How to Make Money Online as a Freelance Bookkeeper

Do you serious about how to make money online as a freelance bookkeeper? So, Are you looking for bookkeeping jobs online as a freelance bookkeeper? Then, You are in the right place. You can check it out through my article. Here I have compiled some of the best opportunities for bookkeeping jobs with lucrative offers. You can make money online up to $80k per year as a freelance bookkeeper. More than that, you have the full leverage to work from anywhere. You can also set your comfortable working hour and get paid well enough. So, as a freelance bookkeeper. You have endless opportunities to make money online. Also, there are several reasons. I do prefer a freelance bookkeeper to make money online. one of the core reasons. As a freelance bookkeeper. You are free to set your per-hour working rate.

If you are determined. Then, you can add a spreadsheet with such kind of work sample for a bookkeeping job. you can also mention. what kind of bookkeeping do you are preferred to do.

How to Make Money Online as a Freelance Bookkeeper
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You know, there is no boundary. You can complete your task from any place in the world. In fact, You have full freedom to set your working schedule. 

Sounds awesome. isn’t it?

Today, in my post. I am going to discuss all everything about bookkeeping. More, As a freelance bookkeeper. How much can you make money online with bookkeeping jobs? Also, you will learn about some best platforms. More than that, you can find legitimate offers for bookkeeping jobs online.

So, Let’s Drive In.

What Online Bookkeeping Is and How It Can Help Your Business:

Bookkeeping may seem trivial. It is also one kind of behind-the-scenes task. But, You must have an accurate record of financial activity. Because it is too essential for running any business. Bookkeeping records every transaction. That takes place in your business. It also helps you to analyze. How much money you’re making and how much money you’re spending. 

It’s also useful for paying taxes and maintaining a clean financial history. If you own your own business. Then, having an accurate record of your financial transactions is indispensable. 

But, it can be a challenge to keep track of all the transactions. That takes place each and whole day. Even, if you’re well-versed in accounting. Then, the task of manually tracking and reporting is too tough. In fact, Your company’s transactions can become overwhelming. 

That’s why Online bookkeeping comes in. It helps you keep track of your business’s transactions, and prepare tax reports. It also helps to reconcile your bank accounts. So, It’s an essential tool for any small business owner. 

It is also required for an independent contractor or a freelancer. Whether you’re a one-person operation. Or your company employs a staff of bookkeepers and accountants. however, It’s helpful to understand. So, what online bookkeeping is? and how it can help you?

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An Example of Online Bookkeeping in Action:

Let’s say you run a one-person consulting business. To keep track of your finances. You use a combination of a spreadsheet, a calendar, and your memory. Anyway, It’s a good system. but it’s also very time-consuming. 

Here, Online bookkeeping could help. It also allows you to track your business’s transactions. It can access reports at a glance to stay on top of your finances. In this example. We will assume. That you use Online Bookkeeping to track your finances.

Every day, you log into your online bookkeeping account. To view your transactions for the day. So, you can download your transactions. You can do it as an Excel file or You also print them out if you prefer.

Next, you open your bank account. You also view your latest deposits and withdrawals. So, You enter these transactions into your online bookkeeping account.

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How to Become a Successful Freelance Bookkeeper:

Great! But, where do you start? How do you become a successful freelance bookkeeper?

The good news is that. Becoming a freelance bookkeeper is one of the easiest careers. You can get into it. The bad news is that. It’s also one of the most competitive. 

If you’re serious about it. Then, you’ll need to work doubly as hard as everyone else. To stand out from the competition and snag that promotion.

But don’t worry, I am here to make it simple. You can follow the top few ways to become a successful bookkeeper.

1. Get Certified

If you’re interested in a career as a freelance bookkeeper. it’s a good idea to get certified. There are a few different certifications you can get. But the two most common are the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the Certified Bookkeeper (CBD).

To get certified. you’ll need to pass a rigorous written test and a practical skills test. The written test covers a wide range of accounting topics. Generally, It is a requirement for becoming a certified public accountant.

The skills test is more focused on bookkeeping. It is usually required for certification as a bookkeeper. If you’re interested in a career as a freelance bookkeeper. Then, you can usually find certified bookkeepers either through bookkeeping associations or through the American Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

2. Get Experience

A lot of people make the mistake of quitting their job. Then, They are getting nervous. because they have no idea what to do next. 

If you’re new to the job market. Then, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the different options. It’s about all of the different types of jobs out there.

So, Don’t let this stop you. From pursuing your bookkeeping dreams. Though, The best way to get experience is to start taking on freelance work. 

