How to make $5000/month working remotely

5000$ every month, is it enough for comfortable living? Well, for a comfortable and tension-free lifestyle, $5000 is enough, and everyone wants to make that. That’s why, in this article, we’ll help you to learn how to make $5000/month working remotely.

However, earning it is not an easy task. To make $5000 a month, you have to keep patience and continue hard work consistency. As you are working remotely, you have to face the problem with concentration, or you start procrastinating.

This article will let you know about five business models that you can start from anywhere. Now, let’s move forward and let’s see how you can make $5000/month by working remotely.

How to make $5000/month working remotely

There are several ways to earn $5000/month or more than that, but all business and profession require time and consistency of work. If you stay committed and consistently learn and try to improve your business, then very soon (maybe within a year), you’ll be able to make $5000 a month remotely from anywhere around the world.

Without further ado, let’s move to the following list-


Dropshipping is a million-dollar business model. Thousands of marketers available are making a living out of here, then why can’t you?

This business model is simple! Source product within the low price and sell it at your desired price. So, how does this business model works? Well, here is a valid idea that you can follow-


At first, decide the products you want for the sale (do some market research), then find those or similar products on AliExpress and make sure they can deliver in your preferred location. If all is set, and you have made a financial plan, now move ahead.

Create a website or a Shopify store and fulfill your online store with all the chosen products. Make sure you are using stunning images, videos and making the description attractive as well.

Now do some marketing. Once you receive an order, go to AliExpress, place the order, and sent it directly to your customers’ address.

It’s a great business model. About earning? Suppose on selling each product. You are making a profit of $20 per sale then on the 250th sale. You are having 5000 of profit in your pocket.

Amazon Affiliation

When it comes to passive income, this is what we recommend. To amazon affiliation, you need to have a website or a YouTube channel or social media accounts with a good following.

Now, you have to learn SEO and find a good keyword that you can rank. Now write content or video or outsource it, and after publishing the content, do some SEO.

For video, you have to rank the videos on video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, and so on! If you are using social media accounts, you can use referral links on your post.

Now, apply for the amazon associate program and show your platform, and once it gets approval, you are now ready to earn. You’ll use the referral link of products on your website that you’ll get from Amazon.

Now, whenever a visitor clicks on your link that sends them on Amazon and in the next 24 hours whatever they purchase, you’ll receive a commission.

It’s a great business model. If you can make a successful website, YouTube channel, and other social media accounts, then you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars every month remotely.

Online course selling

When it comes to online courses, there are courses available on almost everything. So, if you are good at something (for example, photography, marketing, musical instrument, etc.), you can do a course on it and sell it online.

There are several courses selling platforms available online, like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, etc. If your course is useful and gets public attention, then you’ll be able to make hundreds of thousands with the help of it.

By selling courses online, people are making $100,000 a month, and more then why can’t you make $5000/month?


Freelancing can be a gold mine if you have the prior skill, experience, and quality. A good graphic designer can easily make $5000+ a month as they charge more than an average designer.

For example, elite and expert level writer charges $1 per word, which means $1000 for a thousand words. They are easily making $10,000+ every month.

Expert virtual assistants are also making thousands of bucks every month. For example, a talented virtual assistant charges $50-100 per hour, which means that if they work for 50-100 hours a month, they can easily make $5000 online.

Proofreading Business

If you are good with editing, fixing grammatical and formational errors, and typos, starting this business can easily make $5000.

Bloggers, magazines, newspapers, and publishers are consistently looking for a good proofreader, and they pay a good amount of money.

However, this profession requires a degree or at least one or more degree in proofreading. So, you don’t have a degree in English or Journalism, then take one or a few more courses and get the certification, which will help you land your first job.

Being a proofreader can help you to earn $5000/month remotely. These are the five business models that can help you make $5000/month remotely.


We hope now you have some constructive ideas about how to make $5000/month remotely. If you have then what you are waiting for, start a business and stick to it until you start making $5000/mo.

All these business models can make you a lot more than $5000, but as it is your milestone, stick to it, and once you achieve it, target something more significant than this. Keep growing!