SaleHoo Review-Does It Work?

Most probably, your search for legit SaleHoo review landed you here. If you are considering an e-commerce business with Dropshipping or online wholesale, then this SaleHoo Dropshipping review will definitely help you to decide whether you should use it or not.

However, it is hard for any kind of business to get the desired suppliers or manufacturers who can support you with genuine products. Here we are going to talk about every detail of SaleHoo, including features, pros, cons, and much more.

SaleHoo Review

SaleHoo Review Overview

SaleHoo is an ultimate toolkit for e-commerce, which provides you a powerful market research tool and access to 8000+ suppliers. Besides, it can automate your Dropshipping by adding trending products from AliExpress.

FounderSimon Slade and Mark Ling
TypeDropshipping Platform
Directory Price$67/ Year or $127 lifetime
SaleHoo Drop ship$27/Month (Basic) or $97/Month (Premium)
Where to buySaleHoo official Website

 Besides, you will get the price break down later in this article.

What is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo is an online platform that provides a list of suppliers for online sellers. Besides, it also gets you access to the manufacturers from different niche. Its 8000+ wholesale directory also comes with training materials so that you can search your preferred supplier on your niche.

Apart from the supplier listing, SaleHoo will let you find the top-selling products too. As a result, start a profitable Dropshipping business becomes easier.

Who is Behind the Program?

New Zealand born ecommerce entrepreneurs Simon Slade and Mark Ling started SaleHoo with the intention to bring all the top wholesalers under one roof online. Co-founder Simon Slade was an online seller too, where he identified the problem and then come out with the solution.

They started SaleHoo with a $1000 investment, and now it has more than 137,000 retailers and eBay sellers in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Despite being a New Zealand-based company, its suppliers are located in different parts of the world. They operate under the parent company Doubledot Media.

Why should you use SaleHoo?

You may use SaleHoo for different reasons to boost your Dropshipping business. In our review of SaleHoo, we have found out all the reasons behind using SaleHoo. The following are the top reasons to use SaleHoo.

  • In your dropshipping business, you may want to buy products in bulk instead of buying a single product. SaleHoo will provide you the bulk purchasing option.
  • Searching for the right suppliers is time-consuming; thus, you may not focus on your business properly. In SaleHoo, you can search the supplier according to your niche. 
  • SaleHoo gives you the list of trending top selling products. So, if you don’t know what to sell or don’t know how to discover products, SaleHoo is your savior. 
  • If you want to set up your online store rather than selling on third-party sites such as eBay, Amazon, etc. SaleHoo will give you an edge. 
  • Its powerful market research tool will unquestionably help you to find a hot product.

SaleHoo Dropshipping How Does it Work?

Usually, SaleHoo works in two ways. You can use either dropship or bulk/wholesale. However, whatever you want to do, you have to sign up and set up your account first. Then go through the product list and contact the suppliers. You will get relevant information on the supplier page, such as estimated delivery time, order amount, product details, and much more.

After you select your product, it is necessary to decide whether you want to dropship or wholesale. 

Let’s see how these two methods work.

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How to Use SaleHoo Dropshipping?

Once you decide to dropship, you have to sell the product first through your store or whatever ways you want. Next, you order your supplier, and they will ship the product to the customer directly. The good thing about dropshipping is that you don’t store them in your warehouse, or you don’t need to handle the product. The only thing you have to do is marketing the product to the target audience.

Following are the simple steps for SaleHoo dropshipping:

  1. Signup SaleHoo and access the dropship tool
  2. Connect with your Shopify store
  3. Select your desired product to sell
  4. Import the selected product to your Shopify store.

Wholesale/ Bulk: On the other hand, you can buy the products in bulk amount at a wholesale price and make them ship to your warehouse or designated place. Then, you sell the products online and ship to your customer from your warehouse. However, storing products and sending them to the customers are more complex than dropshipping, but you can have higher profit margins.

Features and Benefits of SaleHoo

SaleHoo provides everything you need to start your online business. Their features and benefits are so efficient that you can set up the business with no time. The following are the outstanding features provides by the SaleHoo.

Market Research Labs by SaleHoo

The research labs provide you the opportunity to discover profitable products and compare them to find the winning product. Besides, they provide the trending products to the subscribers so that you can set up your store with those products without additional research.

You will also get the best-selling product ideas and sell-through rates alongside the low-cost suppliers of that particular product.

