How I Work At Home 8 Hours A Day W/My Toddler & Newborn

Being a mother, I know many more mommies out there want to work from home to contribute to financial matters and take care of their children.

Although not all mothers are aware of the ways to work from home, as I know, I will help other mothers to be self-dependent and earn by working only 8 hours daily while keeping their babies close to them.

Today I will share with you 8 simple ways which you can follow to make money and to give your child a better life with care. I will start with easier ways. Let’s talk about it then without wasting more time.

Do Surveys Or Watch Videos To Earn Money While Your Baby Is Sleeping

The easiest way to get money from your home is to taking part in surveys and watching ads. Some mothers often get exhausted soon, and they have no more energy left to work to make an income.

If you are such a mother, don’t worry, you still have the chance to earn cash. At least the amount of cash you’ll get will work for buying some essential things for your baby or paying bills.

When you are free and your baby is sleeping, you can do surveys or watch ads on different websites and gain money from all of it.

opinion in survey

If you work on 6-7 websites daily for 8 hours, you will earn $500 or more every month. This way, you don’t feel tired or bored but also get cash into your pocket.

Write Contents By Sharing Your Child’s Load With Your Partner

Content writing is easiest yet most money bringing home jobs for mommas. The time spends on this work is dependent on the writer.

Some writers take 8 hours to write one content, and some can write 2 or 3 contents within those 8 hours. It’s okay if you can’t write more than one initially because every work needs time to be understood properly.

As time passes, you are going to get more experience and typing speed. Thus you can become faster and earn more or less than $3000 per month.

If you alone can’t manage to make 8 hours share your responsibilities of taking your baby’s care with your partner and then help him into financial activities.

Make Plans For Every Day & Start A Business From Home

Another best way for mothers to make money from home is starting up a business, no matter small or big. I recommend starting a small business because it can later be expanded.

You can do the business of anything like reselling items online, design t-shirts or dresses, make cakes, and many other small businesses that require little investment.

Tell your partner about your plan and take help from in investment. Plan out the days and weeks, do your own business in those free hours.

Do Blogging On Your Website While Breastfeeding Your Newborn

Blogging has become a trend these days. No matter young, middle-aged, or old aged, anyone can become a blogger if they have the potentials in them.

Blogging is writing on things on your website. You can write either on one subject or on many other matters like cooking, fashion, politics, technology, etc.

You will face no pressure at all when you are writing on your own website. At first, it might take a little time to gather some followers, but when your website starts to get views, the money will come by itself.

Do Affiliate Marketing When Your Toddler Is Busy Playing

Affiliate marking is when you earn money by promoting products or services of brands or companies. You can promote them in many ways.

You can write blogs on them or share their advertisements on your website. Even you can make videos on them too. When a reader or follower visit them through your link, you get money.

Also, when a follower buys their products and services, they pay you more percentage from the profit they make.

Affiliate marketing is becoming popular day by day for its easiness and source of becoming rich. You can do Affiliate marketing at any time, even when the baby is playing.

Do Vlogging By taking advantage of Weekends.

On the platform named Youtube, videos of different contents are uploaded by Youtubers. If you can’t make enough time to make videos on something creative, then not to worry, you can make videos about your life’s enjoyments.

Some also make vlogs on what they do in their daily lives. You can take videos of your outing with the family or any type of video where you guys are doing something interesting on your weekends.

Becoming a vlogger doesn’t require many things. You just need a good quality camera, some fun time with family or friends, a laptop or computer to edit the video nicely, and you are ready for vlogging.

Although to earn money and make a passive income through vlogging, you must upload one video daily and accumulate some followers of 1 thousand only.

Commission Hero

Eight hours is enough for making a final video to upload on youtube. After getting thousands plus subscribers and views, you will be able to publish advertisements on your channel and thus get the easy money.

Stay Away From Other Distractions To Earn By Proofreading

Do you love reading books when your newborn is sleeping or playing? I have a perfect job to do from home idea for you then, and it’s proofreading.

But you better keep a distance from things that can distract you in your free time. Proofreaders correct any mistakes in writings like grammatical, punctuation, pattern errors, etc.

And they get enough paid for this. You can work for hours and will be able to earn 15-26 dollars per hour. Keep your phone silent or notifications off to keep your focus on doing the job.

Many online websites are giving opportunities to become a proofreader and earn for working 3-8 hours.

Do Transcription Works When You Have Free Time & Your Baby Is Busy

Not all the time; my baby needs me. He mostly keeps himself busy doing other things like watching TV, playing, and being kept by his other siblings.

In those free times, I do transcribing and make money out of it. At earlier times of my work being a transcriber, I used to work for 7-8 hours a day, but now I do other jobs too and earn even more, so I now daily make 3 hours of free time and to do transcribing then.

In this job, all you need to do is sit in front of your computer, listen to the audio files that the company gives you and record them on your computer in typing form. A transcriber is a pain $17-26 per hour.

Final Thoughts

I really love being a mother and a working lady. When I am having so many options available to work with my toddler and a newborn, I must not sit and do nothing.

Once I too didn’t know of any ways to income online, but when I got to know, I started right away and now earning money.

To mothers who are in my situation right now, you can start working from today. I really hope my article was a help to the mothers with newborns.

I have written plenty of other income ways for your ease, and you can also take ideas from there.