Get Paid $500 Every Month For Reading Email.

Reading emails daily at least once is like daily work for us. The world is now totally based on the internet, and so we do things on the internet, even some critical office works. But that’s just for us to be notified about something for which we don’t get paid.

We know it sits sounds unbelievable to get paid for reading emails, but we are glad to inform you about such websites that give people money to read their emails.

PinCone Research

Want to get a couple of dollars into your pocket for reading emails? We will then help you get there, although the money paid isn’t huge but enough for paying out your bills and going for dinner outside.

Keep reading our whole article to find out which websites will bring you some free money for just reading emails. Let’s look at them together then and waste no more time.


If you have read articles like this before too, then you already know about it. From 2000 they started their journey and got millions of members.

There’s more than one way to make money from. Reading emails for getting paid is one of the options. We liked how they are giving the same service with no error at all for years.

InboxDollars has a program named ‘paid emails,’ and this one program is mainly made for paying the members to read emails. You give your mail address where they send mails regarding different things, and sometimes the mail has offers in it.

When you press and check the offers, you get a bonus. The more exciting news is you can earn extra money, thereby watching TV, searching the web, playing games, etc.


Swagbucks is another website where earning money is easy through reading emails. Although this time, you don’t get paid for reading emails from your mail address. Instead, you have to read emails with Swagbucks.

The Swagbucks provides an official dashboard, and this is where you get mails to read (for which you get money).

They send promotional messages there, but your job is to look for mails like ‘click and earn’ because they are the easiest to gain money from.

Just open, click on the sent link, and get rewarded. You will receive $0.05 to open the emails only. They give a bonus for signing up too, and it’s $5.

My Points

The safe. Et to pay is here! This website is perfect because it pays you to read over the emails.

They usually send you links through their emails, and when you open those links, you get 5 points every time. Your earned points can be redeemed for both cash or gift cards.

When you have accumulated 140 points, it means you have successfully earned a dollar. Gather at least 700 points to redeem them for 5 dollars, and then you can request a gift card. When your points turned to 3500, you can then request a direct payment through PayPal.

Earning these many points is not difficult there because it does not just email. You have to read all day when you’re bored fully as you can watch videos there, which will help you earn 500 points every day. They have some other tasks, like playing games, shopping online, inviting friends, etc.

Vindale Research

We know keeping to read mails get a very boring thing to do soon. So we are introducing to you our favorite ‘Vindale Research’ that helps you earn money for only viewing their emails.

Yes, you need to do two things first is to open the mail, and the second is to give it a view. You are sure to be rewarded for receiving emails.

The great news is here you don’t have to gather some annoying points. The money is straight to earn and straight to get.

At most, you gather $50, and then you are free to get it via the PayPal account. Now don’t become worried knowing the amount to reach.

There you can have lots of ways to gather 50 dollars quickly. Other exciting stuff you can do to boost your earnings with them are answering polls, taking surveys, watching videos, and many more.


You will love using InboxPays for earning some extra cash because they pay you 25 cents for reading each email.

There you do something after opening the mail, and that is clicking on the link they sent and completed the offer. What we liked about it most is to you never miss a mail coming for a single day.

It’s a must that they will send you emails every day means you get to earn daily. Also, after signing up, you receive 5 dollars as a bonus.

Refer your friends to the site to help them earn too, and thus you earn even more. The limitation to request payment is $25. Make money and get them via PayPal.

Unique Rewards

No, you don’t get unique rewards here, but yes, money, of course. This is an authentic site paying its members for reading emails.

It’s safe and free to join. The fact is they give you s bonus of $5 for not only your joining but also you get an extra $5 whenever a friend of yours joins them by your reference.

This way you can make a lot of money by helping others. Then it’s your turn to read emails from advertisers. Most emails come with links in them, which you have to visit for earning even more.

When boredom hits, go and take some surveys or complete some other offers. $20 is the limitation for payout through PayPal, or you can receive the check through the mail.

Final Words

The websites we shared with you are all legit and famous for their services. All of the sites are enough for you to make $500 every month.

You should get excited because if you continue using them daily, you can earn more than 500 dollars a month.

We hope you liked the hope and will visit all the websites mentioned above to make a simple regular income. To know more exciting, straightforward ways to make money like this, look at more articles related to earning money online.