As a freelance bookkeeper for other local businesses. This can be a great way to gain experience. You can also expand your network in the bookkeeping community. You can find local clients on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Guru.

Once you’ve got some experience under your belt. Then, It’s time to start applying for jobs. So, You can post your resume on Indeed and ProFinder. When you start seeing listings for bookkeeping jobs. You can also apply for a few and let them rip.

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3. Network Like Crazy

The best way to get ahead in any field. It is the network with people in that field. As a freelance Bookkeeper. There is no exception. 

If you want to get promoted. Then, You’ll need to network like crazy. You never know who you’ll meet. What connections you’ll make. There are loads of great ways to network as a freelance bookkeeper. So, You will go over a few of them.

4. Learn to Speak Financially

This one is a no-brainer. If you want to become a successful freelance bookkeeper, then, you’ll need to learn to speak financially. You’ll spend your day analyzing financial statements. Also, you need to work with various financial software, So, it’s important to be fluent in the language.

There are plenty of online courses and learning platforms. That can help you get started. Just be sure to research different options. You need to find one that best suits your unique needs.

The Average Price for a Virtual Freelance Bookkeeper:

A virtual bookkeeper (VBK) is a type of accountant who works on behalf of other people. A virtual bookkeeper can work as an independent contractor for individual clients. Also, they get freelance services for small to medium-sized businesses. They can also work as an employee for larger businesses 

So, VBKs can work for businesses with any size accounting needs. from startups to large corporations. The average price for a VBK starts at around $300 per month. They can range up to $3,000 or more.

However, this can vary depending on your location. Also, Your particular needs as a bookkeeper. I mean. Salaries for virtual bookkeepers vary depending on several factors. Some employers pay virtual bookkeepers the highest salaries. And as a freelance bookkeeper, you have more opportunities to make money online.

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The Top Websites Specializing in Bookkeeping Services:

Today, a well-managed accounting system is as important as a well-managed business. Whether you need one-time bookkeeping services or year-round support. So, I have compiled some of the top websites for booking accountants and bookkeepers.

1. BookKeepers:

BookKeepers is online accounting software for small businesses. It is convenient and secure. It is also easy to use. With their cloud-based system. You can connect to several accounting software partners. So, You can manage your books and records from one location and collaborate with your team via the app.

2. Bookkeeping Software:

There are a lot of different bookkeeping software options out there. which is why? It is important to research carefully before making a decision. You need to consider the unique features of each software. 

Accordingly, You can select what suits most with your business most. It will help you. To keep your books and records organized and make it easy for you. To track expenses and gain insight into your business.

To start your search, You need to take a look at the list of popular bookshelf accounting software. These programs have been around for a while. They have proven their worth over the years. They are easy to learn, easy to use, and come with basic features. You need it as a small business owner.

3. Amazon FBA:

Amazon FBA is a great tool for businesses. That sells products on Amazon. With FBA, You can store your inventory and manage your inventory from a single location. You can upload pictures and add tags. 

Also, You can include detailed product descriptions. So, it helps shoppers find and buy your products.

4. FreshBooks:

FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. With a free plan. you can keep track of up to 5 clients. There are no contracts. no software to install. and no monthly fees. You can access your books from any device with a web browser.

5. Xero:

Xero is an online accounting software perfect for small businesses. That needs a solution capable of handling multiple users and multiple clients. It has extensive accounting functionality. Xero offers an incredible amount of flexibility with its plan options. It charges as little as $9.99 per month.

6. Podium:

Podium is online accounting software. That helps you create a custom financial report for each client. You can send an email, print a report for a client, or have them sign a digital contract. 

With Podium. You can easily create a financial report for each client. Also, you can organize books and records. More, you send the reports whenever you’re done.

7. Payable:

Payable is an invoicing and payment solution for small businesses. It Connects your accounting software to create professional invoices, collect payments, and track expenses. With a free plan. You can send up to 10 invoices per month and only one payment. 

However, the free plan does have some limitations. such as limiting the number of products. You can list it on Shipwire. But, You are not providing project management features.

8. Accounting Software:

You can’t manage your business without good accounting software. There are many different accounting software options out there. The process of choosing the right software can be difficult. 

So, You need to take into consideration the unique features of each software. Also, you need to consider the price and flexibility of the plan.


The Final Word

Becoming a freelance bookkeeper is a great way to break into the field. You have the chance to gain experience and you can build your client base. The path to becoming a freelance bookkeeper is not so easy.

But, It can be done with hard work and dedication. You have endless opportunities to make money online as a freelance bookkeeper. If you follow the above discussion & steps. Then, you’ll be on your way to success as a freelance bookkeeper.

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