Top 10 E-learning  And Educational Websites

In the 21st century,  Change the meaning of education a lot. Now people do not want to engage in traditional classroom education. They want something better than that. Online platforms come with the best solution. That’s why people are studying on E-learning websites and online platforms. These become more acceptable to people worldwide.

So, We have discussed the top 10 e-Learning websites  and Online educational platforms for you.

Why Those are Important?

It enables new opportunities to educate the global. It is much more affordable. Also, these are flexible with an individual schedule. More than that, You can learn from top-ranking universities even if you cannot join in person.

We know. There are so many E-learning websites and educational online platforms that are growing. You can fulfill your aim.  More than that. Some of the top universities are offering courses on these online learning platforms. So, Anyone can pursue these courses. These courses are eligible for skill and career development. Especially,  For a student who wants good academic results.

That’s why here we have selected the top 10 e-learning websites and educational online platforms. So, You can invest in and transform your professional life.

So, Let’s drive into the straight point and share details information with you.

I hope. It will be helpful to select which e-learning websites or online educational platforms suit you more.

Top 10 E-learning webites And Educational Online Platforms

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1. Khan Academy

Khan academy starts its journey in 2008 by Sal khan. The mission of create an online learning tool for students for free. Although, It’s a non-profit American educational institution. Also, It is available in 28 languages. As per the annual report in the year 2018 70 million people are using khan Academy to learn.
It has produced over 8000 videos based on academic subjects. It includes math, science, computing, history, art history, economics, and more. Recently, It has become updated with K-14 and test preparation content like SAT, Praxis, and LSAT. Also, It has a YouTube channel with subscribers of 7.13 million.
Additionally, Khan Academy offers instructional videos. You can practice exercises as well as a personalized dashboard. Then, A student can maintain his or her own learning pace. It also offers a free tool to parents and teachers. So that they can help their children and students. For teachers, It has provided a personalized dashboard. So, They can keep their detail of students’ profiles and a summary of class performance.
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2. Coursera

Coursera is an open online learning platform. It offers free courses. Also, It offers paid courses for degrees and certificates. More than 87 million people are using Coursera to educate themselves.

Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng founded  Courser in 2012. Its mission of provide life-transforming support for learning. Coursera has more than 200 partners. There are some renowned universities. Like Yale, the University of MICHIGAN, and Duke University. Also, Companies like Google and many more. However, It has brought a wide range of inexpensive and job-related courses. So, It is available for individuals and organizations around the whole world.

More, It offers various range of courses in math and logic. Also, It offers. Data science, business, computer science, IT, arts and humanities, and others. It has free courses as well as paid courses. Price ranges are $10 to $9000. The time duration of these courses varies depending on how much fee you pay.

3. Skillshare

Skillshare is a US-based based online learning platform. It creates skilled people on topics. Including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and many more. It has founded by Michael, Karnjanaprakorn, and Malcolm in 2010. It has conducted more than 41,000 online classes.

Skillshare is for those people who want to be creative. Also, Good for Industry leaders and working professionals. Additionally, They are googling to help those who want to explore their creativity.

Skillshare is free for one month. After a trial month, You have to pay a subscription monthly cost of $32. Then, A premium member enjoys many benefits. It unlocks the more advanced courses, downloading videos, no additives, and many more.

4. edX

Begin the journey in 2012. edX commits to giving high-quality education. So that people can transform their life. Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created this potential institute. Now, 35 million people use this site to educate themselves.

It has over 2500 hours of courses in university-level subjects. including architecture, economics & finance, biology & life sciences. It also offers business & management, chemistry, physics, food & nutrition, and more. As a partner, Microsoft is one of the top parts. Also, There have some best universities like MIT and Harvard. Anyone can get a master’s degree while working full-time. So, They can add the certificate to the CV.

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5. Academic Earth

Academic Earth was launched to deliver free online college courses from the world’s top universities like Stanford University. The University of Oxford, Yale University, and more are its core partner of it.  Richard Ludlow, Chris Bruner, and Liam Pisano started this educational institute. The mission is to help current and prospective students. Also, Help to build their educational and career paths. It also gives a free guide to those students who need financial aid. It also helps those who are stuck between two college programs. Additionally, It has accommodations and opportunities for students with disabilities in schools.

