Best Websites to Get Free Ebooks to Read

I am crazy about reading something from my childhood. In fact, there is no night I am going to sleep without reading something.

So, I am here to inform you where the best e-book collections you have found online.

Those are keeping hobby of reading books. If you don’t want to be more expensive to purchase your favorite books, then you can follow my policy. Keep continue on your visit to some free websites but there is a huge collection of books you will find easily.

So, in this post, I am going to inform you of some of the best websites which have millions of book collections.

Let’s enjoy:

Best Websites to Get Free Ebooks to Read

Your’s  Library:

To be honest, recently I have taken my choice of books and created my favorite list of the library from Libby applications. More than that, I have used my phone to get most of my favorite e-books & audio collections. Although, you need an overdrive application on your phone. First, you need to sign up and it is completely free. Then, make your library card like college students. You will be pleased to receive their services, you will be connected to their digital library at any time, you can segregate your choice list accordingly you can be asked to inform you of the latest collection of your favorite categories or writers.

They will support you constantly, when your new book releases you will be informed with priority.

There is another interesting policy, suppose, you need a book that someone already borrowed in his/her library, then, what can you do? You just need to place your demand, this application will inform you when you will get to borrow your particular book.

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Unlimited Amazon Kindle: (Trail for free):

Who loves to read the book? I think all of you should take seriously The unlimited amazon kindle. Although, I am talking about the trial version if you like me a person with almost an empty pocket. 

In fact, there is a simple and easy policy for a month. You just need to sign up for Amazon unlimited kindle for free and you have full freedom to use unlimited e-books and read whatever you want for a month. 

If you want to feel more curious about the unlimited Amazon kindle. Want to be a member and so many other things you read through this link unlimited kindle Amazon to clear your concept. 


Project Gutenberg:

Think Yourself, just a few years ago. Do you think to read any e-books online without downloading? Now, you know that several websites allow you to read legal books for free.

Project Gutenberg is one of the best e-libraries. There is more than 80000 e-books collection that you can read any time without spending an extra single penny. More than that, You have full leverage to read books on this website, you can download any books for free or you can read any book online for free.

As I know, Project Gutenberg has a great motive and they allow the greatest literature in the world. They have great classic collections also. If you read here books online. it’s so simple just click read your book name in HTML. You will find your book in your browser.

Google Books:

What your mind comes first that you think about 

to read e-books or online books. For most of you, the answer will be Google’s books. It is just one of my observations. Anyway, if you want to search for a book on google books, it works like one of the web searches.

If you search for your particular book link on books. google. then your searching contents match with particular contents of your searching books. The searching matching terms find your required books and you will receive the exact link of your required books.

There are few terms to read or download the books, if there is no copyright of any books, then the publisher allows google books for free or permission and you can easily read the books as a preview.  

In some other cases, you will be able to see full books as a text. Just read as you read a textbook. Sometimes, you can easily download a pdf of any book for free.

There is above all freedom to read books online free on google books. 

So, why waste your time. You can search from today.

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Who loves to read freedom? I mean, who is not conservative to read some of the particular subjects? Suppose, if you are a reader that just likes to read fiction, then I will suggest you for Smashwords. You will find different kinds of books on the website of Smashwords. To be honest. I love this site. According to genres ever you want. Almost everything you will find in Smashwords.

But, there is one thein, when you search here you have to search free version because there are not all free books offer for you. Although, there are a lot of free books, more than 40,000 books. It’s good enough. Isn’t it?

So, start to read your lovely, different kinds of books on the Smashwords website and Enjoy yourself.


ManyBooks is one of my favorite e-books sites where I love to read often.  Oops! Don’t you know?  Here you can read your books completely free and enjoy as much as you can!

Recently, I have found more than 60,000 books titles inside the websites. And what a lucrative interface, beautifully designed all the books are?

Just click and browse any book title, writer’s name, publishers ar search any kind of books, just search with related keywords. All the ways, you will find your required books.

What a wonderful interface !! I like to spend my time here.


Bookboon is one of the e-book websites that have special appeal among most Students. I took so much reference from the site when I wrote Academic or student-related lectures.

Anyway, Bookboon on of the famous online books publisher. They are especially concentrated to develop students’ e-textbooks.

There is no cost to sign up and you can read any kind of text-related books here but you have one restriction here that is you can not able to download any books from this site.


Almost, all the subjects are covered here for the students in school colleges, universities. Let you know, the topper and famous professor across the world only write here for the students.

Those are crazy readers like me. they need more and more, they want to fly one flower to another flower and can enjoy all the tests of a variety of books,

For those, there are more free websites where you can find e-books and read free. Have a look.

  • Audible (Free Trial)
  • Open Library
  • Archive Internet
  • Free eBooks
  • Open Culture

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