How to Sell Art and Make Money on Redbubble

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Can you remember one of my articles? Where I have discussed. How to Sell Your Art on eBay? There was a true story about  Ashley. Also, I have described why she is stuck? In that story. I have mentioned why Ashley stucked. Also, I informed her of the struggle at eBay. But, I did not mention the second part of her story. What happened after the struggle at eBay. In Fact, The answer is. After a certain period. She decided to move to Redbubble instead of eBay.

Today. In this post, I am going to discuss with you Redbubble. After reading. Ashley’s true story and to know her struggle on eBay. In fact, I was curious to know about Redbubble.  So. I have researched.More, I want to share with my readers with few tips and tricks about redbubble. How do you sell your art on this platform and earn money? Which is easier than eBay.

How to Sell Art and Make Money on Redbubble

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Why Do I Prefer Redbubble?

If you ask me about the selling platforms of artworks. Then, I will be listed the name of Redbubble. It is one of the top place. According to my observation. Redbubble is one of the awesome platforms. If you want to sell your art skills, art products, or any kind of related merchandise. Then, the redbubble platform can be perfect for you.

In fact, It does not matter. What I am thinking? But, here is anyone else. Who does not willing to make some extra cash as a passive income of your life. I mean. there is nothing to put so much effort into this platform but you will be able to make some extra income. Also, It is like, money will come to you with fewer efforts. Even, you don’t need to do anything to create a side hustle or passive income source through the Redbubble platform.

The redbubble platform is not 100% passive formate. So, You can refer to it as partial formate of passive income. What do You need to do? You just put all of your products. Artworks upfront of the redbubble platform. More than that, There is nothing to pay for a single penny to display your work on this platform. When you set up your store. I mean, if your place is ready to display your products on the Redbubble platform. Then, you start to receive commission randomly. Also, You get paid from different sources. Maybe you are sleeping. After waking up. You will be happy to know the sum of commission pay you have already received.

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Sounds Awesome and Inspiring. Isn’t It. So, Let’s Know Some Other Facts About Redbubbles With More Details.

You Have Advantages to Get Advertising Completely Free:

If you keep your eyes open. Then, you will see. some so many people are looking for organic. So many hits on different search engines. I mean. Redbubble gets so many organic checkouts, searches from google every minute.

Suppose, you don’t know. What is the exact meaning? Then, you don’t need to be worried about that matter. Also, You have often found. A lot of people are searching for “Horror Printed T-shirts” every day. And if your merchandise products are demandable to the people. Google automatically pointed them to your page straightly.

But, you don’t need to expense a single penny such kind of advertising of your products. More, The process is pretty well. Isn’t it? Also. This is one of the great ways. In fact, The instant feature can be the best-selling performance on their website or platform. And. If you are going to the top list. Then you can able to make some great sales in quick time.

You Can Control Pay of Commission:

You have the full leverage in the Redbubble platform. Also, You can set your price specifically. How much money do you want to receive when your products are sold. You can control your commission as per your counting your cost and considering other relevant facts. There is nothing in any terms and conditions to set your price. It completely depends on you.

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Are you willing to take the redbubble platform? As your part-time job or not. The answer will come to you end of the day. Which I have mentioned here “Experience” You can receive several facts and outputs from Redbubble. End of the day. What is more important is to make a decision. That is experience. What type of experience do you get to work with this platform.

Sometimes. It seems to be a scary task. When you try to sell your product by doing everything alone. When you are willing to make a better sell. By thinking to complete all the tasks by ownself.  When You are the key person to design your products. There is no option for marketing without you. You are taking all responsibilities related to manufacturing, payment, delivery, merchandise, logistic support. You are everywhere. I appreciate your passion. But at the end of the day, you are being worried about the redbubble platform.  It can be your product design or the marketing policy.

So, it will provide you with the fundamental things of understanding. How to work sales process? What is the right way to increase your sales? There is a fact. There is no chance to know. Who is your next buyer? Right. So, you can create your base with your best policy for your clients. To be honest. Your exact followers. They are always waiting to get your new products, works. they want to grab those as quickly as they explore on this platform. So, you have no reason to be worried here.

Are You Still Excited?

Then, I Will Be Happy to Share With You a Few Tips. Those Will Be More Helpful for You to Grab Your Desired Success:

Tip 01 – Celebrate

You have found so many related tips online easily. How to make your things properly. To be honest. There is a lot of posts, tutorials are helpful. But, I have found, there is a rare person to give proper attention and grab that information seriously. But, I am wondering. No one gives the suggestion. Create merchandise according to celebration day or holiday-based products.

