10 High Pay Teaching [ESL] Jobs – Pay Up To $25/Hour

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We have already passed the first month (January) of the year 2022.  My daughter has been admitted to the school due to a pandemic situation. She can’t attend school physically, miss her friends, school. Instead of physical attendance, the online class comes to the bold scenario.

During the pandemic of Covid’19, all most everyone’s life has impacted with a different aspect.

On another side, some new opportunities open widely and we are going to habituated through such kinds of online opportunities. You know, As human beings we have to keep our life ahead somehow and we know the necessity creates the opportunities.

Today, In my article I am going to share such kinds of opportunities you can be part of those. I am talking about some of the Best ESL online companies that offer quite handsome money per hour. I think it is one kind of best online opportunity compared to other online scope o works.

I have observed a few friends of mine through online ESL earn at least $20/hour. Some of them earn more than that. Before the pandemic, those online ESL companies have continued their curriculums but last three years during the pandemic they recruit/ offer so many opportunities for particular qualified persons.

10 High Pay Teaching [ESL] Jobs – Pay Up To $25/Hour

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The educational curriculum of online ESL Tutoring/ companies growing dramatically high with their curriculum for the last three years. Now we are habituated to participate in the online class and ESL creates wide opportunities across the world.

So, In 2022, you may change your mind to working with home. If the payment is quite handsome then, Why don’t you think about it? Although, many professionals have taken it as their dream job. Why not?


Because, online school, ESL, tutoring, Video chat are ultimate all the curriculums based on the internet. So, you have the leverage, freedom because ESL online tutoring is not limited to one person or specific location. You can attend from anywhere, you can select your own scheduled time, As an accredited representative, with experiences tutoring, you can earn quite handsome money which is better than many other online jobs.

Now, Come to the question. How o you in such kinds of jobs? If you want to drive yourself with ESL online tutoring, if you are determined to start your career path with such a wonderful community for teaching & earning smart mount online then you are in the right place. Because in this article I m going to discuss the top ESL Tutoring which pays quite high and they have an outstanding reputation.

Hope so, It will be hopeful for you. So, Let’s start with high paying top 10 ESL Jobs

1. VIPKid

What is VIPKid all about? It’s an online English teaching company that connects students in China with native English speakers for one-on-one, personalized instruction. There are so many reasons why you might want to consider becoming a teacher with VIPKid. You can teach from the comfort of your own home, set your hours, develop your curriculum, and earn more than $20/hour. It’s not just the benefits that make working with VIPKid so great though. For me, I was drawn to the idea that I could be an important part of someone’s education–to help them become confident, independent learners in a world where they may not have access to quality education otherwise. That means everything to me.

Payment $15-$20/Hour

2. Education first

Education is the foundation of a prosperous society. It has been said that when teachers teach, children learn. EducationFirst is committed to empowering teachers and making education more affordable for everyone by offering credits at a fraction of the cost. For example, a class with a price tag of $100 in the US would only cost you $10 with EducationFirst credits. 

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EducationFirst offers everything you need to be successful in your studies: from paying tuition fees to finding internships, we have it all! With our help, you can get an education that will change your life and change the world.

Pay $10-$25

3. Qkids

Kids these days are so lucky. There’s an app for everything and so much of it is FREE! At the same time, we can’t blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed with choices. You might be wondering if certain apps are worth your money or if they’re just a waste of space on your phone. The goal of this blog post is to help you choose which apps will best suit your (and your child’s) needs. We’ll give you the low down on what we think is the best educational app for kids and tell you about some others we love as well.

Hourly pay $16-$20 

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4. iTutorGroup

It’s hard to keep up with the rapid advances of technology, not to mention the ever-changing nature of the workforce. A new degree, certificate, or even a new project can often be daunting for many professionals who don’t have time to attend offline professional development courses. Fortunately, ItutorGroup is here to help you. We’re a digital learning platform that offers a variety of courses from top universities and organizations in the IT field. You can take them from anywhere at any time. Whether you want to brush up on your skills or gain a fresh perspective on a new topic.

Based on experiences $16-$24/hour

5. iTalki

One of the best ways to learn a new language is by immersing yourself in it. Whether you’re living abroad or chatting with friends, you’ll find that the best way to pick up a new language is when you use it every day for work or pleasure.

But living abroad can be expensive, and meeting up with friends all the time can be tricky. If you want to learn a new language in your spare time, your best bet may be to have an online conversation with someone who speaks that language. That’s where iTalki comes in! 


6. Skooli

If you’re looking to take an online course, it’s important to find a high-quality one. Skooli can provide you with the best courses and schools for your needs.

What types of online courses does Skooli offer?

It offers a wide range of online courses and classes–from languages and programming to math and medical school. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or brush up on skills, we have the right course for you!

How do I sign up? It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for Skooli. All you need is your email address and password to start learning!

$25 /hour

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7. Landi English

Landi English is an interactive, easy-to-use language learning technique that helps children pick up the basics of English quickly. It’s fun and easy to use, with games and activities specially designed to make it seem like kids are playing a game rather than learning English.

Landi English is an AI-powered device for teaching kids English. The device has been built using cutting-edge technology to help make language learning accessible and engaging for children. Not only does Landi keep kids entertained with interactive games, but it also improves their vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar skills, and reading comprehension.

Commission Hero

With Landi English, your child will learn the basics of Literacy in just 15 minutes per day!


8. DaDa ABC

I’ve never been much for these types of websites, but I finally tried DaDa ABC out. I have to say, the site is pretty cool. It’s easy to navigate and it doesn’t take any time at all to upload your profile information. The problem is that once you upload photos of yourself, people are eager to message you. So if you don’t want random messages from strangers, you might want to be careful about what photos you’re uploading to your profile. If you’re looking for a way to get in touch with new people or just casually chat with someone, this could be a good option for you.

Up To $ 25/ Hour

9. Kaplan International

Teaching in a school is a rewarding and challenging career. It’s rewarding because you get to work in a field that has impacted and improved the lives of so many people. It’s challenging because of the low pay, stressful environment, lack of respect from some parents, and relatively high teacher turnover. In this guide, They will discuss how Kaplan International can help your career as a teacher. They will cover topics such as what it takes to be a successful teacher at Kaplan International schools, what you need for your teaching portfolio, and how you can get hired at one of Kaplan schools.

Fulltime $20/ Hour

PinCone Research

10. Chegg

Chegg is an amazing service that you can access online, and it is the best homework help that you can find. It’s not just a website; it’s a community of students and teachers who are working together to make learning and studying easier than ever before. I started using Chegg when I was in high school and I still use their website to this day. They provide me with everything that I need to succeed in my classes:

– Access to popular textbooks on demand

– 24/7 access to live tutors

– Free instant answers from subject experts

– Unlimited access to over 35 million study resources.


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