Make Money Doing Nothing

Most of the young people and also some adults face problems to find sources of income.

They have lots of free time, but those are wasted because they don’t know there are ways to earn from home, which even don’t ask for any requirement.

We know it’s kind of hard to believe that you can earn money while doing nothing, but it really can happen. It’s almost like doing nothing because the things you have to do to earn money are easy to fulfill.

We are sharing with you some of the applications which will help you get money easily for real.


Foap is a cool photography application that helps you earn money by doing just some simple clicks.

Take some beautiful snaps using the app from your phone, and it could be used to post on some journals. Don’t worry. They will pay you for using your pictures.


Bringing you one more photography application ready to make you one of those lucky people who click photos and sell them to the app.

The people who love taking photos of nature and animals or those who take aesthetic photos have more chance to get their photo sold.

This is more simple and reliable. To become a part of the ScoopShot family, download the app from the play store now.


If you like to research things, you will love earning money using iPoll because they are willing to pay you for your opinions about their products.

It’s not the end. They have various exciting tasks as well, which if you do, you get rewards. You can even write some down diaries and get even paid more money.

You can convert those rewards as money through your PayPal account and enjoy spending them on your shopping.


Everyone gets excited hearing bitcoins! Yes, you have the opportunity to earn bitcoins with the help of the Cointiply app.

It just takes some of your time to watch videos there, install applications they promote, play games they give, and watch the ads.

The significant part of this app is for converting your bitcoins into hard cash. You need to go to the coin base and convert from there.

Earn Money

Here’s another great app for you if you can buy a lot of free time for earning money online. You need a lot of time because it will require a lot of apps to download and many ads to watch.

For installing every app and watching each video, you get coins. Two thousand coins can be converted to 2 dollars. It also requires a lot of space on your mobile and a good internet connection.

So, if you are one of those who early get bored by watching ads, then you may like it.

Final Words

Now you know how you can gain some extra cash using your mobile-only and almost doing nothing.

If you found our article helpful, you can check more related articles to gain more knowledge regarding online earnings. Thank you for reading; we hope to bring you other useful news as well.