How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

Well, it’s not new that people can make money by answering emails because it’s already happening online.

I did too. Some work under others, but some make their customer support service.

Working under someone is not so easy because you need to go through interviews and face competition.

Never let that stop you from doing your dream job.

If not hired by companies, make your own customer support company at your home. It’s no joke.

I will share all the steps in detail with you while trying our best to make things easy for you to understand.

As you will start this work all by yourself.

It will be counted as a business, and remember every business needs great effort at earlier stages to bring you success later.

How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

Make Money Answering Emails

If you keep your inner strength, confidence, and patience, then giving this business a good speed will take just some days.

There are few simple steps that you need to follow to set up a customer support service at your home.

Follow them all and get ready to make $1000 every month by working from your home.

Let us look at those steps and ways to make money online.

But first, let me explain what is answering emails and how you can make money doing it.

This is the easiest way to earn online from home because it’s a simple job where you don’t have to do any heavy works.

Some emails will come to you on a computer screen, and you have to answer those properly for the company you will be working with.

Suppose you got a contract with a company to handle all their emails.

They will then give your email to those involved with that particular company and mails them regarding different important matters.

You will have to read those emails very carefully and give a perfect reply relating to the work.

The time limit of working will depend on your choice.

How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

If you want to work for 8 hours, that’s okay, also if you work five hours a day that’s okay.

You should keep in mind that whenever you go on a contract with a company, you have to work always at the exact hours you mentioned spending.

It’s because the company will be in touch with you during those working hours. Now that you know what type of work is this and how to make money doing the job.

let’s jump on to necessary points you should know and give a customer support service.

These are the steps you need to take for opening your customer support service at home.

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This is the prime thing one should grow inside of him/her to start customer support because it needs lots of works to be done almost alone.

You are the one to look for companies to work with.

You have to make them give you the chance of becoming their customer support agent, and it’s only you at the first who will answer all the emails.

If you lack confidence, you will not be able to take a single step, and thus, your way to earning money will never work.

Inspire yourself when you feel exhausted because if it’s done by some other people, you too can do it.

The works will seem very tiring and heavy earlier.

So having confidence is essential to growing your mental strength while building up your online customer support business.

Trust me. When you do this job daily, it will seem easier every day.

How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

Make A Schedule

Before you go on starting any type of business, you must make a schedule.

Think how long you can work in a day.

Fix a good timing between 6-9 hours and always spend that exact time for your work.

As you will be working with companies, they will not let you work at different times daily because the disorganized timing will only hamper works and make things even more critical.

Once you finished making your work’s daily routine, you are good to go to the next step.

Get A Computer If You Don’t Have One.

For handling any official work, a desktop or laptop is a must.

You will work for some straight hours, so a computer with amazing performance is essential for the job.

Your job doesn’t require you to do heavy tasks like programming so that you can buy one at a low cost.

If your computer is well enough to work for 6-9 hours daily, you don’t need anything else.

But if you have a big budget, you can buy a better computer to do multiple tasks in the future.

Contact With Companies

Now, when you have the confidence, a schedule, and a computer, you are ready to start your job from home.

This step is critical because you have to manage clients by contacting companies. You can contact them through email or by visiting them directly.

How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

It’ll be beneficial to tell everything in detail about your customer service to the company leaders.

This will help both of you to make an understanding relation among you and also in planning.

You can also start working with small companies and gain some experience before you work for bigger ones.

Fix your Rate For Per Hour

This is the most important part because when you have your own company, you are the one to decide how much you want as payment?

Answering emails is not tough to work, so you at first can charge a very small amount to attract more than one company.

You can take $5-$7 per hour and work for 6-7 hours daily to get your expected salary at the end of the month.

This way you can easily make more than $1000 every month.

Expand Your Company

I believe no one likes to stick to fixed money. Hence people every day move to other jobs or search for new working places.

But an owner of a company like you don’t have to move or go anywhere.

Your company just needs expansion to grow your money.

When you have got praises and successfully satisfied all the companies with your service, you can after change your previous rate and set a higher amount.

How I made $1000 per month Answering Emails

Hire other people who want to work from home and give them a salary from the profit you make. You can hire people from Fiverr and other freelancing market.

Also, keep saving some money every month so that one day if you want you can open your company’s office outside of your home.

When you have experience working for over one year, I guarantee you to get more clients.

Later you can become a virtual assistant too and thus earn 100 dollars for each hour.

This is another job that requires many qualities and skills. I although have written about this work as well in my other money-making articles.

You can search for it and get information now.

Lastly, I want to tell you that it will take at most 4-5 days to start up your customer service center at home.

Final Thoughts

Self-service is the best way to earn money. This is a great step young stars can take for making money by themselves.

Every business faces some challenges at the beginning stages.

But if you can patiently work for some days, it brings you the source from where you can make passive income.

Although there are other ways, you can use it for a passive income.

If you have any queries or want to learn more, suggest me through email on what matter next I should post.