How to Write Your First Blog Post

Are you a new blogger? Then, you might be thinking about how do you write a blog post?

A blog post is like you start to write an amazing story. So, you just need to select a subject to write about. Also, you can write your story.

But, you should remember, that what you are writing about is completed in the right way. 

So, how can we make it possible?

If you are ready, I mean if you have a blog up then, you can start your journey to write your blog post.

The main matter is that you have to draw the reader’s attention to read your first blog post.

So, how will you write your first blog post?

How to Write Your First Blog Post?

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Well, don’t worry because there are many ways to write. But, I pick the six best tips for you.

If you follow those tips. Then, you will find more readers definitely for your first blog post.

Now, Let’s Concentrate on the Six Tips to Write Your First Blog Post.

Tip No. 1: At First Determine. Who Will You Write For?

The answer is simple. You will write for your readers.

Maybe, it is a simple answer. But you need to make sure to write unique well content.  It is so important because If you monetize your content or blog post. Or, if you want to create a well passive income source one day. Then, you have to write the relevant content and consider your target readers. So, you need to start it with your first blog post.

If I am not wrong, then, you may think to write an introduction about yourself. After you write an overview of what about your blog post?

But, this is not the complete concept. Do you need to think about why will you create a blog post for those?

You must have a clear concept about a niche. Then, you need to select a challenge or question and consider the behind-user person. How many people have that kind of question about your selected niche?

Well, you have found the behind users related to your niche and it is huge.

Then, happily, you can take it and start to write your first blog post.

Let’s make you clear with an example:

Suppose, you are willing to write a blog post for travelers.  Then, you can select the niche. How do travelers save money?

You should always deliver such a story that your targeted readers are close related to your niche.

If it is perfect, then obviously, your niche will hook up your readers easily.

However, if you are going to start a personal blog and You want to talk about yourself. Because you have so many interesting stories to share. Then, you can introduce yourself in your very first blog. It can be a good start.

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Tip No. 2:  Select the Right Keyword for SEO

Let your reminder. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a simple game. It can take a long period for Google to achieve your desired blog traffic.

So, if you are not familiar with the right SEO, then you need to learn ‘How to select the right keyword for your content?

But, the rule is simple. I mean you can boost up your blog to raise its visibility with similar searches to get more readers (Traffic) from the search engine like Bing and Google.

As a fresh blogger, you should select such kind a niche that is low competition. Alternatively, I want to say. You need to consider perfect keywords to be successful with SEO in an easy way.

As an example, if you write ‘how to earn’ then, it is a high-competition search keyword. Also, it is a very high-volume search result.

Then, what happens? As a new blog. It will be tough to rank and get traffic for such kind of competitive blog post.

But, when you write in the search engine ‘how to earn in passive ways’ you will receive a lot of suggestions with a long-tail list of similar keywords.

Usually, those phrase keywords are more specific and close related to visitors. Then, visitors’ intention goes to click something more specific.

So, if you are searching for the right keywords for your first blog post. Then, consider those keywords which are low-competitions. Accordingly, you can start your SEO trifling.

You can take help from some kind of research keyword tools. For example:

•  Semrush

•  Keyword everywhere

•  Ubber suggest, etc

With those tools. You will be able to find the right keywords easily. Then, you can write your blog post as SEO-friendly. It will be helpful to draw more attention to your targeted readers. As a result, It will increase your chance to get more traffic from Google.

The happy thing is, that the above tools are completely free!

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Tip No.3: You Must Write a Perfect Blog Post Title

Maybe, you are an awesome content writer. But, it sometimes becomes useless without a perfect blog post title.  If you go to the wrong title, then you didn’t find desired readers from your blog post.

It seems too funny. But, for your very first blog post. You can write multiple blog post titles and take suggestions from your well-wishers on which title suits more for your first blog post more.

Let’s be serious, what can you do? You can follow the below technics.

•  Use strong language

•  Implement numbers in your titles in the very beginning.

•  Use odd numbers in your title

•  Focus on the first and last three words in your title

•  Put keywords at the beginning of the title

•  Focus on the result, not on the effort

•  Sum up what is going to write inside your content. 

You can start the blog post title to consider the above points. It will tempt your readers to visit your blog post. Those technics will increase the reader’s curiosity and you will get more visitors.

So, I wish you will start your blog post with a perfect title.

Tip No. 4: Write a Perfect Introduction to Hook Your Readers

I am ensuring you. It is not tough at all.

Then, what do you have to do?

Simply, you need to share a quick overview with your audiences. Introduce your story in catchy ways about what you are going to share in your content.

That’s it. It will make your readers feel more attached to your blog post. 

If in your blog post title, you will promise some awesome experiences. Then, in the introduction share all challenges and point out the solutions.

Also, you can ask some questions to draw attention to the body part of your blog post.  If your blog post will long. Then, I suggest you can use a chart. It will work to attach your readers more.

Tip No.5: Write Your Blog Post Naturally

Natural matters always create a special appeal. It is also true in your blog writing post.

So, let’s point out a few outlines. To make your first blog post becomes natural and catchy.

At first, you need to address readers like a friend.

It is one of the most effective ways to share your content as a story goes on.

 Always, remember, you start to write your blog. So, you just speak naturally with your readers.

Let’s explore the actual person inside of yourself.

Yes, it is true. Your motive is to draw more attention from readers. So, Be confident to write your best one.

It will be better to create your content at least 900-1000 words long. Because more words in your content get a better result in every aspect.

In addition, you don’t need to be worried. You have to write every sentence perfectly.  I am not also perfect. I just create my content by delivering my words with my thought.

Also, Input your ideas. It can be more valuable compared with thousands of common writing.

Create sub-Headings.  It creates your content structured, specific, and more readable to your audiences.

You can use visual motion, infographics, images, and charts in your content. Those will make great feels to your readers.

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Tip No. 6:  Blog Post Wrap-up With a Conclusion

Let you remind me. It is not good to write more things in the conclusion part. You need to keep it simple and specific. You can make a tropical breakdown of your conclusion consider with the introduction. If your blog post will be so long. Then, those readers can check out the conclusion to understand the content summary.

So, you need to be careful to be specific in your conclusion area.

Before writing a conclusion you can add a part of FQAs. Also, you can ask your readers to ask their query share and comments,


So, above those are the main steps. You should follow those tips when you will write your blog posts. I’m so sure. Now, you have a clear concept to write your first blog post.

The most important of these tips is to select the right keyword. It will raise your rank on Google search.

Remember, If you’re not fully updated then, you may be losing a lot of potential readers that you deserve.

If this article helped you, then, you can follow us on Pinterest and ensure to check out the recommended tools.  It will boost your blogging journey!

 Happy blogging!

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