21 Flexible Work at Home Jobs Night Owls

Do you have a habit of a night owl? If you can’t sleep at night, you can use it to earn some money by doing flexible work. This post will share 21 Flexible Work at Home Jobs for you that you can do late at night.

Some so many people can’t sleep early at night. Some people want late-night jobs which they can do for earning more money after doing their day-job.

If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. Here is the Flexible Work at Home we recommend at home jobs that you can do at night. Read this full article to get the details.

21 Flexible Work at Home Jobs

There are job categories like Phone Jobs, Research Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Social Media Jobs, Writing Jobs, Tutoring Jobs, etc. We will put the jobs under those categories.

Flexible Phone Jobs

You can do these jobs from your home, and even you can choose your own work time. Plus point is your Smartphone can do these jobs.


Uhaul is a customer support company. They are very well-known, and they hire peoples to work as customer service agents. They have a time limit to work, and this is 4 AM to 5 PM.

But you can choose anytime to work through that time. You can do this job on your phone. But to get this job, you just need a good headset and good communication skills.

Working Solution

Working Solution is another company that allows work from home, and also you can do it by your phone. They have various fields for work.

To work with them, you need good communication skills. If you have any call center job experience, it will be a plus point for you to get the job.

USA Contact Point

USA Contact Point is a customer support company, you can understand by seeing their name. They hire peoples as a customer service agent. They allow doing their job from home.

Also, you can do this job on your mobile phone. You just have to answer questions that will be asked by the clients. All of the questions will be related to their products and their services.


Liveops is also a call center company, and they hire peoples to do their job as a customer service agent. You will not be work as an employee in this company. Rather you will work independently as a freelancer and choose your own time to work.

However, there will be some costs like $65 for a background check and a credit. You can do their job from your home and by your cell phone.

Voice Log

Yeah, Voice Log is also a company that allows working from home. This company does verification of telephone calls.

You will be hired as a Live Operator. You have to just check the telephone calls are verified or not. And also, you can choose your work time on your own.

Flexible Social Media Jobs

There are some companies that hire people to handle their social media platforms. If you are skilled in it, you can apply for it.


ModSquad is a company that has a social media platform. They hire people as an online moderator who can work from home. You just need good communication skills and a good personality to do this job.

 And other knowledge to handle a social media page or group. Your work will be moderating all the social media activities of this company. You can work from anywhere you want.


Appen allows working part-time jobs for their company. Here you have also handle their social media platform. You have to work 20 hours a week, and that’s all. You can choose your own work time.


Mediabistro is a platform where you can find social media jobs that you can do from home.

If you have the skill on how to engage with people, how to make more presence of a social media account, and how to handle social media for a company, you are eligible to work here. The client will hire you according to your skill.

Flexible Market Research Jobs

A market research job also available in the market. You can apply for these.


Advanis is a Canadian company. They hire peoples to do their market research job. First, you will be trained under them.

You will be paid while training, though. The working time is in the evening. To do this job, you must need a land-line telephone.

ORC International

ORC is a Telephone researcher company. They hire people for researching on telephone interviews.

Once you get hired, you have to conduct interviews with 500 companies. The work hour is flexible, and you can choose your own. You will be paid $8.7 per hour.

Flexible Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is quite a popular job for a newbie. If you have skill in fast typing and basic knowledge of computer, you can try for it.


This company often hires people for a data entry job. You will be do writing, web research, data entry, editing and etc., as a data entry operator.

The time of your work is flexible. You can work anytime, and your work rate is $9 per hour. Also, you are allowed to work from home.

Smart Crowd

Smart Crowd is also o a company that hires data entry operators. You will have to do various types of typing tasks related to data entry.

You are allowed to work from home, and you can choose your work time. But unfortunately, it is for the U.S only.


There are two kinds of jobs in Rev Company. They are mainly hired either for as translator or for a transcriptionist. But, currently, they are hiring people as a transcriptionist.

To join their transcriptionist team, you must do a good job and always deliver high-quality work. You can do your job from your home and choose your own working time.

3 Play Media

3 Play Media hires people to edit their transcript. After getting hired, you must work at least 15 hours a week. But you can choose whenever you want to work. Also, they allow working from home.


Scribe is another company that hires people to complete their transcript work. You will be hired as a transcriptionist, and you will be paid $10 per audio hour. This is also a home job, and you can choose a time to work.

Flexible Writing Jobs

This is a professional job. But you can do it from home. You can do the job here if you know how to write content.


Writerdomain.net is a website where you can do writing jobs from your home. But you have to be an excellent writer to work for them, and also your writing content must be 100 percent original.

They will give stars to all written articles. The standard star is three, and for a three-star article, you will be paid $15. Above three stars will be paid on average $17.5.


TxtBroker is a writing place where you can choose a topic for writing your article. They have supplied a pool of topics there. You can choose any of them the topics are in categories like technology, beauty, finance, nutrition, etc.

As a writer, you have to submit your sample article to their writing group. An editor will check that article and will give feedback.

To move up to the higher-paying level, you have to make a request to them. But you need at least ten articles to submit to request for the next level. You will be paid by PayPal from your client.


Verblio is a freelance site where you can work as a writer from your home. There are 1300 clients who are from 40 different industries.

 There you have to write an article as a subscribed base, and you will earn money by selling your article. There are opportunities to write 300-3000 words of content.

If you are a new freelance writer, then you will have to work on small projects. After earning good reviews and experience from small projects, you will find longer projects.

Flexible Tutoring Jobs

Well, to do these types of jobs, you must need a good knowledge of English first. If you have, you can try for it.


VIPKID is very popular for teaching the English language to Chinese students. This is the biggest name in the online tutoring platform.

Your teaching time will be half-an-hour for each student, and you have to teach students one by one. You need a Bachelor’s Degree to be an instructor in VIPKID.

Also, they always prefer a tutor who already has some experience in tutoring. There you will no need to learn any language to teach them, only knowing the English language properly is enough. And you can work here any time you want with your own schedule.

Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning is another company for tutoring online. You have to teach students through Skype.

Well, for being an online-based tutoring company, you can do the job here and also you can work from home. The time schedule also depends on you. So it is a better place to do a tutor job as a night owl.


Tutors.com is another place where you do tutor jobs from your home. The best thing is they allow newbie tutors to teach students.

 So, if you don’t have any experience, you can still be a tutor here. There are so many subjects; you can pick one which you are skilled in.

The experienced tutors are also welcomed here. If you are a current college student, you can still teach here. There you will find so many lower-class students. You can work here anytime you want, but you have to give at least 5 hours a week.

Final Words

Now you know 21 Flexible Work at Home jobs. You can apply anywhere, or from anywhere, you will find work according to your skill.

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