These Netflix Jobs Will Pay You To Watch Movies $1500/Month

Ever dreamt of getting paid to sit and watch Netflix every day? These Netflix Jobs will pay you to watch movies and you can earn even $1500/month.

Well, we all used to think and made our imaginations about jobs this much easy.

In reality, this is happening, and people are getting cash for sitting at their homes and watching Netflix all day.

If you have subscribed to Netflix, you already know how cool a website it is.

There’s no chance you will get bored to keep watching the movies.

The best part is whatever will be shown to you will be new. It may seem impossible, but it’s not a job that can never work to bring money.

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These Netflix Jobs Will Pay You To Watch movies

 You don’t know online has different varieties of plenty of works for you, including light or heavy works.

Thus Netflix gave a chance to its users to get cash for watching their upcoming new movies.

 Any Netflix lover can do the job. Well, we have so much more to say about this work from home job.

Stay with us to read the whole article and find out everything you need to know about this job in detail.

So let us jump on to the topic.

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These Netflix Jobs Will Pay You To Watch Movies

What Type Of Online Job Is This?

Have you ever heard of ‘Taggers’?

If not, let us explain.

Taggers are the workers who work for Netflix. They help the company to flag upcoming content into the right categories by watching.

The categories include, i.e., ‘Indie Movies With a Strong Female Lead’ and ‘Critically Acclaimed T.V. Dramas.’

If you work as a tagger, you need to choose words to describe the program from the pool that has 1000 words.

Later the tags interact with algorithms larger the before, which generates a customized recommendation for the Netflix viewers.

In simple words, you have to watch brand new movies and categorize them by choosing words that the company will suggest to make a personalized recommendation for the members.

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From When The Netflix Started Giving This Opportunity?

Netflix is giving this opportunity to people to make money since 2014. They advertised widely in the U.K. and Ireland about searching for a tagger, and from then this little money making online way is getting noticed slowly.

In the U.S. recently, they looked for a tagger who can categorize the kid’s contents. They found a person passionate about kids’ programming and worked sincerely.

That helped to categorize the children’s shows on Netflix. He put all those shows into 3 categories, which included age, interests, theme.

These Netflix Jobs Will Pay You To Watch Movies

Is This A Part-Time Or Full-Time Job?

Yes, it is a part-time job you do for a year according to the contract, and you are allowed to continue your work from anywhere for 15 hours every week.

Netflix has a bonus point system that helps to get extra money.

But you must have experienced critical or analytical to get the points. Whatever you earn will go to your account.

This work could be cool with a chill to do.

Final Words

We know people are searching for more online jobs because office jobs are hard to get and do.

Hence we are always trying our best to find many different ways to get paid for simple works.

We thus found out these amazing jobs that Netflix is giving since 2014.

This job may be the only job with no boredom to hit, yet you make enough money to fill your pocket at the end of the month.

If you want to do this job, keep an eye on the Netflix careers page because they update everything relating to all the Netflix jobs.

Check more of such cool posts we posted on career online and choose your road to make money today.

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