How to make $50/day taking paid surveys

When it comes to earning online without too much hard work, paid surveys are something that everyone prefers. However, some people are making a living with the help of taking paid surveys.

 So, why can’t you? In this article, we will teach you how to make 50$/day by taking paid surveys. The question evolves that, how can you make $50/Day by taking paid surveys?

As the answer, we have made a list of the 8 best websites that pay for taking surveys. However, every site has a limit for individuals; that means you cannot do unlimited surveys. That’s why we recommend you join as many sites as possible.

Best 8 survey sites that pay

For those waiting to find out how to make $50/day by taking paid surveys, here is a list of 8 survey sites that pay. No scam, no cheat, you get straightly paid for your opinion.

Here is the following list-

Survey Junkie

When it comes to the paid survey, survey junkie is a fantastic platform. You’ll share your opinion on this site after building your profile on threads that match your interest. Your survey, aka opinion, will help brands and developers to create the best product for us.

Now, how will you earn? Once you start answering and sharing, you’ll get points, which you need to redeem once you have 1000 points.

For a clear idea of money, for every 100 points, you’ll get 1 US Dollar, and once you have 10$, you can withdraw it on your PayPal or get some e-gift card.

Survey Junkie is a reliable source from where you can easily earn, and you’ll get paid once you have 1000 points.


When it comes to the most reliable paid survey site, Swagbucks is the name that comes to everyone’s mind. It’ll give you a great start with $5 as a signup bonus.

Without sharing your opinion and answering questions, Swagbucks also pays for online purchasing, searching on the web, watching videos, playing games, and so on!

Swagbucks has SB, and for each survey, they pay 30-150 SB points. Just to let you know, 100 SB points is equal to 1 US Dollar. You can get paid through gift cards or over PayPal. You can withdraw once you have 100 SB.

Swagbucks something that you should visit, and by signing up now, you’ll get a $5 instant bonus as well.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the toughest to get invited survey site. However, if you can get in, it well worth it because of its highest pay rate (€3 per survey).

Once you complete one survey, Pinecone Research will pay you €3, which you can withdraw any time without waiting for fulfilling the threshold.

There is no guarantee that you will get into Pinecone Research, but you should still try once. If your luck is in your favor, you will make $50/day by paid surveying.

Inbox Dollars

One of the renowned survey platforms is Inbox Dollars. Besides surveys, you will also get paid for small tasks like playing games, online purchases, watching videos, and so on!

The minimum payout per survey is 0.50$, and the highest payout is $10. Can you imagine getting paid $10 for a survey of 10 minutes?

Even they provide a signup bonus and provide updates over mail about new surveys to not miss any opportunity to make money!


In the paid surveying industry, PrizeRebel is mostly known for low payout and quick payment processes. In PrizeRebel, they pay around 0.50€ to €20, and you can redeem it once you have 200 points.

For every 100 points, you will get 1€. It’s a great platform. If you stay focused and keep surveying with determination, you will make $50/day or $1500 a month.


Cashcrate is a great site that pays a decent amount of money. Another fascinating thing is, you’ll be making money directly from the Cashcrate.

The surveys are low time-consuming, and you can earn up to $3 per payment, and once you have $20 in your account, you can withdraw it. Cashcrate pay through traditional paper cheques, which takes around two weeks to arrive in your home.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is well-known for offering the best surveys of the market. Some of their surveys offer up to $50, and it’s the best price indeed.

Besides surveying, you can do other small tasks like reading email or watching the video to earn from this site.

For earning $50/day from paid surveys, this site is highly recommended.


Toluna is a well-known paid survey site. From this site, you can get paid through PayPal or gift vouchers from Amazon and other platforms.

You can earn up to 50,000 points for the per survey, and 5,500 is equal to €1. Once you have points equal to €35, you can withdraw them. Otherwise, you have to get vouchers. The lowest value of a gift card costs 27,000 points.

It’s a highly recommended platform to earn quick bucks.


Surveys are a great way to earn some quicks bucks in your leisure time, and this is the easiest way to earn online. However, making $50/day by doing paid surveys, it’s not an impossible task.

We hope, now you know, How to make $50/Day by taking paid surveys. If you join all the surveying platform we mentioned and works dedicatedly, then you’ll be able to earn a lot more than $50/day.