How to Make Money Writing As a Freelance Writer

Yap! This is one of the desired asking almost every person is curious and thinks about to start writing as a freelancer.

I follow a lot of writers. They have taken freelance writing as a full-time job. I am almost like them. Actually, this is one kind of passion to write.

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More than that, They are living for writing that makes passive income. In fact, I didn’t find any obstacle in looking for clients. In addition, They have a lot of alternative options and opportunities to write.

I have noticed. They have made enough money for living their life without any struggle.

On the other side. I also noticed. Some freelance writers are always struggling to earn some money online. Although, they can’t make enough money online.  They are looking for the idea to avoid a crappy online trap Because they have already wasted some valuable effort without any result.

How to Make Money Writing As a Freelance Writer

However, I just share my observation. in fact, I always myself away from crappy matters online.  Also, I am not struggling to make my handsome payment.

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Do you want to know How? If you really curious to learn how to earn well enough?

Maybe, you are talented.

Also, You have quite well structured in your writing style. But it is not well enough.


Ultimately, End of the day as a freelance writer, You have to ensure your payment.

So, It’s too important where I do submit my article or How can I promote my writing skills with the target audience.

Although, Your talented writing skills can be crappy without having that kind of knowledge

So, you have to know the actual writing sites where you get paid well enough for your writing skill And, enjoy your freelancer living life.

Also, In my article, I am introducing a few websites. You can be requested approval and submit your writing to boost up your income.

There are a few bad habits of some freelance writers, They are showing enough curiosity but can’t try enough with their writing skills.

More than that, I have often received a few frequent questions from freelance writers.

•             Can I earn money quickly on Pinterest?

•             Virtual Assistant work is good for me?

•             How to make at least $200/day?

•             Can I start my business for passive income?

To be honest, the above-listed asking has some opportunities to make money fast. But it is not quite enough to express your interest only.  Unless you make yourself determined and take action practically according to your best skills.

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All, We Are Bad Writers:

We are born with empty skills. We can’t think, Even, We aren’t able to look on straight. We are totally helpless to move arms. Legs nothing we can do with our own. We need help from others especially, Our parents to grow up.

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In fact, We Just have a little inducement in mind and impulsion to know others about our helpless situation.

We took more than a year to walk and learn a few words.

Yes, I know. that some people have natural writing skills. But in our starting point, We were nothing, clucking, and shade with slime layer.

We start with bad writing but being bad is temporary. We should improve.

As human beings, it’s our god-gifted quality. If you are determined to be better. then, It is not tough to produce better writing.

In fact, Just be committed and need a little bit of effort.

You have to focus on two facts to start

1. Write what you think

2. Read the good writes.

Every day, do something on practice with those 2 matters. You will be ahead of others who only spend time to think how to be a good freelance writer? ultimately, they are always in bad writing as a freelancer.

Commission Hero

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Don’t in Race to Be the Best:

You should be a polished, decent writer on a specific subject to be successful as a freelance writer. But it’s not so important to be the best writer. You need to be structured, Just be well enough to deliver your thinking to the readers.

It will be quite good to start your writing. And if you are on practicing two main facts that I referred to above.  More, It will be a lot for you later.

Additionally, You can focus on your clients’ expectations and write accordingly what the editor’s needs. For sure, your skill will boost up quickly.

What do I mean well enough to write something?

•   You are able to write a full sentence that delivers original sense according to your thought.

•   You are an informative writer and seem to write naturally.

•    You can deliver your writing in organizing ways.

Something is counted as a bonus like grammar, phrase using, better word selection, simply delivering, easy speaking that will enough.

Don’t worry about any weakness. However, It will be updated day by day while writing.  In fact, Just keep writing.

PinCone Research

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Don’t Make an Excuse:

Oh! I am not well enough to write. In fact, I do have not enough audience to evaluate my writing skills. I am not telling rightly what I am thinking. Surely, That’s kind of sense to make you demotivate to be a freelance writer. Your freelance writing career can be fully stopped.  Because you are making excuses about your writing skills.

In that situation what can you do? You should rethink on the opposite side like, why I am not well enough? Mark the weak point and try to minimize your errors by practice. Have you done anything to solve your weakness? Let you inform, We are all weak but we have to develop ourselves by practice.

•    Do you attend any course or tutorial that help your writing skill?

•    Are you writing in a journal or in a casual blog for practice?

•    Are you thinking about how to solve your challenge ahead?

If you still wish insidely to be a writer. But you down yourself before starting anything. Then you are creating the cause to make yourself foolish. More, You make excuse. Because you are frightened. Don’t be scared. In fact, You have the ability. Millions of people had the same problem. They solved it out. Also, it’s possible for you.

Just, You have to do something in practical activeness.

supper Affiliate System

Here I am referring to the 10 best platform lists that you can send your Content writing and get paid well enough.

1.   Write And Earn

2.    Dame Magazine

3.     Forbes

4.     Eating Well

5.     Saveur

6.     Constant Content

7.     Writers Access

8.      Pay Per Content

9.      Money Pantry

10.     Writing Jobz

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How to Boost up Your Income as a Freelance Writer:

If you read my article up to this stage. then, I think you are determined to be a freelance writer. So, it will be great to write start from today. If you have some good skills while writing, then you can start money automatically. More than that, As a freelancer, if you start earning money online with unique ideas.

Although, You can be dramatically boosted up your income. On average, I have found so many freelance writers’ incomes of $2000/month. But I have known a few influencers that are earning at least $5000/month. You can do that as well. Your writing skills in your hand that I detail discussed in the earlier part of this Article.

inbox pays

Final Thought:

Above, I listed all websites where you can boost up your income as a successful freelance writer.  In this article,  I have given you 3 basic tips that where you need to be focused. I wish your journey will be in-demand online as a freelance writer. I also suggest, keep in practice above mentioned 3 theories that you turn to be as an influencer in the freelance writing world. Then, it is a matter of time to become a top-paid writer. 

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Best of luck