Get 12 Dollar Per Music: Outstanding Ideas for 2021

Music is the most heavenly thing I must say. It refreshes your mind and gives relief from the whole day’s workload. But getting paid for listening to music is a different thing.

Imagine getting paid to listen to your favorite track. If you listen to ten songs, you will be paid one hundred and twenty dollars.

The fantastic thing is that you do not need extra time to listen to a song. You can do your stuff and hear songs at the same time. So, go through this article to know how to get 12 dollars per music.

This is a website for new singers. Here new singers can upload their songs. People can listen to their songs and appreciate them. You will need an active account on Spotify.

At first, you need to create a playlist. Add your favorite songs there. You will need at least four hundred followers.

This is not an easy task, I know. But making money is also not an easy task. So, tell your friends and relatives to create an account and follow each other.

By doing this, all people can get acquainted with different varieties of music. You have to open the website. There you will see the options of getting paid.

The range is one to twelve dollars per song. Choose your location. You have to connect your Spotify account to that website to go ahead. You can review the songs you listen to.

Here is a little piece of advice. Don does not buy followers. Because this website owners can recognize ghost accounts. So, you will not get any cash.

InboxDollars radio

This is the most popular website that pays you for listening to music. You have to open an account in InboxDollars radio and Radioloyalty. You will have points every time you enter Captcha. Then you will get paid every time.


This is another website that pays well for listening to music. It is connected to radio loyalty. Every time you enter the Captcha code, you can earn money. You can complete various cash offers and surveys. You can also add your friends.

You will get some dollars for signing up. This website pays you through PayPal or other apps. You have to be 18+ to use this app. You will get your money at the end of the month. Any age can use this site.


This is an app for listening to music. You can have it in any version of your gadget. The strategy of its payment is different. They add advertisements in between songs. You have to listen to those ads. Thus, you will get paid.

You can have ten cents for every ten dollars. All you have to do is entering Captcha, again and again, to prove that you are still listening to this music. You can listen to the whole day to get paid more.

Slice the Pie

This is also a paid website for reviewing music. You have to listen for at least sixty seconds. Then you have to write a useful review in detail about that song.

Money varies according to review type. A high rated detailed review gets a fair amount of money.

If you keep listening and have an excellent talent for writing, you can shine in this sector. You can even refer your friends.

By this, you will get some bonus. This app pays through PayPal. Money is released on Tuesday and Friday. You must have at least ten dollars in your account for cash out.

Final Words

The idea of getting paid for music is a fantastic thing. By doing this, you are not only helping yourself, but you are helping others also.

Many local artists don’t reach the viewers they need. They do not get that much attention and recommendation for their hard work. By listening to their music, you get a chance to praise their talent.

Many strugglers don’t get paid well despite hard work. In this case, you can be paid by listening to music, if you have a gadget and net connection. So, go through our whole content to get an idea about how to get 12 dollars per music.