourse sound regular. You will have the option to choose male, children or female. You can change the tone and pitch if required. With the fundamental structure, you will have the option to browse 30 distinct voices. In the event that you choose to buy Speechelo Pro plan, you will have 60 unique voices to look over. You can check each voice to discover one that best meets your requirements. Speechelo lets you change any content into discourse with the choice of utilizing various easy options in trial and error method. You can even pick various accents.
  • In the step three, you can just play the audit voice over or download your voice over as an mp3 so can utilize it with any altering programming. Your content to discourse record is made in a matter of seconds.

Speechelo accompanies boundless interpretations so you will have the option to tune in to your interpretation before you download. If you need to attempt an alternate voice or alter, it is in any capacity.

Benefits of Using Speechelo

Speechelo text to audio programming is the best programming for individuals who cannot or reluctant in talking before the camera. There were numerous programming projects out which guarantee to be the best yet all completion with a phony and automated sort voice. Speechelo brought an insurgency in this field now and you do not need to stress over adding your own voice to discourses or recruit a consultant to do as such. You can simply open the application and type the content that you need to change over.

Speechelo is an audio generator by the famous the Blastersuite Team. You can place in certain words and the product will change over the content into practically human sounding voices.

You will get 30 voices in 23 dialects with a 700 word limit in the fundamental plan. In the event that you select in for the Pro plan that is speechelo ace adaptation, at that point it includes 30 additional voices to your bundle which are very acceptable.

It gives you an alternative to add compassionate and various tones in discourse and additionally it has an element of AI voice which improves the discourse for you.

The voice quality is A.L. generated, so do not expect it will be the equivalent with the voice recorded with in a studio. But it works for me.  The fundamental plan has a constraint of 700 words for each record produced.

There are other additional items that you should mindful. Despite the fact that the fundamental adaptation is now reasonable for your most need. The Pro plan will offer you some additional items.

Another is Speechelo Tube where you can download the video text from various youtube recordings, convert them into various dialects with the assistance of Speechelo and reupload them.

Pros and Cons of Speechelo


  • You will not have to spend much time for content creation and trust me it works great. You would spare time and get a moment consequence of what you need.
  • You will not need to confront the camera or micro phone for recordings.
  • Cloud based application which permits you to type in or copy paste your content.
  • It empowers the utilization of a wide range of dialects. It includes about 25 languages.
  •  Provides sixty day money back guarantee with on question asked.
  • 30 voice tones.
  • You can change speed and manner of speaking.
  • Include breathing markers


  • Standard plan takes just up to 700 words at once. So, you will need to make separate records and consolidation them in the event that you have a large texts. For this, I use the Pro plan.
  • The audio is great low budget but if I have enough budgets I would definitely go to the studio.
  • Does not work without internet connection.

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Is Speechelo Scam?

Surely, Speechelo is not a scam. It is definitely legit. I used this. Many people use this. It is the new programming that brings about the ideal result to make text to discourse voice overs.

With about 22 thousands clients, Speechelo has been a long shot in 2020 permitting to communicate inventiveness without utilizing own voice. It is an excellent cloud based text to speech convertor which permitting me to make, alter and transfer content any place I am.

Speechelo Review- My Verdict

There are few things that needed to be considered while choosing a TTS plan. I recommend you to check the demos before you choose anything.

I love Speechelo since it is so straightforward yet sounds so proficient. Speechelo permits you to make TTS works in minutes that could trick nearly anybody into accepting that they are tuning in to a human voice.

For a little expense, you get boundless admittance to Speechelo. I have not seen anything like this in a lengthy timespan. Forefront and abilities are interminable.

Finally, thank you for perusing my Speechelo review. I trust you can settle on the correct choice. Additionally, you can check the Speechelo website that will offer you more responses and give you some data. I made a little segment of what you can accomplish more with this product as I found this helpful.

The FAQs About Speechelo

Is Speechelo any good?

Truly there is not anything negative I can say as Vlad and his group offers an astonishing result to convert text to audio. But it should be noted that you can just create voice for up to 700 words at a time. Obviously, you simply continue copy paste 700 words multiple times. This is the best text to audio converter that I ever used.

What is the best text to speech software?

Speechelo is an incredible content to audio programming made by the blaster Suite group that makes human sounding voice overs. I consider this as the best text to speech software as it features a large number of tones and an easy customization option.

What is voice over software?

Voice over programming softwires give you the likelihood to record your voice in high caliber and quality. In the event that you are an voice entertainer or advertiser or just do this as pastime, you should realize that any voice is not sufficient for such cases.
You can use a ground breaking and solid voice over programming to assist you with recording your voice in immaculate quality. Obviously, there are various sorts of voice over projects out there appropriate for particular requirements. Some of them center more voice creation and some works for voice modifications.

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