Make Money Watching Videos

Are you looking for a job or ways to earn money but failing to find one? If you are free and have no jobs or money right now but want to use those free time to get some money online, we can help you do it.

Here we talked about all the good, and legit get paid websites. We are here with six cool applications that will surely pay you for just sitting at your home and watching some videos from there.

There are some more surprising things as well, which we will discuss in the article. So you better read out our whole article and start earning from today. Here we go with the six get paid applications. The first one is well known


It’s a number one priority because many people used it and got benefitted by getting paid. The most common thing you can do to earn is watching videos.

We love it because it has different categorized videos for you like health, food, fashion, politics, and many others.

Other things you can do is answer their surveys, playing some games, reading emails. You get to earn SB points for doing these, and when you reach 160 points, you can get a 1 dollar Amazon gift card.

When you have accumulated 500 sb points, then you can get them as $5 through PayPal.


This application works the same way: it wills to pay you money for watching videos and answering surveys.

The significant part is you get $5 for just joining them and can later earn more by taking part in promotions.

In getting paid applications, InboxDollars is always a priority for having lots of users and giving away millions of dollars.

After you have gathered $25, you can request them for a gift card, but if you want cash, then you have to wait till you gather $30.

With the help of PayPal, you are going to get your dollars. You will find many other articles talking about it because it’s legit. If you’re smart, you will try your luck to earn money with them.


In MyPoints, you can earn by not just watching videos but also reading emails, inviting friends, searching the web, playing games, getting promo codes. So many ways to get cash.

The fun part is you get paid for inviting friends this way. You make them benefitted as well. You can search for anything on their search web, it will provide you the thing you asked for, and it brings money to you.

To request a gift card, you need to reach $3, and to get paid in cash, you need to gain $25 at least. Once you’ve gathered 25 dollars, you are ready to get them via PayPal.


It’s one of the legit sites we have found for you that can pay you to watch their videos and ads.

More than 55 million dollars were paid to their members who watched videos and ads there.

They daily post new videos so that you never get bored watching the same thing. Refresh and get new exciting videos.

We hope you can guess how many people have been using the app because we already told you they paid almost 55 million dollars. Among those many people, you can make a place too because it’s free.

When your points get over 3000, you are free to request amazon gift cards or get cash by PayPal.


We have another great app from where earning money is quick. It’s great because you are allowed to get cash when it’s just $1, and it’s quick because gaining one dollar here takes a few tasks to be completed.

Like all the other apps above, you get paid here by watching the videos but also, to boost your earning, you can participate in contests and answer surveys.

The contest you are going to take part in is exciting because you will find many other people.

It will make the contest more competitive, and competition means excitement. Although no matter how many members they get, you don’t ever have to be worried about not getting anything.

You do your tasks means you will a hundred percent be rewarded with cash. It will be better if you can earn from there too.


It’s a more simple app yet very useful in earning cash. Slidejoy sends you notifications to watch ads, and when you accept it by starting to watch the ad, then you get points.

The easy thing that we liked about this if you swipe left the ads to get rejected and you don’t get to see it.

Easy way to reject when you’re busy or can’t watch. To accept the video, you have to swipe on the right side.

After that, the ads will start, and you can watch them. Watch as many ads as you can because the more you watch, the more they give points.

One thousand points mean you can claim 1 dollar. So, your patience is much needed to use this application because even you want to make $10, you got to make 10 thousand points.

The way to get money is like all other apps. All you need is a PayPal account and get your money from there.

Final Words

We hope you loved the idea and apps we recommended. We have more recommendations like this that we believe will be helpful for you to earn money from home.