How to make money correcting grammar errors 3000/month

Are you a grammar Nazi? Do you hate to see grammatical mistakes and typos? While reading a news, article or blog, can you catch the errors and make it betterer and more transparent?

If all these questions are relevant for you, then here is a proper guideline on how to make money correcting grammatical errors 3000/month. 

You must be wondering, by sitting at home and proofreading, how can you make $3000/month? Well, there is nothing to wonder! People are making a lot more than that, and trust me; I am not lying.

Proofreading is not only for fixing grammatical mistakes and typos, but it also works to make the content engaging and improve unclear information.

So, let’s discover how to make $3000/month by fixing grammatical errors! Shall we?

Is skill everything to land a proofreading job?

Besides being skillful, you may also need a degree, or you may need to take courses and get certification to get a well-paying proofreading job. On the other hand, try your level best to get into an internship program, which helps you gain some professional experience.

What degree does a proofreading job require?

Some companies (which offers a high paid salary) require a degree in English or Journalism. However, even if you do not have a degree, don’t worry! Taking courses and getting a certification can help you as well.

 Where can you find proofreading courses?

The art of proofreading and proofread anywhere are the two most famous courses when it comes to proofreading courses. Taking one of these courses is enough to start your freelancing journey.

However, there are platforms like Udemy available where you’ll also get some courses on proofreading.

Will you be able to earn $100/day?

Well, it entirely depends on your skill, experience, level of work, reviews, and flexibility.

A beginner with no experience earns around $5-15 (depending on the work quality) & a higher-end proofreader charges up to $50 on an hourly basis.

For now, we would say, set your target to become an intermediate level proofreader. Do courses, go for an internship (even if it’s unpaid), work under professional proofreaders, and then you’ll be an intermediate level proofreader.

Why should you become an intermediate level proofreader?

 It is because an intermediate-level proofreader charges $20-25 for an hour, which means if you work for 4-5 hours a day, you’ll make $100/day and $3000/month by fixing grammatical errors.

How to make a portfolio?

Before moving to where you will get a proofreading job, there is something more important to discuss: building a portfolio. Can you proofread or not? How will you prove it?

Well, it is simple! Get a copy full of mistakes and fix it with your talent and hard work; once it’s done, showcase it as your sample

Your portfolio is a combination of your work sample, reviews, experience, and service details. Now, when you apply somewhere for a proofreading job, you have to attach your portfolio there.

Well, you can create samples and write your service details, but what about experience and reviews? Now, for experience and reviews, you may have to work for free.

Seek for an internship (even if it’s unpaid), work under a professional proofreader or editor, and you can also work for bloggers for free review and recommendation.

It seems like now you are ready to move into the proofreading job section. So, let’s jump into it.

12-Minute Affiliate

Where will you find proofreading jobs?

Well, there are several (maybe hundreds of) websites available where you’ll get proofreading jobs. However, in this article, we have listed the five best platforms to land proofreading jobs faster. So, here’s the following list-


Upwork is one of the biggest marketplaces to get work for freelancers. There are so many proofreading jobs available that will quickly help you to make $100/day.

There are several tests available that’ll help you to verify you as a proofreader. You can set your preferred hourly rate as well. To land a job or project, you have to bid on that project, and if the contractor likes your proposal, then s/he’ll hire you right away.

The only thing that we don’t like about Upwork is its charging pattern. To know more, visit Upwork.


Fiverr is like an online shop where you’ll join and start creating your product, aka gig. Once you have made your gig, now if it is good enough, you’ll get clients, and the more people order your gig, the more you earn. You can set your preferred price as well.

The only thing that I don’t like is, Fiverr cuts 20% of whatever you earn. Suppose you sold a gig for $50; they will cut $10 and give you $40.

However, for starting, it’s still the right way.

Polished Paper

Do you want to work with the finest proofreaders under a famous proofreading agency? If yes, then Polished Paper can be your destination.

However, getting into Polished Paper isn’t easy. Besides filling the form, you also need to solve 35 questions extremely difficult and can be solved by good and professional proofreaders only.

That’s why, once you gather some experience and exceptionally skilled, don’t forget to apply over here.

American Journal Experts

American Journal Experts, it’s a great way to start your proofreading career. In this company, you will get work on a first-come-first-served basis.

In this company, beginners charges around $11 for an hour, and intermediate and experts charges up to $25 for an hour.

For starting, it’s a great platform!

Writing Jobz

Writing jobz is an excellent marketplace for proofreaders as there is all sort of proofreading jobs available (such as proofreading blogs, articles, books, academical copy, and so on).

For proofreading every page, writing jobz pays $11.  Writing Jobz is perfect for making money $3000/month online by fixing grammatical errors.


Proofreading is an excellent career if you have a good grip on grammar and a sharp eye to catch mistakes faster. If you are skilled enough, then you’ll be able to earn $3000/month easily.

In the end, we hope, now you know how to make money correcting grammar errors $3000/month. Also, we believe very soon, and you’ll be able to make money $3000/month by fixing grammar errors.

Happy Proofreading. ?