Yes. it is true and what heard right now. You can check it out. I am not mentioning it here. Your work should be as per coming holidays or any celebration day. But. it will be wise. That you can create such kind of Artwork that is almost relevant with holidays merchandise. You should have some kind of related artworks which are searching so much during related holidays time.

Let me clear your concept. Why it is important? Also, Let me explain first what I mean about keywords. You know the keyword is a specific word that people are searching more and trying to find the exact products. Also, It happens every day. Let’s give you a simple example. Facebook. It is a keyword. If you write this word, then people directly send you to your page for logging in. Each month the same keyword is used by more than 3 billion people. it’s a huge people. I mean. Facebook is an extraordinary keyword. that’s why this is the top-rank keyword.

I do make the example to inspire you to look around you. Most of the people what type of keyword use in google to search their findings. You can prepare yourself to make good business during holidays.

Christmas t-shirts. There are so many people to search with this keyword to find the required T-shirt. If you look at the search result in the Redbubble platform. you will find such kind of requirement during holidays and celebrations days. If you want to take your artworks in top ranking. You can consider such kinds of artworks using perfect keywords that specified your artworks.

I can give you a lot of examples. Like Valentines Card, Halloween masks, Father’s day cars, friendship caps, you can make your artwork to use such kind of specific keywords. You will be surprised how many people looking those products during such kinds of holidays on the Redbubble platform.

If you prepare yourself and create the same artwork with a specific keyword. You can easily grab the top rank of google as well as redbubble platforms. It is a great way to grab business dramatically high. So, what I am trying to understand you. Plan and grab the perfect idea using the keyword into your artwork merchandise.

Some people can search and search. But you. Just create the product for the holidays. It boosts up your business dramatically just for a single day.

Tip 02 – Create a Title of Your Work:

Maybe, You think. What is the new thing to make a title of my work? But, the real fact is it is not so easy. If you are creating your title work perfectly, then your sales rate can be so high.

Suppose, you are working with an awesome product. How people do find your product?  If people search on google or redbubble platforms.  How to get your cool works. The fact is. They don’t find you.

So,  What should you do? To solve the problem.  Here, your Title work comes as a BOLD solution. Suppose: you can include your title work “Fantasy women’s day T-shirt” I know this is not one of the best names. But, you catch the proper idea and with this title people especially women will find your product easily.

Accordingly, you can create a better title for your artwork. this is no matter what types of sounds. The main matter. Is it able to serve your purpose? If “YES” use that kind of title for every piece of merchandise or Artwork.


Tip 03 – You Can Add So Many Merchandise

Do you even think? That you can smartly use single artworks for various kinds of products on the same platform Redbubble. It is so simple and easy. Just you need to be smart and tricky to use the name.

Suppose, some of your consumers love your artworks. But they don’t want it on caps. Instead, they want it as a sticker. So. be smart. Use your popular artwork with so many different kinds of products. It can be on T-shirt, Cap, sweater, Phone case, ring, bracelet. you can add a lot of products to use the same popular artworks.

You know. It can bring a lot of business on the different side. So, You can use such kinds of tricks. Best of luck.

Tip 04 – Research

I do research a lot. I try to understand. Why the research is too important in redbubble platforms to increase the art of work. How does it work? I covered in-depth and get some findings:

  • Keyword research is too essential. a customer can easily find your product among millions of offers. You can use free tools of keywords.
  • You need to be concerned about your competitive products.
  • You should create something unique to draw the attention of customers.
  • You should help people to find you easily. You can use a working Title, product description., use all social platforms to share your artworks. 
  • You should beware of product trends.

Tip 05 – Boost Up  Commission

Do you remember? I have mentioned this in the earlier post of my article. Why Redbubble is great to sell your art products? This is one of the best reasons you can control your commission.

Here Are the Major Point of Your Art Price and Commission System.

Base Price: You can set you base price of your product. The redbubble allows you to set of price accordingly to the customers.

Your Margin: It depends on how can you earn money as an owner. Generally. 20% set up as a base price. But you have the leverage to control your base price.

Retail Price: This is the real price. What actually peoples pay for your products. So it comes to the result as like

Product Base Price + Commission Price = Retail Price.

Although, I Have Compiled 5 More Tips for You. You Can Check It Out in Detail and Try to Implement It for Your Desired Success.

Tip 06 –  You Can Create  Things for Ownself.

Tip 07 – Create Your Unique Brand

Tip 08 – You Need to Use All Social Platforms

Tip 09 – Don’t Waste Your Time. You should Start Now

Tip 10 – Be Confident & Always be  Ready for Any Kind of Challenge.

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