How to Sell on Etsy-Making $300,000/yr.

It is not easy to sell your goods online. There was a time, You had to develop your own website for your business. Now, Things are changed.

Nowadays, there is a lot of eCommerce platforms that are specifically designed for your favor to sell your crafts and arts online with no hassle, Etsy is one of them.

You can bout your passion into a flourishing business with one of the greatest eCommerce platforms Etsy.

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Today, In brief, I am going to introduce someone (A mom’s story) who has a great success story On Etsy. There is some lesson for those who want to be successful on Etsy also. I memorize an awesome meeting with a home mom who describes her policy to become successful on Etsy. How does the hobby turn more than $300,000 business in a year?  In fact,  It’s increasing vastly.  

How To Make Money On Etsy?

Let’s try to increase our passive income on Etsy to read this post in an interview manner.

How Much Can You Make Money?

Last few years our income has more than $300,000 in revenue.


What Is Your Marketing Policy?

The marketing policy continuously updating, More new features are added. We try to figure it out on regular basis.

•   We focus on a few search tools that can help us to figure out exact keywords that clients find us easily on Etsy.

•   I have a specific amount of money for each day on Etsy’s promotion

•   A small amount spends on google ads/day

•   Rescheduling shop items to rank on top by searching  Etsy.

•   Discount offer during wide sales of Etsy

•   Continuously run our own promotion and discount offers often.

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Have Any Advice on Starting a Store on Etsy?

•  I advise just start! The sale you can make will be the best reward for you. You can get full leverage to have control over your life. This is quite not possible as traditional employees.

•  You don’t need to be 100% perfect from the first day. No matter, if you do have not the perfect image of your products and no optimized ranking listed products on search Etsy engines.

•  Even, you don’t try to become perfect. Put your effort every day to do something better. It can be a little bit. But make it your habit. Automatically, your destination will come to you.

•  What kind of products do you have or make a listing on Etsy. Feel better & confident in that field with your products.

•  If You have your own confidence with your products and you are passionate to increase your sales. Nothing can stop you.

•  Do not waste your time listening to gossip. There someone always gives you some negative comment. Ignore those lines and don’t make any impact on you for that useless advice.

•  You are as big as you dream. So be a big dreamer with your business.

•  There is no full stop for success. It is one of the constantly moving to destination.  You need to figure out the sales policy when the customer on a stormy mood when they are down to buy something. Reorganize your sales plan accordingly and hold your steer to control consumer satisfaction.

•  Some Good customers can give you reviews or comments or arise some issues. Take those carefully. you can realize about your present situation and what part you need to be improved on. 


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Do You Recommend Any Groups on Facebook?

Yap, Not sepecfically one! I do recommend especially those groups that are working for Moms stay at home. Actually, I am not a follower of so many different groups on Facebook. I have limited my time for others’ content. I prefer to make more own anneal rather than others.

In fact, I do like podcasts. I can put myself more in my work during listening to them.

I have a lot of current podcasts on my favorite list. I know, Everyone’s choice is different and you can find your motivation from anything. that’s important. Personally, I inspire and love to listen to podcasts during my work. Obviously, it is for some time.

Have Any Challenges to Selling Products on Etsy?

At first, you should know. There is no site that is completely perfect. Etsy has a tendency for sprinkling each seller move in simultaneously. For example. I am an Elsy shopper always but it is tough to say I got the same item, a service that is not available with other platforms.

What am I trying to say? Most of the time Consumers can’t realize That Etsy is a huge platform. There are so many shops and sellers. They have a lot of unique items, personal brands, their own manufacturers, and standard processes of each.  So, their capability is also different. If any shop responds to any consumer instantly. It does not represent the whole response processes are the same. It can verify one to another.

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I know most consumers realize that Etsy is one of the best marketplaces. So many people I have found loyal to shop only on Etsy. Those items are so rare on other platforms people look at those on Etsy. 

In the case of weeding, The consumer has demanded so many small things to match with one another. Each has a different choice. They are trying to make their image real. Only, the platform Etsy can make your want possible altogether. There is everything for your wedding dress you can’t manage anywhere else except Etsy.

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How Do You Manage Your Time With Your Work and Kids?

To be honest, I have no idea about the matter to balance work-life.  In real fact, I have no alternative choice that’s why I made my path my own way. I think there are so many similar stories you have found with working moms.

I am very desperate to run my business smoothly and update its service. So, I have to spend almost 12 hours on it. That’s is natural to me.

But, I always had my back up burner. Once your business is growing up professional helping hand need to be set up accordingly.  The requirement needs to be solid according to professional requirements.

When my children need so much attention, Then my business goes on the same track without my attention. I did put in a strictly professional manner to run my business. There is an important matter is scheduled. If any business follows their daily schedule with an individual. There is no problem spending your time with your friends, family or kids. For any family emergency, It can be managed with the following schedule. I don’t remember anything, due to my work I can’t attend my family matters, accusations or whatever that are missed.

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Final Thought:

When I have watched that interview. I was personally inspired to listen to the moms’ speech about her success. A mom who has younger kids, she had almost no scope, A few slow items on hand. But, How wisely the mom used the opportunity, included her hobby, and making business more than $ 300,000 now, the success story has so many noted points that are simple but motivational. Anyone can be inspired. With this post, I have just tried to describe a successful mom story on Etsy but behind that, I think, You have found so many things to increase your passive income.

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Thank You