Get Paid to Read Books: The Best Unusual Ways in 2021

Review a Book and Get Paid:

Are you a bookworm? As like me.

Then, You can read and review those books. You can get paid as well.

More than that, You can add the free reviewer’s copy to your personal bookshelf.

It is good to deal with. Isn’t it?

I have heard so many readers think that it is almost unbelievable that you can actually get paid to read books now!

But I believe. Besides following the path you can rise and personal enrichment. You will find a lot of motivation for developing your reading habit.

In addition. You can earn up to $ 100 per review:

If you can write and read quickly, Then you have well scope to earn money online.

There are some companies that are ready to pay you for this quality.

However, I will explain later.

More than that, I have noticed that surprisingly. 

A lot of platforms are ready to pay happily up to $1000 to read in loud!!

The offer is quite handsome.

Isn’t it? Are you really dedicated to reading books? Then, don’t waste your time.

Although, I suggest, No more wait. Get started now.

However, You need to learn Learn how you can actually get paid to read at home and make money online quickly.

I am here, I mean this article will cover everything about how can you make money online by reading books.

Review a book.

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Let’s drive inside the topic.

How to Get Paid to Read Books:

If you are a book lover, Then your reading habit is easy to en-cash.

But the important matter is that you have to find out the right platforms to follow.

I know, Maybe you also found some websites that offer you to start with only Amazon gift coupons while some platforms happily pay the readers a smart compensation.

I don’t mean that it is an active money income source for you but as an attractive passive income. I am sure it will help you to take care of your daily pocket money or daily expenses.

Although, If you are so expensive with your pocket money in a day.

Also, It can be a huge support to bear your pocket money or daily expenses.

To be honest. Take a minute and think about yourself. 

As a bookworm, Getting lucrative paid for reading books online is altogether a win-win situation. 

Isn’t it?

So, If you need to give up your hobby of reading good books to make time for your tiring day job.

Or suppose, You have family responsibilities like me. You need to make a side hustle can be a good reason to pick up a book and continue to read!

Get Paid For Online Research

I think, There is another advantage that besides having a keen interest in reading books. You can be a natural writer.

I mentioned it. Because I am going to introduce some of the websites where you need to write a small review of the book that you read.

The website prefers your own experience rather than the usual book review.

Let you inform. When you write about a book with your own experience, Then you can also expect more remuneration than usual basic reviews.

The websites also happily get paid for sharing their own experience.

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Get paid from ‘Any Subject Books’ in Cash:

The website of “Any Subject books” has a unique specialty. They don’t ask for a long-term commitment from you.

Actually, Their working method is on a “book by book” model.

This is the reason for a reader. It is one of the best websites to get paid to read books.

At first, to be a book reviewer you need to apply on the website.

If they select you, then you will receive an invitation to read and write a small review of a book.

They Prefer your own experience on your review.

You don’t need to be worry because, after the final selection as a book reviewer, You can choose your preferred types of book list.

Get Paid For Online Research

Accordingly, the assigned book also sends you a short summary for a clear understanding of your requirement.

As a book reviewer, Once you finish your reading. They are excepting that you will submit an honest and objective analysis of that book.

Let you know, It will be a foolish thing that you will regenerate any review that already exists anywhere in the virtual world.

They are too strict. They appreciate you writing genuine reviews.

Accordingly, They will pay you for the specific book that is genuinely reviewed by you.

However, The final remuneration is dependent on multiple factors.

For example, the overall volume of the book and the difficulty of the subject. They wish that you will give the basis of your honest views on plot, style characterization, etc

I think it is a fair expectation for both sides.

Additionally, I suggest you that don’t be a puppet for a five-star rating to all the books. You don’t have to be the author’s happy.  It’s not your part of the job. The website inspired you to review the book’s objectivity as fair as you read.

So you need to be honest, to point out weak plots, poorly-designed or bad editing if anything exists like that.

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Why Work for “Any Subject Books”?

Your review will be directly delivered to the author of the book. 

Also, The website “Any Subjects books” never edits, even not a single word before delivering to the author.

In addition, the website also publishes your review on the platform after taking necessary permission from the book’s author.

