Get Paid to listen to music $12/song.

Can you imagine you can get paid to listen to music for $12/song? Well, it’s no scam, no cheat! You will straightly get paid for listening to a song and reviewing it. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Well, we love to listen to music. After a long day, when getting back home on the train or at a party or at-home, all-time music is something that entertains us, relaxes our brain muscles. Can you imagine, in all this free time when you are listening to music, you can make some bucks?

Yes, some legit platforms are available that pay you money for listening to a song and giving feedback on it. This article will suggest six platforms that pay for listening to music up to $12 per song.

So, what are you waiting for! Scroll down and make some dollars while listening to music.

Six Platforms for getting paid to listen to music

In this section, we will be showing you five legitimate platforms that will help you to earn money by listening to music.

 Before starting, one thing you should know is, you won’t get paid for listening to your favorite music; instead, you may have to listen to new musicians’ music and give your valuable feedback so that they can improve.

So here is the following list-

Playlist Push (where you can make up to $12/song)

Do you have 400 or more followers on Spotify and Apple Music playlist? If you have, then you can make money on Playlist Push. It’s a great website that is available all around the world. To get in, you have to pass the curator requirement.

After passing the requirement, the music creator and producers will approach you to listen to their music, giving it feedback and adding it to your playlist. It’s like monetizing your Spotify and Apple music playlist.

Payout? The payout entirely depends on your playlist’s reputation. Still, the payout is $1 to $12. To earn more, increase your playlist’s reputation. Once your feedback is approved, you’ll get paid!

When you want to withdraw, request on Playlist Push, and they will pay you through PayPal. However, withdrawing the first payment takes a few days because of manual verification.

In our opinion, to get paid by listening to music, nothing can bit Playlist Push. Through getting in is a bit tougher but worth it!

HitPredictor (make $5 for listening 30 minutes)

Hitpredictor is another platform from where you can earn money through listening to music. Just like the name, you have to be the predictor who will predict after listening to the song if it’s going to be the next big hit or not.

What you have to do is you have to listen to songs that they publish on their website and give your valuable feedback.

With the help of constructive feedback, the singer or record level improves their work. Also, by rating new artists, you can earn from here. Hitpredictor is available all over the world. They pay only through Amazon gift cards.

It is also a legit platform for making money by listening to music. By reviewing on hit predictor, you’ll also help artists improve their music, which means your opinion will impact the future music industry.


SiceThePie is a well-known platform that pays for listening to music. SliceThePie is only available in the USA and Canada.

In this platform, you have to listen to a song for at least a min (60 seconds), then you have to rate it and share a short review of the music.

Earning with SliceThePie is way more comfortable than other platforms. However, each song review’s payout is $0.2, which is relatively low than other platforms.

You can request twice a week on SliceThePie. However, you can only request and receive money once you reach the withdrawal threshold of$10.

For starting, SliceThePie is the right decision.


In Cash4minutes, you have to listen to online radio and do small tasks to earn money. Cash4minutes is well-known for its payment flexibility. You can use Cash4minutes from anywhere around the world.

For earning bucks on Cash4minutes, you have just to listen to live radio stations and calls. Once you sign up here, you’ll get the task details through your mail. The tasks are super simple.

The payout is 0.08 per minute, which makes it more lucrative. You can withdraw the money through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, even Litecoin, and Bitcoin.


Welocalize is another legit platform when it comes to getting paid to listen to music. Now, it’s only available in the United States of America, and the platform Welocalize requires permanent US citizens only.

However, in welocalize, the works are transcriptional job which means you have to type the lyrics while listening to a song. Every day you will receive a song track, and you have to transcribe it.

For each song track transcription, you will get $4. Typing a song while listening to it takes a couple of minutes, and getting $4 for it seems like a good deal.

Weloclize pays through ACH and Wire Transfer. , it’s an excellent platform for Americans to earn $4/day and $120/month or even more.

Music Xray

Music Xray is the best platform for new artists and composers to grow and work better with us (those who want to earn by listening to music). It is available worldwide, which means anyone from anywhere can get paid through music Xray.

At first, In Music Xray, you have to upload your favorite five songs; it’ll help the authority to understand your tastebud.

After then, they’ll notify you whenever they have the right match (earning opportunity) through email. Once you receive the email, you have to review the soundtrack within a day (24 hours).

Music Xray pays through PayPal.


We believe that you can now trust us, and you understand how you can get paid to listen to music. Well, it’s possible, and we think, very soon, you’ll be able to make money while listening to music.

So, what are you waiting for? Join one or more platforms from our list and start earning while enjoying music!