Furthermore, they cover 1.6 million products and track them. As a result, you can work on your favorite niches or find a profitable niche with low competition.

The research tool also allows you to compare the product ideas through a table defining some variables so that you can take a glance at your selected product comparisons and decide easily.

Wide Range of Supplier Directory

The list of the supplier provided by the SaleHoo is verified and trusted. So, you don’t need to worry about trust issues. They provide a variety of local and global suppliers. From the platform, you can set some search criteria to filter from 8,000+ suppliers and get your desired supplier.

However, the suppliers’ page will provide you all the information about the product a price. Still, you will have the option to negotiate according to your demand; even the suppliers can get you an insider deal, which is exclusively available for the SaleHoo members.

Among the 8,000+ suppliers, 1,000+ are efficient in dropship suppliers. You can search separately from dropship suppliers and sort them according to the customer support, quality, product range, and shipping methods such as domestic or international.

Training Materials

If you are a newbie, you may face difficulties in sourcing the products or which one you should go for. Even expert sellers also face challenges in selecting the right product. That is why SaleHoo provides the training service for the sellers.

The smart seller training would provide tutorials, ecommerce guidelines, and an online selling glossary. However, the training module will also get you through the A to Z training on Dropshipping, selecting the product, choosing suppliers, etc.

Members will get access to different sales lessons for free, which will supply 50 detailed videos and guides. Besides, it will provide training lessons for selling on Amazon, eBay as well as tips on avoiding scammers.


SaleHoo has its own dashboard, which helps to keep your product list organized. You can contact the suppliers through the message template right from the dashboard. It also tracks training progress if you are doing one.

Customer Support

One of the best things we have found while researching on SaleHoo Reviews is their encouraging customer support. You can make a call or knock them anytime for anything.

Besides, we think it is a very human approach to offer unlimited one-on-one support through live chat, phone, email, contact form, and Facebook.

Here’s how each of the support system work.

Live Chat

To contact SaleHoo expert via live chat, click on the ‘chat with a SaleHoo expert’ button all the way down on their webpage. However, live chat support is not accessible 24/7; they are available for 24 hours on weekends and 12 hours on weekdays. Although you can leave your message and they will reply to you when available.


Though their system is always up, any emergency comes out and needs a prompt reply, you may call them right away. However, they didn’t mention the available time, but trying won’t hurt you. If you fail to reach over the phone, email and chat support will still be there for you.

Contact Form and Emails

It is a traditional yet working support. Email and contact form will provide the opportunity to track any queries.

Active Forum

SaleHoo has an active forum consisting of more than 137,000 members, where more than 60,000 posts are available regarding any problems and solutions. So, before contacting via phone or live chat, you may get your answer in the forum. Besides, you can also ask any questions in the forum, and experienced users will reply to you back.

SaleHoo Review: Products

SaleHoo offers 3 types of services depending on customers’ needs.

Drop ship

It is specially designed for Shopify store owners and Dropshippers. With access to the thousands of Dropshipping products, you can add those to your Shopify store easily. Besides, 1000+ trusted suppliers connected to the SaleHoo Dropshipping, who provide authentic products along with high-speed delivery.


Directory provides more than 8000 suppliers with approximately 1.6 million products. It also gives you access to the research lab to choose the winning and profitable product. It is best for them, wants to buy in bulk or wholesale. 


SaleHoo’s education platform provides a training service for aspiring people who wants to start their own online business. 

SaleHoo Reviews: Pricing

SaleHoo’s directory comes with annual and lifetime access. The annual plan will cost $67, while the lifetime will cost $127. If you have a plan to do the business for more than a year, it is best to get lifetime access.

SaleHoo Drop ship also comes with a monthly and annual plan with a Basic and Premium account. The basic account is ideal for a single store, and Premium is best for a team, where you can add 3 dropship stores. Basic will cost $27/month and $270/year. On the other hand, Premium is $97/month and $970/year.

The training platform offers for $47 with lifetime access.

All these offers come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Considering the services and price, SaleHoo is cheaper than the competitors such as Spocket and Worldwide Brands.

What to Consider Before Subscribe SaleHoo Dropshipping?

As we have mentioned earlier, SaleHoo will provide you the automation on Dropshipping, but you will be responsible for selecting your product. It is mainly a directory to find your product, but it will not choose any product for you. So, you will have the ability to search through product categories, knowledge about the niche, contact suppliers, comply with terms and conditions, etc.

If you can maintain these, you can subscribe SaleHoo Dropshipping.

