How to Legally Get $2000 Free Money

Have you ever heard Of transcription jobs?

This job is the best and legal online work you can do to make $2000 per month for sure.

At first, you must know about this job. It’s an online job you can do from your home.

A transcriber’s work is to listen to audios files given by a contracted company and record everything he listens in a typing format on a computer.

Sometimes the company provides videos to bur your job will be the same as before, recording them in typing format.

Feel great because if you are looking for transcription jobs, you came right into the perfect place.

We have written How to Legally Get $2000 Free Money so that anyone can find a company to work for, no matter a beginner or veteran transcriber.

We will suggest to you some legit companies who will give you a job but before we get to know about those companies.

Let us review some important aspects one should know of a transcriptionist.

How to Legally Get $2000 Free Money By Doing Transcription Job

Becoming a transcriber will need some training.

You must learn some tricks and skills. After undergoing the training and finishing it, you will produce work, like verbatim and non-verbatim.

How To Become A Transcriptionist From Home?

What you have to learn about these two is when you should use one of them.

The following things are essential for becoming a successful transcriber.

  • Some good training
  • Noise-canceling Headset because you must capture every single word from the video or audio files
  • Stable and Speedy Internet Connection
  • Computer Skills (basic will be enough)
  • Express Scribe Pro software to make your job easier

If you have all the mentioned things above, you will pass any test the company takes before accepting workers.

How to Legally Get $2000 Free Money

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How Much Money Can A Transcriber Make Online?

Payment always varies depending on what project you are working on or in which company you are working.

But the transcribers who work from home are usually paid depending on the duration of the audio or video files given.

So it’s not a fact that how long you take to finish the work; rather, it is up to the audio file’s duration.

For making much money on this platform, one has to improve both speeds along with quality simultaneously.

Mostly transcription projects pay the workers $14-$30 on average.

The payment is counted for each hour you take in working. Only 2-3 hours of work daily can bring you $2000 at the end of the month simply.

We hope you can understand you can earn even more by working longer times.

We are done talking about some serious topics, and now the time has come to introduce you to some amazing companies you can choose to work with as a transcriber.

Read about all the companies and make a final decision today for starting your career as a transcriber.

How to Legally Get $2000 Free Money

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Scribie is so awesome that most gigs pay from $5 to $25 for each hour.

This site is beginner-friendly. You may think the payment is a bit low, but trusting us will help you increase your skills.

The process to join them is simple, sign up and keep waiting on their page until you get a confirmation email from them.

When you successfully get selected, you then face a transaction test.

Complete your test and submit it. Scribe will pay you for partaking in the test too.

Wait till they approve your account and make sure to verify your PayPal account, or else you will not get work.

Rev Transcription

If you are looking for a transcription company to work with, which is favorable for both the newbies and experienced, Rev Transcription would be a perfect choice.

There you will receive audio files related to academy, business, and human resources.

The best part is they pay everyone weekly. You need to have an account on PayPal to receive the weekly payment.

Most gigs there pays between $8-$18 per hour.

The joining process is the same as before, sign up and give a test wait at least 2 days for being accepted.


It’s okay if you don’t have prior experience because GoTrans are beginner-friendly.

Most of their gigs pay an attractive amount; for example, some projects can pay $45 per hour.

Either make an account on Payoneer or PayPal to receive your salary.

The good thing we liked about them most is if someone fails in the test, that person is given a second chance right after few days.

How to Legally Get $2000 Free Money

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This company gives people a chance to work with them from anywhere in the world. Their most audio files are on interviews.

It means it will be better to prepare yourself to transcribe two parties’ audios before joining them.

The sing up process is simple and takes at most 5 minutes.

But this time, you don’t give just one test but many. The tests will be going through are on grammar and transcription.

The payment you will get every week.

The only problem with this company is the payment is very low. You get paid between $0.25-$1, depending on what project you are doing.

Although you can get a bonus too if the clients you work with the rate you high.

AccuTran Global

This legit company hires workers from across the globe, and their transcribing audio files involves all legal things.

They pay different because you will be paid not hourly but based on the words you record.

A beginner who does simple works gets $0.005 per word while the experienced ones get $0.066 per word.

The good news is to join them; you don’t have to go through any tests.

All you need to do is sign up and wait for the confirmation email about joining.


CastingWords is great because their audio files are short. To get started, you have to create an account on their page, and they take tests sometimes don’t.

So, it’s not sure if you get to face a test or not.

When you successfully joined them choose as many words as possible because works are always available on the work board.

You get paid per minute from $0.085-$1, and your earnings will depend upon the level you are on.

You get paid every week through your PayPal account. CastingWord is a great platform to start up your transcription career.

How to Legally Get $2000 Free Money

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TranscribeMe makes everything easy to join them, even the test. No previous experience is required to work with them.

After signing up, they take one test, which is not tough but still, if you fail the test, there is an option for a retake, which you can ask for after few days.

The earning potential is $15-$25 per hour.

The audio durations are mostly 10 minutes long. A PayPal account is needed to cash out your money.

We like it the most because they allow their workers to withdraw money right after hitting 10 dollars.

GMR Transcription

For the entry levels or professional level, both are welcomed to work with GMR Transcription.

For beginners, this site will surely suit you. Singing up and then going through a test is all the process to go through.

But there is one requirement: you have to work every week only and for four hours. An average quality transcriptionist is paid $300 per month.

We think this could be the easiest way to make money online because you only need to work on weekends and for four hours only.

Please hurry up to join them and to not miss the easy peasy chance of earning from home.


This company’s main requirement is to be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States.

There are different categorized projects available means you will find varieties in your work.

The other requirement has a very good typing speed along with great skill in listening. They don’t pay depending on time but on lines.

For each line, you will get $0.03-$0.04, which is quite low but is not bad as a starting rate.

After signing up, you will be tested with an audio file of 15 minutes with Express Scribe’s help.

How to Legally Get $2000 Free Money

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We recommend it to those who already have experience working as a transcriber for at least one year.

You will be paid bi-monthly and per word.

Each word’s rate is rated between $0.05-$0.06, and the final earning you make is paid through direct deposit.

Getting approved by SpeakWrites a challenge because they ask for a typing speed of 60 words per minute and 90 percent accuracy.

But there is also an advantage for selected transcribers, and that is they are given the freedom to choose a working shift by themselves.

You will have works to do only at your working sifts. You must work for 15 hours in total at least in a month to request payment.

Final Thoughts

We know it’s important to make an income to live a good life. But we don’t search for ways to earn; rather, we worry.

That is why we wrote this article, and we hope you can get some confidence and courage to start your career life today as a transcriber as this job is really easy to do.

If you have any other questions regarding legal ways to make money or transcription jobs, send us an email or go through more of our articles to know more.