21 Sides Hustle Ideas $5k/ Month

Most of us are usually dependent on one job. The salary we get from that one job is sometimes not enough for us. We can’t do or buy anything extra with the little amount we get from that one job.

It’s clever if we don’t keep doing one work but do other side hustles too. 1 or 2, most other extra Sides Hustle Ideas is more than enough for us to make much extra money.

Hence, we will share with you 21 Sides Hustle Ideas that you never knew you could make extra money. Let’s start and see what we have on our list. Here goes the first one.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is the easiest yet most money earning Sides Hustle Ideas you can find. Many freelance writers take writing as their full-time job and make so much money.

Freelance Writer

 Freelance writing doesn’t include much, and you can write informal, review articles, and many more. When you become a popular content writer on websites like Fiverr, Upwork you can easily make $5k every month.

Delivery Service

You can gather some staff, start a delivery business, or work for an existing one. If you have a different job to do in the day, work as a deliveryman at night.

A delivery man earns a lot, and if you give business, you can make more money than just $5k. Or if you own a car, bicycle you can be the delivery man and whatever you earn is only yours.

Drop Service

DropShipping business can be a great starting because, in a DropShipping business, someone will purchase a good from you.

You will fulfill the order by someone else at a lower cost, and the difference you get will go into your pocket. This idea is working for people who can’t have enough time to put in any other jobs.

You don’t have to do any extra task but manage somebody else who will do the job for you at a more low price.

Cleaning Service

Do you love cleaning your house? If you like to keep your environment clean, you can start a cleaning service.

The great part of this side hustle is you don’t have to work. You can hire some staff and buy essential things for cleaning, take orders from customers and give them service through your workers.

This way after giving your staffs money you still will have a great amount.

Manage Virtual Events

You can make a lot of money by simply becoming a virtual event concierge. A concierge delivers huge service and a high level of client management.

Manage Virtual Events

You need to be detailed-oriented and solve the problems of attendees by guiding them. To guide them, you need virtual experience, and the process will be done by a phone or sharing screen.

Do Web Designing

Every day many people think of starting a business. Whether online or offline, they all need a website via which customers will contact them or know them more.

 Those newly coming businessmen need a website for their business. You can design a website for them with your coding experience and earn a lot of money in a month.

If you don’t know how to create a website, learn from WordPress in few hours and start working without tension.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a worker who helps other people in doing their jobs. Yes, you can do some simple jobs for them like managing emails, editing documents, fulfill orders, set appointments, and other simple jobs they ask you to do.

 A virtual assistant is paid a very good salary and doesn’t need to use much of his time. You can do the job in your free time.

Flip Items On eBay

You can make a decent income every month by flipping items on eBay. You can buy products from a garage sale or online at a very low price by bargaining and flip them on eBay.

You can also help others flip, and when they make a profit, you can take a portion of that. It can be your simple yet profitable side business.

Become Youtuber

Youtube is where contests have no limits; many types of videos are uploaded daily on youtube. There mostly uploaded creative content, but it’s okay if you can’t make creative ones.

Become Youtuber

If you love gaming and play like a pro, you can steam your game live on youtube, or after editing your video, you can upload it.

 Gamers will start subscribing to you and giving you views. You will make 5k dollars from this Sides Hustle Ideas every month easily.

Start Blogging

Blogging is our most recommended side hustle idea for you because a blogger can make thousands of dollars when famous.

Although everyone needs time to accumulate popularity when you have fulfilled the target, success will come.

A blogger always has his website where he keeps writing on different subjects and matters.

Create An Application

The best side hustle, which can later become a passive income source, is creating an app. Don’t think we are talking crazy you are still able to make one even if you don’t know to program

 Many programmers work for others, and you can hire them. Share your unique idea with the programmer and leave the rest to him.

When your application is made, upload it on app stores and get money sitting at your home daily.


Everyone has at least a little interest in photography. If you are also interested in photography, you can make it your side job and make a lot of money by selling your photos.

Some legit and popular websites purchase photos from different photographers who click nice pictures. Of course, you don’t need a DSLR, just a good camera on your smart phone and you’re good to go.

Those websites pay you dollars when your pictures are used or bought by any customer.

Life Coaching

We see people getting depressed and clueless about what to do in some serious situations in life. A life coach is one who counsels such people and earns from them.

 You can guide them by your talks and teaching them some ways to lead a happy and healthy life and charge $25 per hour.

These days young stars and elders are looking for life coaches. The best part of being a life coach is deciding how long you want to work. If you counsel for two hours, you will get money for those hours.

Become Designer

If you have a great fashion sense, you can use it to start a side business like designing t-shirts or phone covers.

 Nowadays, people who know arts and crafts are taking advantage of their learnings and using a little bit of fashion sense they sell their own designed phone covers or t-shirts.

You can either sell them on your online page or open a shop on the street. Once your design starts getting noticed, you will surely find many customers and get a lot of cash in your pocket.

Teach Different Subjects Online

Teaching is respected and much money earning job a person can do. You need no special skill or experience to start your teaching business, but you must have good knowledge of one subject or more.

 The subject you are good at will help to make income. Find students and teach them the subject on your computer and charge $20-25 for each hour.

Teach English Online

Now, thinking about the previous idea, some may fail to find students by themselves. For this, we know what you can do.

 Some Chinese online academies are looking for English native speakers who are also good at grammar to appoint them into their institutions.

Young Chinese children attend online English classes for understanding the globe better. The schools usually pay $19-$25 per hour, though you can also get students to teach especially. Parents of the students then pay the teacher more.

Create Ebooks

Do you have a lot of knowledge of a particular thing? If you can feel like you can write a book about that particular subject within 10-20 thousand words, you can earn by creating ebooks.

 Don’t forget to fulfill one requirement, and that is you must solve one problem in your book. Thus by marketing the book to a specific niche, you can make over $5k per month.

Grow Instagram Page

Another best side hustle is to create a niche page on Instagram. Getting a great number of followers there will take some time, but when it has successfully gathered many followers, there’s no more going back.

 5k followers will help you to attract brands and businesses. They will pay you dollars for promoting their products or services.

The more engagement you make can make on your page, the more you can increase the demand.

Affiliate Marketing

Young people’s favorite way to make quick money is affiliate marketing. You make money by selling someone else’s product and get some commission for that.

Affiliate Marketing

 Create websites or land pages to earn the best from affiliate marketing. Also, you can share the links on your Instagram and attract potential buyers.

Whenever they make the purchase, you always get a commission. No hassle of creating products yet earning thousands of dollars through other’s products.


Transcribing is best for earning hourly. A transcriber usually earns 15-18 dollars per hour. This way, you can easily make $3k to $5k every month, depending on how long you can work.

A transcriber generally listens to the contracted company’s audio files and record them on the computer by typing. You can do this job while sitting and relaxing on your bed at night times.

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is one who benefits both asset buyers and sellers. You help the buyers to find a suitable house they are looking for and the sellers by connecting them to buyers.

A real estate agent gets a usual salary, plus a big commission is guaranteed when you can make a sale.

 To apply for this, you must have a certificate, and then you can work in your free time, taking it as a side hustle.

Final Thoughts

With the daily works we do or the job we are working currently, we always have some free time which we can use to make some side income from Sides Hustle Ideas.

Nothing can be more pleasuring than having a side Income that let us earn $5k every month. Therefore we came with such side hustle ideas to make ways for your growth of income.

Read more of our articles to increase your knowledge about different ways to make money.