How to Become an Audiobook Narrator and Work From Home

Is your voice is so sweet, and you always get praises from your friends for your voice?

Do you often do public speaking? Or do you know about audiobook narrator, or have you taken any training on your voice?

If your answer is yes, do you know that you can earn money with your sweet, pleasant voice?


Yes, you heard right.

You can earn money with your voice, and you can become an audiobook narrator, voice artist, etc.

Those jobs are very artistic, and also you can do it even from your home.

In case you are looking for an artistic job, and you have confidence that your voice is nice and clarion, you can do the audiobook narrator job.

Read this full article on the condition that you want to become an audiobook narrator.

Cause we will share all the information about how to become an audiobook narrator in this article.

We will also share in the last of this article about where to find work for audiobook narrators.

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What Is Voice Over Artist/Audiobook Narrator Job?

You may have seen many Cartoons, or Disney movies, or Anime. There, some celebrities use their voices and speak for the characters.

Sometimes they have to use their many acting voices that are suitable for the characters. And this is called voice over.

To become a voice-over artist, you just need a nice voice and the skill of acting and narrating. Voice over is the mixture of speaking, acting, and oral reading.

You have to do all this on behind the camera and stage most of the time.

Voice-over artists usually work in Radio, Television Production, Video Games, and Filmmaking.

But if you want to be an Audiobook Narrator, you don’t need those kinds of high skill. And you can work even as a freelancer.

Peoples get hired because of their sweet voices to make eBooks into an audiobook. And nowadays, people are more interested in audiobooks than eBooks.

And as an audiobook narrator, you just have to read those eBooks or print books and record them to make an audiobook.

You will find many jobs related to audiobook narrators on the market. We will also share some places where you can find your job as an audiobook narrator.

So, read the full article to know about the market places.

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How to Become an Audiobook Narrator

Well, practice makes a man perfect.

You need to do practice a lot of times in a day. Try to do these things before looking for any jobs.

These practices will make your voice more perfect, and you can get a job in a short time.

Read loudly: Always read books loudly, but try to read with sweetness as you are not reading. Be a character while reading, it will increase your acting level.

Record Your Voice: Every time you read anything for practice, make sure to record it. By doing this, you will understand how your voice is improving. You will also figure out how to sound perfectly and where you need more effort to make it perfect.

Learn Proper Breathing: Stop taking a breath from your chest. Rather, try to learn breathing from your diaphragm.

Move Your Body Parts: When you are practicing, try to move some small parts of your body. Doing so, you will connect more with your character, and also it will help make you sound perfect.

Do Some Courses (Optional): You can do some courses if you don’t feel like you are improving by doing all of those. Maybe under a mentor, you will be successful in learning how to sound and how to work.

Overcome Regional Accents: This is very important. You have to overcome any kinds of regional accents. Or try to hide them while practicing.

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Equipment You Need to Do Audiobook Narration

If you get any full-time job, there you will get all the equipment for Audiobook Narration.

They will supply to you. Or you might have to manage your needed equipment on your own.

Also, in order to be making a freelance career and work from home, you must need your own equipment.

You will find a way to rent a studio, but it will cost more. And it is also better to have your own studio.

By the way, let’s see which equipment you will need to be an Audiobook Narrator.

  • You have to maintain client’s emails, tracking any clients, invoicing, and your schedules. To manage those, you just need a Laptop or PC.
  • For practicing every day and searching for clients anywhere, you need a Smartphone. On your Smartphone, you will pull up every industry-related app.
  • A mic for doing voice over. Try to buy good types of mic if you want to make the sound clear.
  • Two studio headphones, which will not lift up any background noises and speakers sound.
  • A good microphone stand. It will hold your mic so that you can free up your hand also you can handle your script.
  • You need some pop fitters to avoid recording the popping and breathing noises from your mouth when you start talking the first time to the microphone.
  • Lastly, you need free software like Audacity to record your voices.
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Where You Can Work As an Audiobook Narrator

There are so many places to work as an Audiobook narrator.

In the freelance market, you will see many advertisements for the Audiobook narration job, and also there, you will see artists are advertising their skills.

A lot of jobs are popping up on those freelance markets every day related to Audiobook narration.

Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, and People per Hour are some of the most popular market places for freelance workers.

If you want to become a freelance Audiobook narrator and work from home, you can join their community to find works.

There are some more specific industries for Audiobook narrators where you can also find works related to your job.

These industries hire just voice artist and audiobook narrator.

Here are some of them:


ACX is a website where you will find so many opportunities to find your job.

There you will see authors seeking voice over artists like you to audition their audiobooks and eBooks.

Both authors and narrators can promote themselves on social media with the help of this website, also on the offline as well.

With the opportunities of this site, you can use your talent as an audiobook narrator and earn a lot of royalties.

The authors also get royalties for themselves. Also, there you will find an easy search bar to find your job.

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Voicebunny is also a website where you can find jobs related to audiobook narrators. The opportunities here are more.

You will find different types of works like presentation, product videos, advertising, movie trailers, video games, audiobook narration and eBook narration, and more.

You need a lot of skill to work here as an artist. Cause on this website, the clients always want those audiobook narrators who are experienced.

If you are not experienced yet, you should wait for a while.

Once you earn experiences, you can use this website’s opportunities to use your talent and earn money.

Being the professional website for giving audiobook narration jobs, they ask a lot of requirements.

Not only do you have to be an experienced artist, but you must also have high-quality equipment for their audio test. Otherwise, you will be rejected.


Voices is a website where you will also find job-related posts for audiobook narration.

This is co-founded by Stephanie Ciccarelli, a well-trained artist in voice, musical theatre, and piano. This is one of the way on how to become an audiobook narrator.

This website also gives advice for the eBook and audiobook authors and voice audiobook narrators.

They are more focused on guiding you to become a successful audiobook narrator. But they provide jobs as well.

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How Much You Can Earn As An Audiobook Narrator?

Well, this is going to depend on how well you are as an audiobook narrator.

Also, it depends on your popularity, portfolio, and experience.

You always should check the sound quality before submitting any file in order to ensure the quality of your work.

However, in the freelance market, as a beginner, you can rate $20-$30 per hour. Of course, you will not earn a lot in the beginning.

But you will get the experience and can learn new things to improve yourself.

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Also, after doing a few works on the freelance market, you can build up a good portfolio for finding highly rated jobs in the future.

When your freelance gig is $100 per hour, you will earn a lot even by part-time doing this.

Or if you are a celebrity for your voice and you have so many followers, you will find a better-rated job easily.

We personally suggest you make a good social media account and upload some of your own file of your voice. If your voice is good, you will gain so many followers.

You can do it while working as a freelancer in the market places.

When you are popular, you can update your working rate as an audiobook narrator. Also, you will find jobs easily after that.

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Final Words

So that is all about How to become an Audiobook narrator and work from home.

We guess now you know all the information about Audiobook narration.

We hope this article helped you a lot, and you will be a success as an audiobook narrator and can earn money with your talent.