Make Money Stuffing Envelopes From Home? $2200 per month

People do common jobs, especially the young ones, to get some cash into their pockets is waiting tables.

Although the salary they are paid is not enough. People look for other job opportunities and get excited if they can do the work from home.

Most people fall for scams written on flyers or bulletins like “Make Money Stuffing Envelopes” and more related to these jobs.

But the question is, are such legit and pay you money?

We will be discussing it today and suggest to you some legit online jobs that will legally pay you money, and there will be no scams.

Stay with us for reading the whole article and know every about online jobs.

Make Money Stuffing Envelopes From Home – Earn $1,500 a Week, and $2 Per Envelope.

You will see or may have seen more of these types of flyers, bulletins.

But it would help if you didn’t believe in such ads because no company will provide you thousands of dollars in a week for doing this easy job from home.

If this were a legit job, people would highly demand more vacancies for stuffing envelopes no matter at home or office.

Do not ever believe in such ads if you have not seen any evidence.

We also don’t believe in those ads, and hence we tried to find out by researching the actual work one has to do after getting involved with those scam companies.

What we found was very disappointing, which we are sharing with you below.

Make Money Stuffing Envelopes

How does This Job work?

This scam is very common, and thus, getting much information about this was easy.

We did nothing special. Just googled it and found out stuffing envelopes from home job is a total scam! We will show you how it works.

  1. The first thing one must do to do the scam job is singing up. The company asks for a start-up fee worth $30. They claim that 30 dollars for the kit and guidelines will provide (although those never work).
  2. Secondly, they will send you a flyer through email; your work is to copy-paste it and send it to others to fall for the same scam.
  3. The flyer has false information where making money through stuffing envelopes is written attractively. It isn’t the end; you also have to place that exact ad in the newspapers, magazines, and billeting boards.
  4. Finally, if somebody falls for the same scam, then they too will spend $30 and sign up to work. When the person signs up, you get a percentage of only $5 as a commission.

Now you can understand there is no such thing or way to make money stuffing envelopes from home.

You never get paid for stuffing envelopes; rather, the money you will make is tricking people and making them sign up for a false job.

Another fact that will assure you of this scam job is technology.

Make Money Stuffing Envelopes

There are machines for stuffing envelopes, and companies no more hire people for doing it.

The ‘Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission’ are alerting people about these scam works.

According to the ‘United States Postal Service,’ the most scammed job is stuffing envelopes.

But what to do if you have already fallen into the scam?

There’s nothing to worry about, and do as we say.

  1. Contact with the company and ask for a refund
  2. While sending out this email regarding refunding your money, add that you will take action against them if they refuse to refund you.
  3. Contact the FTC (1-877-FTC-HELP) if the company does not respond. Report the issue to FTC then.
  4. Also, you can take your local Postal Inspection Service’s help because they can easily get the mail frauds with the PO box number they use.

Hence it would be best if you quit looking for easy jobs that can pay you thousands of dollars.

Because, in reality, there’s nothing you can find like it.

But wait!

Do not be sad thinking you can’t earn money online; you definitely can, and there are legit sites that will pay you for easy jobs.

Although the amount of money isn’t huge, that’s enough to use as your pocket money.

We want to help you with finding your dream work.

These legit websites below can pay you $25-$50 in some minutes!

Let’s check them how they work and what to do to earn money with them.

PineCone Research

Make Money Stuffing Envelopes

The PineCone Research company is famous for paying its members to fill surveys.

You are guaranteed to get $3-$5 per survey you take.

That’s not it!

You can also earn up to $7 by testing products. They will pay you for real every month.

They will send your payment to the PayPal account.

So, if you don’t have an account on PayPal, make one today and sign up for PineCone Research too.

Survey Junkie

Make Money Stuffing Envelopes

Survey Junkie is also another cool and legit website where you can make money with many options.

The first or main thing you can do to earn cash is taking their surveys.

You are also welcome to earn extra cash by shopping from their online store. You get $3-$7 for every survey.

The best part is by taking a survey of 15-20 minutes, and you can make $50 easily.

By shopping from their online store, you can save a lot of money with their cashback system’s help.

Survey Junkie also sends your cash via PayPal account, or you can also ask for Google gift cards.


This company is our favorite because you will see plenty of money-making options on just one website, and that is InboxDollars.

Many people use InboxDollars for years because they have no bad reputation or they never miss to give payment to any of their members.

Old or new, anyone can make money by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, watching ads, searching the web, and taking part in various contests they have throughout the year.

You can make $300-$500 per month using the InboxDollars site daily for some hours.

Use it every day in your free time.

They also have different categories in videos and surveys. You can choose what you want to take surveys on or what video you want to watch.

The survey categories include fashion, politics, technology, etc. The videos are categorized in cooking, cute, animal videos.

Make Money Stuffing Envelopes

Vindale Research

This amazing company is paying out people $50 per survey they take.

However, the surveys take at least 15 minutes and at most 25 minutes to finish.

But this we count as very little time because the payment is huge.

Just imagine taking surveys for 1 hour can bring you a lot of money.

If you take two surveys daily in the $50 rate range, you can make $3000 in just one month.

This way is the one you can get paid for by Vindale Research, but there are also other simple ways.

Read the emails they send you and get $0.50 per mail. The receipts you have in your home by scanning them make more money.

The best part is you refer this to your family and friends, and wherever someone opens an account with your referral code, you get $5 every time.

You can join them for free because it’s not a scam job like the stuffing envelopes one.

More options like this are available to be paid for taking surveys and doing other little enjoying tasks.

Some companies pay $100 for each survey and if you feel interested in checking that out, know more about them, stay with us.

Final Thoughts

The online world is full of opportunities where you get everything in easier ways.

That is why some fraud companies are scamming and looking for people to make a fool and make money for themselves.

So without watching, the evidence never falls for online tricks.

But you can check out our website and see for legit online jobs which are already having workers working under them and paying them well.

We have more other articles relating to earning money online; you can read those to choose one career online.