How To Make $1000 A Month Just Pinning

Have you learned about the online company that helps people to earn money without publishing a single blog post?

Affiliate marketing is a much less difficult way to get started in the blogging world and will help you diversify your income into other revenue streams, such as paid posts.

Commission Hero

If you are a person who loves scrolling through boards on Pinterest to find new ideas, you might have noticed this. Logically, affiliates must be a large portion of the income that many bloggers’ drive.

What is the selling of affiliates?

It appears to be a new and trendy way to make income online, but indeed for decades. Any seller making a “cut” or commission to sell a product is an affiliate of the product in a sense.

The affiliate acts essentially as the agent or representative of the product or company it sells. Please refer to tour operators, insurance vendors, or direct sellers of MLM.

How do you use Pinterest to share your things?

In contrast with having a blog, Pinterest has (as of November 10, 2013) permitted presents on appending explicit accomplice associations with their posts.

Additionally, you can develop effective potential customers not only on sites such as Pinterest but also on other search engines. It is for free. That form of marketing is right up my alley.

You’ve probably unknowingly searched for an item on BuzzFeed or in Etsy, both of which offer affiliate links, causing you to purchase without knowing it.

Is advertising the e-book useful on Pinterest?

As for me, I find e-books to be a perfect way to build affiliate content on Pinterest as the e-book author also has a landing page that “sells” the product after the pin has been clicked on.

Unless you have taken some training or have purchased some e-books, try to see if there is a partnership scheme that you may be affiliated with to advertise the other goods or services.

Can you use Amazon Associates (also known as the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program) on Pinterest?

On Pinterest, some people believe that you cannot use Amazon links when pinning things from other websites, but it is permissible. Several sources state that it is okay to add Pinterest to your Amazon profile, just as long as you put it near “Website links” and “Mobile app links.”

I see Amazon affiliate pins every time I go to Pinterest. However, I don’t use them because some people may have been hurt in this whole Amazon affiliate program scandal.

For me, it is just not worth having my associate account stolen for the benefit of occasionally making a few sales. But the 24-hour cookie is way too short on Amazon to be worth it.

Phase BY Step Process to make money from affiliate ads on Pinterest

Create an account with Pinterest

You need a Pinterest account first and foremost! If you already have a Pinterest personal account, begin by doing so. To do this, you do not require a specific account. It’s a bonus if you have an already developed account, even if it’s only a few fans.

You will only notice a few added functions, including simple facts and analysis for the Pinterest company account. To get a bank account don’t have to be a corporation or even an author.

Register with alliance services

Now that you have a profile on Pinterest, you have to find amazing things to pin, from businesses that pay!

All corporations offer fees to affiliates. There are several businesses. Most of a major store, one might imagine a business program of its own.

You will build affiliate ties through MagicLinks to items in categories from art and handicrafts to apparel, livestock, and animals, marriages, books, and food.

If that’s the only way of marketing, you need to enter MagicLinks with at least 100 Pinterest followers and a successful account (regular postings!). Many that are new to Pinterest will focus on creating your profile first.

Begin to pin your goods

Alright, you have configured and entered a few partner services in the Pinterest profile. The next move is to pin the product pictures which you want Pinterest to support!

The picture can be used from the retail homepage directly, or you can render nice pins with text extensions and other effects using a free image editor like canvas. Make sure your exclusive affiliate connection is the link connected with your pin.

That’s significant! If someone buys the stuff you have pinned, you won’t get charged without it.

For each pin, write a nice summary.

There is room to include a summary while inserting a new pin. Here you compose a true and comprehensive product overview.

Pinterest is a search site, and please note. Using several ‘main phrases’ – words of the sort you are looking for. This will allow others, even if they are not following you, to find their pin.

You will find the keywords of Pinterest by taking care of the proposed search terms, which fall when you start typing the ideas search box.

Lots of pins!

Pinterest likes multiple pin users! They like it, especially when you pin famous pins again.

Retaining the famous pins of other people keeps your profile young, and it lets you feel like a spammer.

It also ensures that the feeds of other users are seen more often via Pinterest.


The entire process is completely free. Anybody can start to make money on Pinterest by just starting to use these steps.

Growth can be manually tracked throughout the day but requires remembering to pin several times during the day.


You’ve got it there! This is how you would earn any money using Pinterest. Some of them are quite basic, like affiliate marketing, while others need a little more time expertise.

Yet I hope there’s enough for everybody. Anyone will find a way to make money with Pinterest, no matter your background, where you work, what kind of skills you have. It offers us the freedom to try to do whatever we want. The possibility is infinite.