How to Make Money Online $1000/Month Taking Paid Surveys

Easy Way To Earn Money Online For Free By Taking Paid Surveys Guide For Beginners

Are you ever thinking that you can make money online by getting paid to be part of easy online surveys?

Nowadays, the policy is transformed into new formate. There are many companies across the world that are spending millions of dollars to know customers’ real feedback before launching products or services.

If you share your opinions, Then online survey sites get paid for your feedback. 

What kind of methods do survey sites make payment for you?

In general, the market research company sends you a bundle of the question list.

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It can be about their products, services, or whatever else. If you receive the questionnaire, Then, You should fill it out genuinely, and in return, your feedback ensures your cash.

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Best Paid Survey Sites: Atleast 1000$/Month

What about you? Do you think that making money online through surveys, Is the most attractive way?

Personally, I don’t think so.

But to be honest. I know that it is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

So, You can prefer to do this when you have some relaxation.

For example, You are with your friend and spend some casual time. Then, you can take your smartphone in hand, login, have a look at the asking questions, and get some feedback.

I mentioned that kind of example to mean that is really simple and flexible.

Then, Logically, comes the next question.

Is that not possible to make a full-time income source by taking paid surveys?

Please, don’t misunderstand my flexible approach. 

It is definitely possible to make a smart amount end of the month ( At least $1000 ) by getting a little bit more time and effort.

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Left behind other things, Even if you just want to take a few surveys through some realistic sites.

Although you can make yourself a smart total of cash in every month.

I am dam sure about it.

Do you know? Each day companies spent huge money just trying to know what you are thinking.

They are applying all possible ways to understand how you think and shop. Why do you purchase certain products?

I am discovering the best paid online survey sites at least you can make money $1000/month easily.

Let’s Drive to Discover the Best Survey Sites:

Here is my article. So, don’t waste your time on underrated survey sites that won’t do much for you.


Yes, I select this platform at the very first.  Considering that LifePoints is such a kind of online survey platform that has huge younger members and unique reward systems that is very helpful.

It’s based on market research platforms that reward panelists for providing important feedback. I am sure that you definitely won’t lose any money through life points and You won’t lose much time, either.

Here,  I like most that pretty much all of surveys option less than 10 minutes to complete.

Also,  Let me inform you that you can add yourself to the LifePoints platform to create a free account. There are huge followers, members, across the world. The site helps you to make money online by participating and completing various kinds of surveys.


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I am getting surprised to find the statistic reports of life points that they are going on high generate source of income for their members. I have found surprisingly high trends and becoming more popular day by day.

More than that, I like more than easy, member friendly, and different kinds of options to redeem your point to cash.

Then, You can prefer alternative so many options to use your points.

Sign up here to Join

2. Survey Voices:

It’s free to sign up and you’ll be instantly connected to many popular survey sites through Survey Voices. 

But, You should keep in mind,  As a paid survey aggregator, you need to keep track of your rewards across different sites.

It might take a little longer to cash out.

inbox pays

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on the other side,  If you want many different paid survey opportunities,

through a single survey platform then, Survey Voices might be right for you.

More, I have found a lucrative offer.  You can earn 100 points only for creating your account and get additional points for each survey you take.

If You Once reach 1,000 points, Then you can redeem those for gift cards or for cash via PayPal or direct deposit.

Sign up here to join

3. OnePoll:

If you are looking for a good review survey site with good cash then, You can take a part in a survey through OnePoll. 

It suits you more when you are bored of lengthy surveys than OnePoll offers short and sweet surveys.

I have found that sometimes there are even one-question surveys to make you earn extra cash quickly.

Generally, the OnePoll payout offers good money for each survey and you can receive cash via cheque, Paypal, or BACS.

Let you know, The payments take up to 28 days after requesting a withdrawal from your side.

More than that  OnePoll has some brilliant bonus offers.

Sign up here to join

 4. I-Say:

If are you interested to take market researched base online surveys then, I suggest that you should select i-Say because I-Say is a renowned market research firm all over the world.

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Generally, In I-Say, you can make your points and use various novel purposes. or you can receive cash as well. More than that, I-Say offers four interesting possibilities for redemption to reach certain points that’s 1. Starbucks 2. 3-day option’s gift card 3. Amazon and 4. Walmart.

More, Here is an interesting method that the value of each point changes as per the gift value selected by you.

Sign up here to join

5. Opinion Outpost:

There is a unique facility that you create your account here, then, you will be shown everything with all options on your screen.

More, It’s user-friendly and easy to use for anyone.

Also,  if you need to find out all surveys status, then you can easily check out the survey-related details information you have.

opinion in survey

Here you’ll find a lot of options for different kinds of surveys. You may prefer an easy one which suits you more.

But, You can find a specific period to finish your survey. You may also find ways to increase your survey times to make money online.

Are you prefer to withdraw money? Here are a lot of options as like other platforms you can take any option that you like.

Sign up here to join

6. Survey Junkie:

I have found so many positive reviews.  This online survey platform pays users for sharing their opinions and You can earn a large number of points for each survey by sharing your opinion only.

But, If you want to cash out then you have to earn at least 500 points.

More than that, Compared among other surveys site. I have found some user-friendly offers and options that you can earn extra money working from home.

You can receive your cash payment through  PayPal, bank account, or get rewards with electronic gift cards.

Sign up here to join

7. Toluna:

It’s a global community of millions of Influencers sharing their insights about products and services.  this platform of  Surveys is the best way to earn quick points. The majority of Toluna surveys pay 1,000–2,000 points and take between five to 20 minutes only.

Also, The sponsored polls give you a few points that add up.

You get points for each of your topics, depending on how many replies you have received. More than that, You can earn in various ways like Surveys, polls, games, contests, referrals, etc.

You may find here different types of gift cards, as well as the option to cash out via PayPal or a physical check.

Sign up here to join

8. Inbox Dollars:

If you love to watch videos, play games, or search websites, then, This site may be more suit for you.

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Here, Everbody creates accounts for free and can boost up anyone’s income in their spare time on enjoyable surveys offered by this site.

There is an option to check out your sum of earnings if you participate in the survey.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to know your estimated income comparing your time and choice. So you can decide to be a part of it or not.

As with other survey platforms, There is also almost the same payment method but options are more available choices.

So, You can use gift points, visa cards, bank account, physical check, etc. 

Generally, a Physical check receives between three to ten days.

Sign up here to join

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Last Thoughts:

The above mentioned on my list. I have pointed out that these are international some points of view the best survey sites as I think. 

They are trustable, popular, and have good reviews.

So, I think that you can use those survey sites to make money online working from everywhere.

But, all survey companies have different policies and ideologies.

that’s why you need to be sure to choose carefully by considering your comfort zone.

Is that are favorable to you ? and that is worth your time.

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Best of Luck