How to Boost Your Income and Creative Ways to Make Money

During the pandemic, I was quite down from my jobs last year. I made my mind to find an alternative way to income. By anyhow I had to do it.

I am now 38 years. There was no one in my family except me to earn, My family was completely dependent on my earning source. I started to sell handmade products and other various daily needs products for local communities. I created a Facebook page to promote my various type of products.

I got orders mainly from my local communities, family, and friends through that Facebook page and I delivered the required products ownself as early as possible. I had no stuff but I was determined with my work.

I have used other platforms and made their deliveries and earned money as a commission charge.

Boost up your income

At that time, My weekly income was not bad. Soon, I had realized. I need a place for storage.

Later, I used my backward home place and made a warehouse. Basically, I found my maximum clients through another Facebook page to provide better facilities compared to others.

To be honest, I got support from my close people who love me. Using My friends and family links to grow up my client’s area as well. I lived in the city area with my wife and daughter. In that time, I did sell all kinds of stuff, second-hand products whatever a simple grip I took chance to boost up my income.


After that, I took my business one step ahead. Start by selling products in a wide range.

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In fact, I know that the are many people like me who need cash so badly.

At present. I know the people return back to their job. but still, it is too slow. A lot of people yet suffering from unemployment.

As per the surveys report, I have noticed that employment is still down across the world by more than 40%. I know. the world is slowly recovering but still, most of the people are under the bad impact due to the Covid’19 pandemic.

What should we do now?

We can’t wait until the end. We can’t depend only on the government. It will be silly thinking that they will come and solve our all problems at any cost because we selected them with the ballot.

We have to boost up our income ownself. Here’s my shared thought. I have discussed some realistic ways to consider the pandemic impact.

How To Build A Drop Shipping Business From Scratch

I do remind you that you are a potential person with some of the aspects. You have to use it to explore yourself and I tried to seek out the new scope on regular basis to boost up my income.

If you are determined and want to earn money. then, This article can be helpful for you also.

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You should try to win quickly:

I have mentioned at the very first in this article. I started to sell second-hand goods and other various daily needs products for local families through the Facebook page. Still, I think that Selling used items like baby items, all kinds of apparel products. which products that everyday needs of a family, consumer items and you can be part of others sales. I just mean to utilize your time without wasting time. This is how I measured to win quickly.

To generate your income quickly, At first, You have to find out your own interest and what kind of works suits you more or what kind of skills you have.

For example, if you like pets then, You need to consider pet sitting works and try to manage that kind of job around you.

If you love to sell any products then you can work on the product promotional tasks.

Suppose, If you are good at science or arts, Accordingly you can start to promote tutoring proposals around you.

Actually, I am trying to point out a look around you. Accordingly, What kind of work suits you more. Take the opportunity immediately and start doing.

If you have such capabilities, you can spread your service area in a wide range online. You can expand your gig by building your own website. Other than you can use various kinds of social platforms. you can use your business visiting cards and offer your expertise by using different channels. in this way, you can make a huge audience and boost up your service in a wide range.

Commission Hero

You can hire different kinds of paid experts and utilize their service for your audience.

Accordingly, You can start your business instantly whatever it is. it can be a small range but start now. If you do this by boosting up your comfort skills into action then you can earn cash quickly which I mean here “ Win quickly”

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Make more income at your work:

If you work and earn cash per hour basis. You may check out for looking if there are any additional scope to work more.

Let you remind. If you have qualified academic certifications then your job opportunities can be more cash paid for that.

Although. If you are an hourly worker check out to take the advantage of your extra qualifications.

I know a family friend who did to increase his teacher’s salary of his daughter’s coaching. I know the teacher personally. He also teaches in a grammar school and coaches sports for juniors to earn more money. He is trying to increase his income as per his skills at works in all possible ways. You can do it accordingly.

Make your mindset. Use your even little bit skills for any kind of scope you have found.

Now, Come to the point of Salaried employees. They may try to demand a raise. if they are overqualified and demandable with their working expertness. then it can be worked for sure.

I think that’s not enough for the salaried employees.

As an employee, you should research what is your present earning and position compared with your expertise area and working experiences.

PinCone Research

Then, you need to collect your all evidence about what you’ve achieved, your success milestone, rewards certification for the company, No matter whatever it is. It can be your sales milestone rewards, saving company costs, or boosting up your consumers or dealers.

When you request your superior to have a seat. before that, you should use all your credits over a WhatsApp video or mobile call. I mean share your conversation topic.

In that case, you should not use email although you can make an appointment at a convenient time.

Before meeting. Prepare yourself with practice. Point out what you have to talk about ahead in favor of you and you may attend the meeting with real points you need to offer.

So, you deserve the confidence in conversation. It will work almost in time.

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Land with a new job:

I think The best fact to increase your salary is to switch your job by taking a better offer.

Although, If you offered to increase your salary from your present company. You should not get hesitated.

I think you should leave and take on a new challenge.

More than that, You can be proposed for a promotional offer and get the desired increment,

Yet, I think you should look for a new way and leave.

In addition, you have to research your past and present all potential achievements.  You need to gather all evidence of your past achievements. Don’t scape any evidence of what can be needed later for your next target.

Then increase your networking and share your thoughts.

you can practice a mock interview with a close one for practice. It will build up your confidence level.

Nowadays, many companies hire remote workers. When you are focused on online job searches you should be mentally prepared to work anywhere in the world.

For each job, you need to reorder your resume, job description, point out bullets, and apply the exact keyword for the job is required.

supper Affiliate System

You should look for jobs in a wide range of industrial areas where are specific demands for workers. For example, logistics, safety, health, etc.

You need to be confident with your transferable expertness. I have observed that the main challenge of job seekers is not appropriate as they refer to in their resume.

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Find creative ways to boost your income:

This article is based on my personal experience of my life. I did mistakes but learned quickly. And got some fact what should I do. When I was writing this article I can’t leave my past experience and progressing present and philosophy.  Based on my struggle life, long period of Work experiences then I am recovering my financial stability.

Now I am going to share my thought on how do you living financially free is to get a handle on your finance. To make ends meet. I have observed that most people focus on cutting back on expenses.

But, in my last part of this article, I am going to tell you there is another way.

Yes, I do agree with you that cutting expenses will give you financial freedom but you can add more money to your bottom line that will allow you to maintain your current lifestyle even better than the present.

So, you need to point out to do something enjoyable and along with 9-5 jobs for a bit of extra cash.

inbox pays

You know, it is a no-brainer issue also has a win-win situation.

You may find so many ways to be creative whilst that suits you for adding to the money bag.

These are some of the best that I have pointed out. It’s up to you to check out which matter suits you more. If suits then, don’t waste your time to jump on the action.

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Have a look at my selected creative list:

·        Rent out a room

·        Become a secret shopper

·        Get paid to listen

·        Give your opinion

·        Become a field agent

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Best of luck