How to Become a Freelance Writer With No Experience

Dear, are you determined to know how to become a freelance writer with no experience? You want to become a freelance writer. then, you can start earning money from home. That’s an excellent decision. But, you need to know all about how to become a freelance writer. I receive so many emails from readers. They ask me how to start writing as a freelance writer. Also, they ask. With no experience is it possible?

Well, let you inform. It is no matter where you live in the world. No matter if you have no experience at all. The same steps on how to become a freelance writer. So, I am going to share with you to become a freelance writer. All are the exact impact able for all of you.

You know, it is one of the best fruitful ways to make extra income as a freelance writer. Also, you can manage your living style from it. 

So, I think. Why not I do write a guideline for the new freelance writer. especially, or those who have no experience. How to start? Then, they can jump to begin their business. 
How to Become a Freelance Writer With No Experience

I am alert. Because I have found so many wrong concepts are available out there. Especially, about the formal training in online writing. I am ensuring you. Everyone has the chance to become a freelance writer. Even, you don’t require any special experience or academic degree.

You just, need to raise your confidence that you can be a freelance writer. Although, it is the perfect source of income for bloggers. They can stay at their place and make more earnings than a 9-5 job. I have found a lot of successful bloggers. They boost their income too more than any traditional job.

So, it is profitable and you can also make it possible. I also prefer to take the endless opportunities to earn money like you.

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My Story: How to Become a Freelance Writer?

If you are determined to become a freelance writer. But you have no experience at all. Then, my story can raise your confidence. Now, it has been a few years. Since I began writing as a freelancer. 

At the very beginning, when I learned how to become a freelance writer. I did a lot of mistakes to find work online. I did work as an i-writer and found some cheap content tasks and get paid almost nothing. 

I became hopeless. It was not me. I just nearly gave up. But, I didn’t.

I started as fresh and re-grouped. That time. I started writing for a website. Besides, I have searched for freelance writing tasks. After a certain period, I was able to manage high-paying customers. 

With confidence, persistence, motivation, and hard work, I have achieved my present position.

Now, I am doing my freelance writing jobs with getting well paid. I work from home now. 

So, What Is the Moral Summary?

You don’t need to take a thousand steps to become a freelance writer. Also, you will get well payment from clients. If you want to make it possible. Then, You need to keep continue your hard work.

Here Are 7 Major Steps for You. You Are Going to Learn. How to Become a Freelance Writer?

So, You can start right now. 

No.1: You Need to Research About Freelance Writing:

It is true. I did a lot of research about freelance writing as my starting point. 

I read so many blogs. I followed so many freelance writers. I have focused on the blog website. I did everything as much as I could about this blog business.

In the very beginning, I had no idea. How to write blog content. What kinds of jobs are available for a freelance writer? Sometimes, I wrote an email to freelance writers to know. How to fix my writing rate. 

So, you also can visit different kinds of blog sites to get ideas. You can learn so many things in your research. 

Although, I have passed several years still I am learning.

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No. 2: Be Focused On Your Freelance Writing Skills and Required Tools

Well, now I am experienced. I told you you can be a freelance writer. There is no doubt. You don’t require any degree. But, if you want to increase your success rate. Then, you have to learn a few skills related to writing tools.

There are some skills. As a freelance writer, you must gain some skills and get enough knowledge.

Here Are a Few Lists for You. You Need to Focus on Those to Become a Freelance Writer
  • Organizational Skills
  • Blogging Skills
  • Content Marketing
  • Confidence
  • Program of Task Management
  • Image Editing Program
  • Editing Apps

No. 3: Practice as a Freelancer Writer

This is not too necessary. You have to produce perfect writing to be successful. But, you should know how to become a better freelance writer.

But, Your content needs to be structured, specific, subject-oriented, and natural. You have to attach your readers to your writing.

So, it is necessary how to deliver your writing sentences and share your thoughts with your readers. 

In that case, what do you do?

If English is not your mother’s lounge. Then you don’t need to be worried. There is a lot of successful freelance writer. English is not their first language. So, there is nothing impossible. But you need to work a little more. You need to show that you are more capable to write for your clients.

That’s why writing practice is too important. With practice, you can improve your writing skills as per the client’s requirements. You can add sensory details, eliminate filler sense and show your smartness to grave content objects. 

You also need to ensure the difference between content writing and blogging. Because Practice not only helps you to become a better freelance writer. It also helps you to market your own freelance business. So, keep the practice on writing different content.

One more thing, to improve writing reading is a great way to improve your writing.  I always try to read blogs and different niches when I can. I suggest you follow these instructions to become a good freelance writer.

No.4: You Need to Create Your Writing Work Portfolio

Well, you are now a better freelance writer. But when you apply for any job in freelance marketing.

At first, clients will ask about your work portfolio. They want to ensure your performance by cross-checking your experiences or sample tasks. If you are a new freelance writer. You have not yet published work but you have a blog. Then, how do you explore your talent so that you are a better writer?

You don’t need to be worried, you just need to create some writing samples besides starting your blog. You also need to draft up some samples or you can upload those as Google documents. More, You can publish your sample works on medium.

Guest posting is another effective way to show your working portfolio. Get all posts. It means you have a link for your sample works. Accordingly, in those ways, you can create your portfolio and refer to your clients. 

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No. 5: You Need to Start Searching for Jobs

Now, you are ready to search for your required jobs as a freelance writer from home. 

Then, comet to the question. Where and how do you search? Don’t worry. You have so many options and endless opportunities as a freelance writer.  For the very first time. I used ProBlogger and freelance job writing.

Now, so many freelance marketing sites are open for you. You can sign up on Fiverr, Media Bistro, up works and so many sites are available for you. You need to create your gigs and portfolio and apply for the required job.

This virtual world has endless opportunities. So you can explore your talent and earn cash easily. 

No.6: You Gotta Hustle

To become a freelance online writer. It means you gotta hurry up for work. But, I don’t mean you are always in a hustle situation. Your goal should be to draw the attention of promising clients. But, if you are a fresher. It means clients, businesses, or your concerned magazine don’t know even you exist.

In that case, you have to market yourself and promote your name to the clients. There are a lot of ways. But I suggest two most effective ways to explore you to the clients.

First, you can use all social platforms to build your network and the other way is that you can post your sample work as a guest post. Both are too effective to boost yourself all over the world. 

No.7: Continue Your Learning

The more you learn. The more chance of your improvement. Those bring success easily. So, as a new freelance writer. The best thing is to continue your learning.

Be concerned about any writing tips, pitching, or business tips. Explore your skills to learn from people who are already a success in those areas.

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I have found so many Questions about becoming a freelance writer. That’s huge. So, I have decided. If, you focus on the below areas. Then, you will get your all answers. I have pointed out the below sections based on your questions. You need to check out these areas in detail on your search.

  • Be sure what to write
  • Be determined to your writing skills and the client’s offer
  • Create your portfolio
  • Practice
  • Earning through reading
  • Check out where to find your job 
  • Make the right pitch
  • SEO
  • Word press and Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Time Management


This is the matter of what I did. From the very begging to till now. I have already discussed step to step how to become a freelance writer. These are some major tips. If you follow those instructions, then you don’t need to do any other special thing to succeed. 

Also, As a new freelance writer. You need to keep your focus to learn and practice more and more. You should use the writing tools and follow my instructions. Then, You can explore your talent through virtual platforms and your success is a matter of time. 

I hope. This article will help you to become a successful freelance writer.

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Best of Luck

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