How to Get Free PayPal Money

Do you want to know? How to get free Money from PayPal? Are you willing to boost up your passive income? Then you need to create a source to receive PayPal Money. So, How to get it? However, You need to earn quick money to meet your daily needs. However, it is not tough to make an authentic passive income source and receive PayPal money. Here, I mean you will be paid via PayPal instantly. Also, there are some reliable sources. So, You have to spend a few times and get some effort. Then you can able to manage a decent living. That’s why I am talking about exploring a few easy ways to get free PayPal money. Also, You can work with some survey ideas. Where you need to put less effort but you can watch how to get PayPal money for free.  

Well, it is possible to create some quick passive income ways. But, Where you can receive your money via PayPal

How to Get Free PayPal Money

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So, I am going to explore those ideas below. However, This post will cover how to make quick money with a survey and get your payment via PayPal. We also discuss some other ways where you can make quick money without a survey.

How to Make PayPal Money in Quick for Free

So, Let’s start to discover a few apps and sites where you will get PayPal money for being a part of surveys. So, Keep remembering, that there are also different types of survey tasks to make money quickly. You also need to read carefully and find out which surveys suit you more.

01. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the renowned platforms to get PayPal Money for free. Also, You can earn money to answer short polls and surveys online. So, You need to use your smartphone or laptop.

But, How to get a reward from InboxDollars? So, when you put forward your opinion InboxDollars get back rewards with PayPal money, Check cash, or gift coupon.

So, Let’s have a look at  how to get money from InboxDollars:
  • Watch Brand TV content and YouTube videos 
  • To Play Online games
  • Shopping online like the walmart brand
  • Download specific applications
  • Email reading and reply

If you look above the task list. then, there is so much fun to be part of those. Also, You can make a few dollars easily to spend a little of your time. More, if you are determined to accomplish all tasks. Then, you will qualify for more earnings from InboxDollars.

There are also a few types of referral programs for InboxDollars.  If you invite your 5 friends. Then, you will get an extra $1. Also, you will get 30% income from each of their activities. 

So, Let you inform, you can also cash out when you reach at least 30 dollars. But, you will get $5 free for joining.

PinCone Research

2. Survey Junkie

However, I recommended Survey Junkie always. If you ask me which survey companies are more legitimate?  Then, I will refer you to Survey Junkie on top of paying to take their surveys. You can also attend various types of survey topics to give your opinion. So, Your opinions are valuable in Survey Junkie. In fact, They use it for research purposes or improvement of brand services and products.

To be part of the Survey Junkie surveys. You have to share your all information and confirm your account on the Survey Junkie websites. Then, Survey Junkie analysis your information and interest. Accordingly, The assigned survey tasks consider your interest. When you complete a survey. Also, You will earn specific points for each survey.

What about your earnings? in fact, It depends on several factors like the length of your survey. How many surveys do you accomplish? That’s why it is necessary to be a participant in any assigned survey in Survey Junkie.

Although, You can turn your points into cash via PayPal money. If you are a US citizen. Then, you can directly transfer your money into the bank account. 

Not only survey. Also, Survey Junkie happily pays you to be part of focus groups. With your browser, you can also make money from the Survey Junkie platform.

As a policy, you can cash out your dollar when you reach $10. So, it is time to be part of Survey Junkie.

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03. MyPoints

You can earn instant PayPal money with MyPoints. You just require a little time to complete a survey on this platform. Also, you can withdraw your cash instantly. Generally, you will get paid 2-3 dollars for each quick survey. More than that, There is a chance to earn up to 50 dollars in a day with MyPoints.

If you want to access MyPoints surveys. Then, you have to share your information to qualify for the specific survey.

MyPoints has another opportunity to earn quick money by online shopping. If you purchase any item from so many partnering outlets. Then, MyPoints get a reward back to you. More, You can achieve points to play games, read content, share funny videos, and email reading. However, You redeem points via PayPal money and gift. But, You have to cash out a minimum of 30 dollars.

FAQs Related to Surveys:

The other useful and legitimate survey links you can check out with our below list of affiliate survey links.

PayPal Money Without Any Survey:

How to get it?  There are also so many ways to earn money online. But, here I have mentioned a few great ways that you can make PayPal money instantly. There is no need to be part of any survey but you will get PayPal money easily.

Sites That Pay You to Shop:

There are so many websites that allow you to earn money while shopping. Here, Some of the most popular sites include:

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Rakuten- $500 in a Week!

Shopping online is one of the most convenient and easy ways to shop. But, have you ever wondered where your money goes? For example, what happens to all that time and energy that you’ve put into researching for the best prices?

So, Rakuten is a website that makes sure you get the best deals on anything from clothes and electronics to sporting goods. Also, It’s a cashback site that offers up to $500 in cash back per week!

There are thousands of people to earn more than $500 every week from this website. So, You can start today.


This site offers a cashback program on qualifying purchases. Also, You get paid by shopping and they pay you by email and PayPal.

supper Affiliate System


This site provides an app where you can scan your receipt and find special deals on items in stores near you. After scanning, these items will automatically show up in your account, which you can use to make future purchases or cash out for a refund through Paypal.


Similar to Ibotta, this site also offers an app where you can find special deals on items in stores near them. After scanning, these items will automatically show up in your account, which you can use to make future purchases or cash out for a refund through Paypal.

Final Thoughts:

Now, you have a clear concept of how to get free PayPal money. So, You can meet any amount of requirements. So, PayPal money is the best solution.

In fact, I think survey online sites can be a great solution. There is so many survey online highest payment sites. You can earn from those sites. then, you can get PayPal Money instantly. Also, you have full freedom to generate ideas to make sure quick money. So, Just be honest and try to do easy tasks online.

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