Pros of SaleHoo Dropshipping

  • 8,000+ wholesale suppliers, which also includes more than 1000 dropshipping suppliers.
  • Suppliers from different countries.
  • The strict verification process for the suppliers to eliminate dishonest suppliers. 
  • Free training resources
  • 60 days money back guaranty allows checking SaleHoo’s features. And you can return if you don’t like it.
  • Easy to use interface

Cons of SaleHoo Dropshipping

  • Do not have a location based searching feature.
  • Having 1,000+ dropship suppliers is low compared to the total 8,000+ suppliers.
  • Some products are overpriced compared to eBay and Amazon.

Is SaleHoo Legit?

Before asking if SaleHoo scam or legit, you should understand that, SaleHoo doesn’t sell the actual products. Instead, they provide product sourcing tools for their subscriber.

We interviewed some SaleHoo users and found that they are satisfied with the service. Even they can find the wholesalers or Dropshipping product suppliers from Google search, but they need plenty of time to check each supplier. SaleHoo makes the job easier by enlisting almost all the authentic suppliers to their list, and the users never faced the suppliers.

salehoo trustpilot

All these positive feedback supports that; SaleHoo is obviously a legit service to boost your Dropshipping business opportunities.

Besides, Forbes, MSN, CNBC featured SaleHoo’s service on their website. So, you can stay positive that SaleHoo is not a scam.

Is SaleHoo worth the money?

Getting a huge list of suppliers for $67 a year or $127 for lifetimes is absolutely worth the money. If they charged more than that, it would still have been worth buying. With that small amount of money, you are saving your precious time focus more on your business.

Where to Buy SaleHoo?

You can buy a SaleHoo service from SaleHoo official website. However, some websites may get you a discount for SaleHoo you can follow their guideline too.

SaleHoo Real Customer Reviews

We have mentioned earlier that we interviewed some SaleHoo users. Besides, we also look at the real customer reviews published on various sites.

What we have found is, Almost all the clients are really happy with their customer service. Moreover, free training and Dropshipping guides are truly effective.

On the other hand, few customer complaints about limited Dropshipping suppliers as well as limited options.

Nonetheless, overall feedback is positive and recommended by all users as there were no SaleHoo bad reviews.

SaleHoo Reviews- Our Verdict

After going through all the aspects, we must say SaleHoo did a great job by listing 8000+ suppliers. Although you can get all those suppliers through extensive research on Google, it will take a hell of a lot of time.

So, subscribing SaleHoo will save much of your time, and we would recommend it.

The FAQs About SaleHoo

Q. Is SaleHoo worth it?

When you think about the effort, you have to give to find the right supplier for your Dropshipping business, and it is time-consuming and hassle. However, you are getting all the related things from one place in SaleHoo, which really worth it.

Q. Does SaleHoo work with Shopify?

YES, SaleHoo works with Shopify! You can connect your SaleHoo account with Shopify and import all you selected product to your Shopify store with one click.

Q. How does Shopify integrate with SaleHoo?

That is where the debate starts between SaleHoo vs Shopify. Let’ see the difference. Shopify is a tool to create online eCommerce stores. With Shopify, you can create a professional-looking store without having any coding knowledge. Now, you need products to sell from your store. That’s where SaleHoo comes. You do your product research on the SaleHoo platform and then upload your products to your Shopify store directly from SaleHoo. That is how SaleHoo can be used with Shopify.

Q. What is the Best Drop Shipping Supplier directory?

With a list of 8,000+ suppliers, SaleHoo is the best Dropshipping supplier directory. Besides, they also provide dropship automation services.

Q. What products does SaleHoo have?

SaleHoo added a variety of suppliers who offer products in various niches. Some SaleHoo products are Cameras & Photo, Clothing & Fashion, Baby Gear, Car & Auto Parts, Consumer Electronics, Jewelry & Watches, DVDs & Movies, Pet Products, Health & Beauty, Sporting Goods & Entertainment, Shoes & Fashion, Travel & Outdoors, Toys & Games and Video Gaming. These are the main categories, and there are subcategories too.

Q. What is SaleHoo all about?

SaleHoo is an online database that contains the list of suppliers for drop ship, Amazon, eBay, and traditional retailers.

Q. How much does SaleHoo cost?

SaleHoo directory starts from $67/ year, which will cost $127 for lifetime access. SaleHoo dropship starts from $27, which may cost up to $970.

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