How to Start a Blog to Make Money Online (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

Do You Want to Make Money Online to Start a Blog?

Then, You are in the right place.

Maybe you think blogging is just fun Or maybe you already have a blog as a hobby because you just love blogging.

I suggest you may think again – Once if you set your mind to know how to earn money online by blogging.

Then, I am sure, It will be a smart choice and definitely, it makes you handsome money online.

Here  I have discussed step by step the ultimate guide especially for beginners how to start blogging and make a good online money earner platform.

How to start a Blog?

To be honest: Everyone wants to start at the beginning when making money online but blogging isn’t the easiest way.

However, Anyone can start blogging and it is an amazing platform to share your thought. But you should know that there are no shortcuts to money online unless you have a quality writers team of writers and paid advertisements. 

Are you have?  Don’t think about it?

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OK, No worries.  A successful blogger didn’t appear overnight. Just take the slow route with patience to earn money online blogging

but don’t forget huge blogs earning 6 figures and you also can make a lot of money from blogging but it will take time.

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What is the ultimate Blogging guide for beginners: 

I am here to show you a reality check, action plan with hope.

So, let’s have a look at the Article topics

  • How to start a blog
  • What to blog about
  • How to increase your blog traffic
  • How to make money from blogging
  • Biggest monetization challenges

How to Start a Blog:

Let you know, there is two option when it comes to setting up a blog. One is a free blogging platform and the other you can make your website.

However, I will take you through both in detail.

1. Free Blogging Platform:

I suggest at the very first if you start blogging casually. It will suit you well.

Limitation of free blogs

But Ultimately, All free blogging platforms have so many limitations and are not suitable for a wide range of income online. A free blogging platform You may only be able to customize a few given extent choice and there are also limited storage. 

Logically, it is often tough to upload large-size videos and images if you have required.

Also, The other big challenge of free blogging platforms is that there you are not allowed for your banner adverts, affiliate links on your site, which are the main revenue sources for most bloggers.

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Although, Let you refer three best blogging sites where you may start blogging casually – is very popular and a free basic blog hosting service that is super easy to use. If you do not pay a monthly fee then you have to put up with WordPress ads and branding. Also, you can not link ads on your desired site. In the free version, there are also limited options for customization and storage.

Blogger – Blogger is really simple usable Google’s free blog hosting service, But, there are too limited customization and design options. Also, only a few options exist if you want to add new features.

Medium – Writing is a better option rather than design with Medium. You may notice there are lots of journalists, writers, and experts and share their work with a particular community. It can be a great experience for you to share your thought with a particular community. As usual here also you can’t allow for your ads as result it’s difficult to create your branding.

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2. Create Your Website:

Surely, For dedicated bloggers to earn money online having their blog site is the right option.  You have full control for design, customization to build your brand. You will get your custom domain name (URL)  where you can create your branding to use adverts and affiliate links how many you like. You have to pay yearly (not too much) for your domain name (URL) and hosting.

Suppose, you’re not a particularly technical expert for creating your website. You will be happy to know that it’s super easy to create and you can develop one within half an hour by watching tutorials on youtube.

Now, you have your website. That means you’ll be able to create personal branding with your URL. It will not be deleted by the hosting provider and you have complete control.

Let you know after purchasing your website you will find so many amounts of templates or ‘themes’ by  WordPress.  Just take your time to decide which suits your personality and the topic of your blogging.

Inside all  Options are clear and simple with huge space.  If you have the dedication to make money online I think keeping your website is the best option.

What to blog about (How to choose a blog topic):

For beginners, this part can be the easiest or tough to start your blog.

So, Let’s try to make it easy together.

At this stage, you have to consider the most important thing to choose the right niche which you can act yourself as an authority.

Often the biggest mistake new bloggers make in common blogosphere without trying to do something different.

I do research and select the best ways to find a topic for your new blog: consider the below tips before starting blogging.

1. Look at other blogs

2. Use Google

3. Search forums for common FAQs

4. Track current trends

5. Think about different types of content

6. Identify your interests and passions

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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic:

Congrats! your website is done, come up with a blog topic according to content writing is complete. Suppose you’ve published your very first posts on your blog.

Blog Traffic:

Now the bold question is – where are all the readers?

Indeed, You never expect people to magically find your blog and start reading what you have published. You have to promote by following a few steps to draw the attraction of your target readers.

Here I suggest (about every step do learn details) the best and easiest ways to get more readers for your blog:

  • Promote your blog on social media
  • Connect with other bloggers
  • Respond to news stories on your blog
  • Create viral content
  • How to make money from blogging

At this stage, you deserve a big congrats because you have already got your blog up and running,

Finally, you can start looking into ways to make a profit from it.

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You are enjoying blogging to earn money online by doing what you love. But you have to level up and find ways to make a lot of money online at a stable margin. So before dropping down, you must consider and know details on the below tips.

However, I select the below tips by own experiences and research which are the most important to earn money online in a wide range and keep it stable margin.

Surely, These are the best and easiest ways to make money online stable as a blogger. so, I need your full attention

  • Use affiliate marketing on your blog
  • Add banner adverts to your website
  • Write advertorials and sponsored content
  • The charge for sponsored social media posts
  • Write guest blog posts for media outlets
  • Work with an agency to build your blog
  • Sell digital products on your blog
  • Sell your blog’s newsletter space
  • Get employers’ attention as a blogger

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The Biggest Challenges When Monetizing a Blog:

In this part, it seems to like you are now a full-time blogger.  Directly or indirectly you expect to get revenue from your website. I know it is your concrete and achievable goal but you shouldn’t expect to make money straight away!

It is a wrong concept that many bloggers only make money from monetizing their blog each month and spend on their blogs for a while.

You should Make a plan by including all the possible options you have to monetize from your site.

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Maybe, you understand that Monetising a blog takes time and relies on you having some traffic and You have to look ahead with your blogging experience by adding all the new monetization strategies. Earning money of course it has priority but don’t think it is the main one. If the quality of your content is outstanding the higher revenue will be waiting for you.


Can you make money from blogging? As I have seen, the answer is mostly yes!

But how much money you can make from blogging is variable and I have always replied that’s the nature of monetizing a blog at the start. To earn handsome money from blogging you should think about multiple streams of income coming through different sources with different means.

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Best of luck.