20 Online Writing Jobs That Make Over $3k month

Often people think you can’t make much money through writing, so they neglect this way of earning. It’s because they don’t have the correct knowledge about making money by writing.

Writing is a profession that doesn’t pay you a salary. It pays you royalties because people use your thoughts and ideas. We will talk today about this respected profession which you can do from anywhere including home sitting in front of your computer.

There are 20 online writing jobs you can do to make money over $3k. If you think it’s unbelievable, you can check the websites we are about to introduce to you.

Top 20 Online Writing Jobs that can make you rich!

All the legit websites are paying legally to their writers. It’s okay if you don’t have experience before, they still will give you works. So let’s get started and know the online companies giving such amazing facilities.


According to most writers, if you want to write freelance gigs, this will be the best pick. The site itself helps you to make your writing easier by their search for keywords option.

Yes, you can take keywords from the site by searching. Maybe you can’t get enough by making gigs here, in the beginning, but you can make a start of your writing career from here.

Many freelancers are working here daily; hence finding works can be challenging little.


It’s a great free website for writing different things because they have categorized works. The types of Online Writing Jobs here include freelancing, part-time, internship, full time, or temporary.

The system to search for a job and then apply for it is done simply. You will love to work with them because many other freelancers are also keeping themselves connected with them to work.

When you become a pro writer earning less or more than $3k per month will be a must.

All Freelance Writing

This website is working with various writers across the globe for more than a decade. You can find works there depending on what level you are at and how much payment you are asking for.

Payments are rated by three categories the first one is a pro, the second one semi-pro, and the last one is low pay. You have to write gigs for the website.


This legit company is still working with freelance writers for over 20 years and keeping all their freelancers satisfied with them.

Mediabistro lets you see the job openings and gives you the freedom to choose works that interest you. It’s charge-free. Also, it offers training in different fields for absolutely free.

This way, you are free to earn much more with your favorite work.

Freelance Writer’s Den

Another great website for freelancers to write gigs on. We love everything about the side although it has a drawback too.

You can’t become a member there and continue working without paying 25 dollars every month. When you have become a member by purchasing the subscription, you will find plenty of options to write gigs, and the payment amount is also good.

If you go there to work without any clue, they will provide you three training sessions live to make a pro one.


This became a way for many freelance writers to enter into the real different world of Online Writing Jobs.

They are paying higher rates to writers than most other freelance companies. Your experience will keep growing at a good speed while working with them.

Upwork is actually for the pro writers because it gives you lots of facilities. The platform is competitive, but this doesn’t affect your earnings. Rather it helps you to gather even more experience.


Guru is a platform where finding a job is easy by making a fantastic profile there. You can sign up for free and feature all the working experience you had before on your profile to attract clients.

This isn’t the end. Another best thing we like about guru is it lets you set your own pay rate. Once you start working here, making 3 dollars every month will be so simple.

People Per-Hour

Sing up without giving and fee and continue working without any type of subscription fees with people per-hour.

Write and customize your profile. Also, don’t forget to share the fields you are interested in working on. A complete profile helps you better find clients sooner.


One more favorite freelance site for experienced writers. It’s the popular amount the freelancers who are working in this sector for years.

The platform has a job board where gigs are posted. Later writers bid to get work that they are interested in.

You will be handed over projects for either short-term or long-term. Long-term projects help you much more to earn more than three thousand dollars a month.


Fiverr is the best and totally legit freelance marketplace for beginners. Whoever knows a little about freelancing already heard this name.

Fiverr has many different freelance jobs, and you can definitely do writings too. The starting pay is $5, but you are allowed to charge more with the growing experience.

You find lots of clients with different projects, small or big. Becoming a writer on Fiverr can bring way more money per month than just $3k.


This company pays its writers depending on how qualified the work is. This can be a reliable site to start the journey of being a freelance writer on Online Writing Jobs Field.

You will be paid by the ratings you got. 6 star rated writer gets 6.6 cents for every word, while a 1 star rated writer is paid 1.2 cents per word. They also give writers bonuses if they give quality content.


A legit site that we can guarantee to be beginner-friendly. The process of joining them is straightforward.

You will need to fill a form where you will find short questions regarding your identity and other things relating to freelance writing and ace an article of 250 words at least, or else you will not be approved.

You can then start writing as a standard freelance writer, and the more you will level up, the more your job opportunities will increase along with the money.


This content mill is a very desirable one among many freelancers. No subscription fee or sing up fee is needed to join.

When you have become a member, numerous projects will come to you. The reason why we are suggesting it because of its project management tools and payment method.

Moreover, it provides the writers special tools called ‘writing tools,’ which help new writers to build their skills quickly.

Text broker will help you to get projects that pay you well. The clients or companies you will be working under are all legit.

A writer’s power to make money depends on how perfectly he can write. If you are skilled, you are sure to earn thousands of dollars.

Writer Access

Writer Access is mainly for those freelance writers who write blog posts, white papers, or case studies. One problem is this site doesn’t allow everyone from around the globe.

Online US, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and Ireland citizens are allowed to work with the website.

If you are from the chosen counties, you can sign up, but you will have to pass a writing test to be approved. When you have passed the test, go and create a profile and start managing clients to work with.

Constant Content

If you have decided to become a freelance writer, then register to Constant Content because they will provide you works that are organized into categories and sub-categories.

You can choose your niche with freedom and access it. This works like the previous one because all you have to do is sign up, pass a test and search for works afterward.


HireWriter is a freelance market place that you will love after joining. As they never charge you any fee but also help you get the best projects around.

No experience is needed, or any kind of special skills are required. They will always welcome the beginners with great deals and make them way more experienced with the time.

If you want to become a pro writer quickly and also to make great money, you can try them as your first workplace to be successful sooner.


TextRoyal is one of the best sites for freelancer writing because it gives you so many facilities on Online Writing Jobs. You are always welcome to sign up for free.

You can also anytime ask for your payout. The requirement is only $10, and you are free to get your money. You can take your money out every week.

Also, they give you over 100 choices of clients. You are the one to choose. It will be relaxing to choose your clients by yourself. There you will find no trouble with timing because you can work at any time.


the freelancers love iFreelance for its simplicity. Everything is simple here, like signing up, creating a profile, managing clients, handling projects, etc.

This trustworthy company is serving writers for a long time. With the rise of your experience in writing, the payment rate increase.

The website is well built, and options are easy to understand so that you need no one’s help to start working all by yourself.


Do you like journalism or had a dream to be a journalist? Here is a legit company that is searching for journalists who will work from home online.

The payment is great, and you will easily make 3-4k dollars every month for real. Joining them is as simple as the other mentioned websites.

One suggestion before you choose this one start with, make sure you can write well because after all, you will be writing journals.


Most freelance writers quite well know Writerbay. Slowly it is becoming a big platform to work in, and people who have already worked have given very good reviews.

You can find here projects on different subjects because various clients are available there. The payment is not enough to make $3k per month, but if you keep patience and continue working sooner, you will reach the desired amount and make thousands of dollars.

Final Thoughts

Making money this huge for every month will need at least a little time and effort at first. No writer is paid a good amount at the beginning.

You will need to wait just some days till you become pro, and then $3k is nothing you can earn up to $10000 in a month with Online Writing Jobs.

If you want to know more websites like this to start your writing career, let us inform you we have more recommendations in our other articles.