After your final submission, the author has the right to reproduce your review or alternate any part of it.

No matter, You will get your full remuneration after the final submission.

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Get Paid to Read Books Aloud:

Are you just love to read? You don’t like to write anything that you read.

You don’t need to be a worry. Also, I have found that there is an alternative but interesting option.

You may love it.

More than that, You have found that there are some platforms where you can get paid only to read books loudly.

It is an interesting way. Isn’t it?

Get Paid For Online Research

However, in this matter, you need to have a good voice quality.

You have to find the sequence. The knowledge of narrating a story. Although, It is not tough if you do love to read.

However, You have found that Many websites offer good compensation to the narrators of books and you have the opportunities to enjoy it as well.

Now come to en-cash points. If you really want to en-cash your talent as a high-paid performer then, You may turn this profession into a full-time job.

More than that, There are thousands of opportunities on freelancing websites for example Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, people per hour and so many other platforms.

So, You will get the opportunities easily.

Although, You have found some websites that provide lucrative job leads for book narrators.

Surely. All those platforms are happily get paid if you have the required qualities to be a book narrator.

Before writing this article, I have spent time and tested different platforms where you can earn money online with your specific quality.

Let’s have a look at my selected platform where you can participate with your specific ability and get high payment to complete your assigned task.

Accordingly, I choose the best platforms on different types of quality they are especially focused on and ensure good money for each task.

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Here is the list of top platforms for your clear understanding.

Get Paid to Read Books Aloud :

If you have good voice quality and the knowledge of narrating a story, Then you can check the below platforms to earn quick cash.

•        ACX

•        Voice Bunny

•        The Voices

•        Brilliance Audio

Get Paid For Online Research

Get paid to read & Review Books:

As a bookworm.

If you not only love to read but also write a review on that book. You get high payments from those platforms.

•        Kirkus Media

•        Online Book Club

•        Women’s Review of Books

•        Book Browse

•        Publishers Weekly

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Get Paid to Read books App:

If You have little spare time then, You can also get paid to read books through mobile apps.  

So many apps both Android and iOS users, You can read earn money with the below apps:

  • Goodreads
  • Scribd
  • BookYap
  • Wattpad
How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

Get Paid to Read Books for Amazon:

Surely, I have no doubt that It is you have used Amazon for your online shopping.

More, I can assure you if you have a passion for reading books.

Let you know, Amazon is one of the best platforms for you. Just use your hobby to get paid in various ways. You can be part of different platforms through amazon.

As like, You can choose to work as like online proofreader from home or anywhere as long as you have internet access.

  • Amazon Product Listing
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon Affiliate Blog
  • Flex Jobs
  • Fiverr
  • Have Your Own Proofreading Blog
  • Get Clients Directly
  • Upwork

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How to Get Paid to Write Reviews on Amazon:

Just, Make a picture in your mind.

You have already read a book and get paid to write reviews on Amazon.

Sounds amazing right?

How? Some legit websites can actually pay you for reviews.

An honest opinion of you. This is more important to both the company and buyers.

So, you get paid for book reviews on amazon.

However, there are several ways, You can start.

  • Create Amazon Product Reviews on Your Website
  • Use Other Websites to Review Amazon Products
  • Get Free Stuff for Writing Amazon Products
  • Become a Regular Reviewer of Books
  • Make Relevant Reviews Consistently

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How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

Get Paid to Read Audiobooks:

If you have a great voice, Then it is possible to get paid to read audiobooks.

What you have to do is record yourself reading a book out loud.

Let you remind, It’s a lucrative task but requires good vocals and well expertness in the English language.

Also, To help you out, here are some sites with different payment rates for audiobooks narration.

More, You may check it out.

  • Findaway Voices
  • Podcasts
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Get Paid to Read Books for Audible

Final Thought:

What do I say as a summary? I did almost all the information on how do you get paid to read books.

Additionally, All possible opportunities step to step. I have discussed.

Now, You have all the information.

Now, You can take your first step to get paid to read books then, You can start applying for the position on all the websites and apps.

So, choose those options that you suit more.

How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

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Happy Reading And Happy Earning, Folks!