Entry-level no-experience basic computer job

When it comes to a job without any experience and what you have is only basic computer skills, things get harder. You may have to work hard; you will get less paid and unappreciated.

It is 2021 and now working for low paid and no appreciation is not a solution! That is why we have come up with entry-level no-experience basic computer jobs that may help you make $5000 a month.

Like its 2021, you will get well-paid jobs, but you must be skilled and efficient for that. Also, you should know multiple computer skills (even if it’s basic).

However, before hiring you as an entry-level employee with no experience, the company will see if you have the potential to grow from basic to advance. The concept of a job is simple; the more you give, the more you get!

Entry-level no-experience basic computer job

So, in this article, we will share seven jobs that you can apply for as an entry-level person who has no experience with the help of your basic computer skill.

However, for better earning, you have to keep upgrading your knowledge and learn new skills.

So, here is the following list-

Data Entry Jobs

For data entry jobs, just as it sounds, you must collect data into a database. Most of the time, beginners get data entry projects if they have good primary computer and excel skills. Besides this, the recruiter may also want to see your wpm or hire you for a test project.

For a beginner, the data entry jobs may pay lower, but if you gain experience and positive feedback and become skilled, you will make thousands of dollars every month.

Customer support executive

When it comes to landing a job with basic computer basic, a customer support executive is a position that comes to everyone’s mind.

If you have good communication skills and patience to deal with customers and solve their problems correctly, you can be a customer support executive.

As a beginner, you may have to go through a training period, and at this specific period, you may receive low payouts.

Still, if you work well in this period, you will be making the right amount of money every month once you achieve a permanent position.

Online Sales executive

This is simply a sales job. We all know what you have to do in this job! You have to sell simple! In most sales jobs, earning potential is enormous as almost all the company pays a commission on sales and lucrative increments on target fill up.

However, these jobs are super frustrating and require good selling and customer practical skills as well. That’s why we recommend you once you get a job as a sales executive, you may have to go for a training program.

Follow and try to learn as much as you can from it. Read books on sales, gather knowledge, implement it.

An online sales executive’s job requires essential computer skill but communication and selling skill matters the most.

Social Media Manager

Nowadays, we all use social media, and because of the importance of businesses’ social media presence, there are so many jobs of social media managers available as well. It’s a high-paid job.

Suppose you are creative and can continuously come up with better ideas, follow trends, and implement them to improve the company’s online presence.

 With the necessary computer skills, you may also need skills like using social media publishing and researching tools. You have to understand the data and reports of social media profiles you’ll get and take actions based on it.

Working as a social media manager is fun but challenging too. If you cannot show good performance, then instead of salary appraisal, you may lose your job.

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Article Writer

Are you good at writing? Do you understand a topic and can explain it in detail? If you can, then being an article writer can help you to start a new career.

For an article or blog writer, having a primary computer, Microsoft office skills, and web-researching is enough. Also, a good grip on grammar is essential as well.

About the payout, it entirely depends on your work quality. If you write and research well, then you will be making thousands of bucks every month.

It’s an excellent profession for those who love to write and earning opportunities are good as well.

Web Project manager

Working as a web project manager is a sort of job that requires basic computer knowledge and perfect presentation and bold communication skills.

The project manager earns enough money but working as a web project manager isn’t an easy task. It requires staying in touch with all designers, developers, writers, virtual assistants, and so on!

A web project manager also should have basic knowledge in all fields so that they can instruct the employees properly. Keep in your mind. Working as a web project manager can be super stressful if you don’t have organizational capabilities.

That’s why taking one or more courses on project management will help you to survive. Besides knowledge, certification is also an advantage.

Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant can help you to earn a considerable amount of money while having the necessary computer skills only.

Well, a virtual assistant is for working on managerial and administrative chores like scheduling a meeting, replying to emails and attending phone calls, keeping records, and so on.

In order to be a perfect virtual assistant, you should have good communication and organizational skill. Also, based on your job, you may need to learn about new software and tools.

An established virtual assistant charges $50-100/ hour. So, if you are able to keep everything organized and handle all the chores, then try to land a job as a virtual assistant.


The saddest truth is all excellent job requires experience, and you need the job for expertise. That is why starting with these jobs we have suggested will give you a head-start in your career, and once you have the experience, you can move to another better job. Life is all about betterment, isn’t it?

We believe, now you have enough information about entry-level no-experience basic computer job available also you should have found the best job for you from our job list as well.

So, if you have found the career you are going to pursue, let us know in the comment section below!