How to Make Money Transcribing $700/Week

I have already made some discussions about transcription to earn money online at home. Today, in this post I am going to cover everything about transcription. You will find almost every question in this article to be a successful transcription online. Also, you will know how to make money easily by transcribing $700/Week.

I am also a concern for those who want to start their carrier as a home-jobs transcription writer. For those who are seeking out a legitimate way of passive income to earn extra cash by using their typing abilities.

You know, to be a transcript, you don’t need so many devices, pieces of equipment to complete the assigned tasks. More than that, transcription jobs will be a great passage to earn more money at home with just required a laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection. Your dedication to this work is more important than any other thing.

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Online Transcription Jobs from Home

You will be pleased to know that most of the sites, companies are happily welcomed a new transcriptionist. On the other side, there are many companies asked people who have advanced knowledge, experience before recruiting various kinds of online works. But, in this case, you have the benefit that there is no need for pre-requirement of experiences. If you have just typing skills, determination, practice, then the companies are willing to pay you more money for it.

To compare with other works online transcriptions tasks are easier and get well paid for an easy way.

If you take the transcription jobs as part-time work from home, keep your full concentration in your spare time then, you can easily earn $ 700 per week or more than that. I have found so many examples who made more than $700/week as part-time work from home.

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About Transcription:

If you check out the processes of online jobs of transcription, then you have found a general idea. Just you need to copy whatever you listen to from an audio file, turn those audio files into text with your typing exactly whatever you heard in the audio file. It is too important to copy-past just like a carbon copy from audio files to text documents. 

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Sometimes, it can be challenging for those who are not well enough with typing skills or have the lacking to understand the audio clips. If you have some kind of leakiness of those two things, then you should upgrade yourself quickly with practice more and more. Otherwise, it will be tough to be a successful transcript writer online. 

But, you don’t need to be worried, if you have the determination for your work, then you can easily overcome that kind of challenge.

Let you inform one of my exciting incidents of transcription task online. in my starting time, I have the same problem with transcription works. Most of my friends told me to give up and try another kind of online work. In fact, I did overcome all kinds of challenges, and still, I am doing my job successfully. 

And, to be honest, it makes my life easier, amazing, simple. Although I know, I have still need to learn something to be the best in this particular area. 

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Free Training for Transcriptions:

Let you remind, Training can be useful before transcription works. It is not only about the transcript but also it is true for all kinds of jobs. Especially, when you are willing to start any kind of online job, then, it will be better, to have training regarding that particular job to make your concept clear. 

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By taking proper training before starting transcription jobs or any kind of field you are going to start your job. Proper training will reduce your basic struggles as well as boost your income dramatically. 

Have a look below at training courses of transcription jobs online. I hope, you will be a great performer after finishing the training materials. 

Although, If you feel to know about anything of the transcription-related matter. Then you can be a part of the bellow community. I  am ensuring you that you will find your proper answer from them. 

To Earn Extra Cash With Transcription Works:

There are unlimited options online. you have found so many lucrative offers of transcriptions works online as home jobs. There are a few offers that you have found which allow you so much money as a transcript writer. You should beware of those. Sometimes, these kinds of offers turn into a scam. I have found several cases like this, As a freshener, they have asked for some transcript works and promises to get paid quite high. Actually, they are received too many high payments offers to complete a simple transcript job but before that, they are asked to sign up money $3 to $5.

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Ultimately they are getting trapped into a scam and they have lost their money, valuable time, and writing work. As a result, they got frustrated

Considering, those kinds of scammy cases online I suggested working with renowned companies, platforms. Before starting the job, give tour affords you have to check out the legitimate way of offers, companies background, keep in touch with the related community and find the reviews of their reputations. Then, you can easily avoid the scammy offer and find your desired transcript job.


Considering, above all the matters I have created a list of various kinds of transcription platforms. Websites, companies that have a good reputation, circulate a different kind of transcriptions task and their average pay is quite well. If you are determined and have enough time to do the transcriptions works, then you can easily earn $700/week from your home. 

You can look inside my suggested company list, You have found several requirements of transcriptions jobs on a regular basis. I am sure you will be a well fit among the different kinds of transcriptions jobs. It depends on your typing skills and the understanding of audio languages, sometimes I have found different languages to transcribe subtitles. As you think better, you can upgrade yourself accordingly. Because that kind of transcribe task offers your more payment than other common transcriptions works from home.

So, have a look at the below list where you have found the legit transcriptions task with the well-paid offer. So, don’t be trapped with the scam, better you have searched your transcriptions job through my listed companies.

  • Scribe
  • Go Transcript
  • Transcripts Net
  • Allegis
  • Transcription Center (Video & Audio)
  • Pioneer Services- Transcriptions for Beginners
  • Divas Transcript
  • Transcription GMR (Service for translation & Transcription)

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FAQs Findings:

According to my experiences, When I attend any kind of transcript-related seminar, community, and take the class I have asked a few common questions about transcription jobs. Although, I have already discussed all kinds of answers in the earlier part of this article. More, I am including the question that you need to find out the proper answer to before starting your transcription jobs. 

  • What About the present demand for Transcription works?
  • How much money can I earn?
  • What types of equipment are required for transcriptions jobs?
  • What are the special skills do i require to get a transcriptions works online?
  • What kind of experiences are preferred to get a better transcription job?
  • How much can I set my rate for transcriptions Jobs?
  • How and where do I get free transcriptions training?

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Last Words: 

As I said, you can earn extra cash from home as a transcriptionist and it will be an awesome way to make a smart side hustle of income. Compare to the other online jobs, Transcriptions works, job the position is more available on different online platforms that offer you regularly. 

If you have typing skills and want to create smart but legit side hustle of income from home. it can be suit you more. It’s no matter that you can take it part-time or full-time or as a project works.

In this article, you will find some useful facts. If you are willing to start quickly, then consider applying right now, select your suitable types of transcript job that makes you more financially independent.

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Best of Luck

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