How to earn 100$/per night while sleeping

You must be wondering that. How can you earn money when you are sleeping $100 per night? Well, yes, it’s possible. You can make money all day long, even while sleeping, without doing pretty much nothing!

This passive income is riches secret of getting richer. Now, how can you make money through it? Is it possible for you?If you want work smart and give time then you will be able to make $100/night or 3000/month.

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This article will suggest you eight ways to earn money when you are sleeping $100 per night. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Eight Passive income ways that will Earn Money When you are Sleeping

$100/per night     

Well, there are so many ways available to generate passive income. Some method requires enormous investment, and some require a few or no investment.

In this article, we will be recommending you both type of passive income ways. So, here is the following list

Passive income methods that require investment (mid-huge)



Dropshipping is a well-known business model because of its high-profit range. Well, the actual benefit is, you will be sourcing a product, and then you can sell it at your preferred price (2x,3x, and so on).

However, starting a dropshipping business will not cost a hundred thousand money if you are smart enough and can research adequately.

If you find a supplier who is dropshipping friendly, then 50% of the works will be done by him.

 It would be best to focus on other jobs like finding a viral product, customer service, marketing plan, budgeting, and execution. Or else, you can hire someone to do it as well.

For dropshipping, you can create a shop on Shopify or your website. However, we prefer Shopify because it makes everything easy.

Seems like a lot of works, right? Well, in the starting, when you are just going to create a business, you have to work, study, brainstorm, and implement a lot, but once it starts succeeding, you can enjoy the money without working that much (maybe a few hours in a week/month).

If you automate and hire someone to build a profitable dropshipping business for you, it may cost thousands of dollars.

In the end, dropshipping requires training and learning. So, do not forget to invest in a good training program. Knowledge helps to do a profitable business and reduces the chances of loss as well.


 We all know about cryptocurrencies. At today’s date, the value of one bitcoin is 23,158.20 USD. Just 11 months ago, the price was 6,965.72. So, isn’t it almost 4x in 11 months only?

Well, that’s why cryptocurrencies are very risky but return a high profit. In the last few years, a bunch of people became millionaires only because of Bitcoin.

However, still, you would request you to research, analyze, and then invest! Also, do not hold yourself to bitcoin-only; there are so many other cryptocurrencies available.

Research, see pricing history, make a smart decision, invest, and earn 100/night profit.

Also, don’t forget to learn about cryptocurrencies to reduce the risk of scams and losses.

Buying a successful online business

Commission Hero

As we all know, whatever it is a blog, an affiliate site, a YouTube channel, or an online store, it takes time, effort, and investment to grow.

It also requires extra care and analysis to avoid significant losses. That’s why people who are focused on money buys established business online.

Now is that the right decision? Well, if you can calculate the risk and the condition of the website, then yes, it is!

 If you are not good enough, hire an expert and consult with them about the business you want to get. Everyone uses Flippa and these types of platforms to buy and sell businesses.

Once you found out about the business, hire someone who can help you grow the business more to make more money.

Investing a bunch of money in an online business is quite risky, but if you understand online businesses and know how to calculate the potential, buying an online business will be a wise decision for you.

Real estate investment (if you don’t have any, then buying may cost you a massive amount of money)

Real estates are always fabulous; the income with it will be consistently growing. However, it is quite expensive to get in, but somehow, if you can arrange to get in, you’ll produce tons of money as passive income.

Well, if you already have an extra home or apartment or land, then what are you waiting for? Go and inspect it and do some essential repairing and cleaning. Enlist your house or apartment for rent and land for lease.

If you can afford it, purchase a vacation home on an island or beach area and rent it on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. In this way, you will be making more than $100/night easily.

It is a great way to earn $100/night while sleeping without even working. Passive income methods that require no investment

Creating online courses

Are you good at something like cooking, marketing, a language, etc.? Can you teach it to a little kid? Well, if you are good at something and able to teach it to anyone, then online course selling can help you to make $100/night while you are sleeping.

Well, creating a course takes a lot of effort, strategy, and works. Once you upload it and it starts becoming popular, you need to add new lessons monthly/yearly basis and enjoy the money passively.

Well, you can sell your course directly from your website or platforms like Udemy, etc.

With Udemy, people are making hundreds of dollars every day. The more problem-solving resourceful courses you will be selling, the more money you will be making.

Renting out the extra room of your apartment and unused cars

Do you have an spare room in your house or apartment that you don’t use? In that case, you can turn it into an opportunity to earn.

You can decorate and clean the room, get some good pictures, and enlist in Airbnb and other house rental platform.

If your house is in a good location, then possibilities are you’ll be able to make $100/night while sleeping.

Affiliate marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing business is simple, you promote and advertise the product, and every time someone goes through your referral link, you receive a commission.

Trust me or not, there are hundreds of affiliate sites available, and they are making a hundred thousand dollars every month.

For affiliate marketing, you need an established platform like a blog, website, YouTube channel, social media accounts, or at least an email list to promote the product you will get a commission on!

Almost every company, e-Commerce platform offers an affiliate program, which means you have endless opportunities. However, the Amazon Affiliate program is the most famous of all affiliate programs.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, don’t forget to learn first. Also, try to get into a training program if you can effort.

Selling digital products

Do you have a problem-solving product idea? Well, there are so many digital products available that solve people’s problems and sell thousands of USD every day.

However, for creating a digital product, it doesn’t have to be solving a critical problem.

It can be a simple but effective to-do list or monthly budget printable template or a 100-day diet plan, or just a small clock software that can stop procrastinating.

If the digital product is problem-solving and affordable and reaches the right target audience, then earning $100 while sleeping will not be a tough thing. 


To be financially independent, passive income is best. This is a great method to keep earning more while focusing on other active incomes.

 Now you know how to earn money when you are Sleeping $100/per night. Do hard work until you start making $100/night or more passively.