More than that. It covers subjects like accounting, business, management marketing, psychology, and more.

6. Udemy

If you want to sharpen your skills or learn new skills for career development. Then, Udemy is the right place for you. It has more than 185000 courses available. Covering IT and software. Also, you can find marketing, graphic design, web development, and more on its site. Additionally, It offers courses for students and people who want to put ahead in their careers and businesses.

The interesting fact about Udemy. It provides courses for businesses called Udemy business. More than, 10500 organizations are using this site to train and develop their team.

7. Udacity

Udacity is an American for-profit educational organization. Its main mission is to make education available to everyone. So, It wants to build a community of global learners. Who wants to transform their life.

It has courses on artificial intelligence. Also, It offers autonomous systems, cloud computing, cyber security, data science, and more. It offers extra courses for enterprises and the government.

8. YouTube

Are you surprised to see YouTube on my list? But YouTube is, not particularly for entertainment. It also opens a free-of-cost learning tool for people. If you want to know new things and learn. Then, YouTube is one of the best options. However, Worldwide more than 2.3 billion people add YouTube to their life.

YouTube is like one for all tool. People who want to earn YouTube. They can become YouTubers. People who love music or sports can listen to and watch music and sports. For history lovers. There are so many channels to provide videos about history. Additionally, You can learn so many things about career development free of cost. On YouTube, many channels are willing to teach people for free. So, It is a platform for people who wants to teach people and who wants to learn.

9. Futurelearn

Futurlearn is a UK-based educational institute. You can access UK universities through Futurelearn. So, You can take the opportunities through it. Futurelearn is a campaign partner. The British council and the Great Britain campaign.

Additionally, They offer short online specialized courses and professional courses on various subjects.

10. Codecademy

Are you interested to build a career in code? Then, Codecademy is more suitable for you. Because,  It teaches Python, SQL, computing languages, and more. They are offering basic courses free of cost. If you want to upgrade yourself to a Codecademy pro. Then, You have to pay for the materials.

So, You can take the opportunity to learn about this awesome platformer.  As well as you can transform your life.

E-Learning FAQs:

I have found some common querry about the e-learning websites or eductional platforms. logically, you have to cross check before make your decession.

So, Feel free to ask any questions. Although, I referred to a few common FAQs for you.

What Kind of Courses Are Available?

No doubt, if you search online platforms for different e-learning courses. You will find many types of e-learning websites and courses from basic to professional. A wide range of courses is available there. You will find a bachelor’s, diploma, or master’s degree.  Also, available short period certification, post-graduate, and Doctorate, more. All courses offered are associated with different e-learning websites and educational online platforms, colleges, and universities. More than that. you will find all most top-level university associates and companies. which are partner with your concerned courses.

Who Takes Benefit?

Online Platforms courses can fulfill the need of different stages of students. It depends on the rule of anyone’s educational or professional background. For example e-learning courses’ benefits;

  • Campus students can take time flexibility
  • Off-campus students complete the courses from anywhere
  • Professional can adjust their schedule.

How Do E-learning Courses Work?

There is a wide range of ways to take advantage of e-learning websites and educational online platforms. Communication between students and teachers can be more flexible and different ways. As like:

  • Groups videos
  • Web chats
  • Social platforms
  • YouTube Tutoril
  • Live conferencing
  • Instant reply
  • Specific Forums

Conclusion: You Can Start Your Courses Now

E-earning websites and education online platforms give you wide opportunities. So, You can continue your education, courses, and degrees at any time. You can update your skill by taking specific objects. 

I hope. you will inspire to learn the broad range and available specialist instructors.  flexible ways of learning online education. More,  You will find the highest standard courses all over the world. Associated with top-level universities on e-learning websites and educational online platforms, and companies. You have all options in your hand.

So, as per your need. You can start your education journey with e-learning websites. Now It is easier compared to the traditional learning system. Good luck with your e-learning website’s courses and the journey of educational online platforms.

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