The Easy Way to Make Passive Income $3000/mo Selling eBooks

When it comes to passive income ideas online, selling eBooks is something that we see as a passive income idea.

Selling eBooks online can be profitable and help you to make another passive income stream.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll share the easy way to make passive income and earn $3000/month selling eBooks.

In order to make $3000/month or $100/day by selling eBooks, you have to be cautious about small-to-small details.

From niche selection to marketing, everything is essential!

That’s why here we have created an in-depth guideline that’ll help you to reach the milestone of $3000/mo by selling eBooks.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it. Shall we?

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Easy way to make passive income $3000/mo selling eBooks

eBook selling is a great way to generate passive income.

That’s why, in this section, we’ll tell you about some primary but main point that requires your attention to be successful.

Those fundamental points are these bellow:

  • Niche
  • Problem Solving
  • Title
  • Cover Art
  • Proofreading and Professional Edits


Niche is the most important thing when it comes to selling an eBook. When we ask you to write an eBook, what should be the topic?

While answering this question, a lot of topics will pop up in your mind. Maybe you can write a good book on dieting or on time-management.

We recommend people to write an eBook on a topic that he knows and has experience as well.

For example, you want to write a budget travel guide to Thailand.

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In that case, if you have already done a budget tour in Thailand, then you’ll be able to provide some real-life information.

Also, if someone visits Thailand after reading your book, she/he will see how realistic your guide was.

Also, don’t choose a large niche like how to be a digital marketer.

As there are so many biggies available who wrote on this topic and spent more money on marketing than you can do.

Instead, take a narrower niche like how to earn as a digital marketer while completing graduation and so on.

Also, while choosing your niche, set your audience, and make it a helpful guideline for them.

Problem Solving

Once you have got your niche, now you should focus on making a problem-solving book.

Now, how to make a problem-solving book?

To do that, at first, you have to find out the problems, and for that, you should conduct a Q/A session where you’ll ask questions to find out problems regarding your niche.

For example, you are writing an eBook on digital marketing, considering visiting digital marketing-related forums, Facebook groups, and trying to figure out problems from there.

You can also use your social media to ask questions via Q/A sessions.

Now, make a list of the problems and start finding the solutions immediately.


Title matters! Remember the first two things that will attract people’s eye is the title and the cover of the book.

For example, when I saw Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK” or Spencer Johnson’s “Who Moved My Cheese”, the title attracted me more than anything else.

If you can attract the audience with the title, they will see your book and additional content.

Also they will show interest towards the sales page, and this is how someone will invest in your eBook just because she/he got hooked by reading the title first.

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Cover Art- The Most Eye-Catching Thing

When it comes to attracting someone, cover-art is something that attracts everyone and encourages them to read further.

For instance, when I saw a book called Freakonomics written by Stephen J.

Dubner and Steven Levitt, the artwork, the title, the font, everything attracted me, and my eyeballs were only on that book.

That’s why your eBooks cover is damn important.

So, if you are not good enough with arts and designs, invest a few dollars and hire someone to design the eBook cover for you.

It will save you time, a lot of hassle besides making your eBook more attractive by a professional.

Proofreading and Professional Edits

Even if you are a new writer or an experienced one, there is always a possibility of making mistakes and room for improvement.

Sometimes even experts can’t find the mistake in their writing.

That’s why, once you have written your work, hire a proofreader and editor to fix typos, and then you can publish it.

Platforms – Where to Publish

Now, once you have made your eBook and it’s ready for publishing. Now, the question arises where you will publish the books?

Well, if you an eBook ready for publishment you don’t have to worry about platforms as there are so many available.

For your help, here are the five best platforms (in our opinion) where you can publish and sell eBooks.

Here is the following list of selling eBooks platforms:

Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon

easy way to make passive income

KDP is one of the best programs where almost all the new authors start selling their eBooks.

Only through KDP, many authors make thousands of dollars a month.

KDP offers you many ways to earn by selling eBooks and marketing opportunities to increase sell too.

Also, you can select the amount of royalty you want. It can be either 35% or 70%.

Kobo – Online eBooks Platform

easy way to make passive income

Kobo is one of the most well-known eBook retailers in the world.

With the e-reading device and app, it’s a direct and oldest competitor of Amazon’s Kindle.

It’s an excellent platform for self-publishing.

Also, depending on your eBook price, you can make 45% or 70% royalty on Kobo.

iBook – Apple eBooks Platform

easy way to make passive income

iBook is Apple’s eBook retailing platform where you can find and sell eBooks too.

To publish on iBook by yourself, you need a Mac, or a Apple device.

Apple’s iBook offers a direct 70% royalty rate.


If you are looking for an eBook aggregator, who will work like a bridge between you and eBook retailers, then Smashwords is the best option for you.

Smashwords charges 10% for books that got a sale from their retail network, and for other retailers, they charge 15% along with the retailers’ fees.


If you are like to get a printed copy of your books without taking the risk of having books stocked, CreateSpace is a perfect solution.

It is a print of demand publish platform by Amazon.

If you want a printed version of your book, don’t forget to subscribe to CreateSpace.

So, these are the top five platforms you can use for selling eBooks.

Then Again, you can also sell your book by creating a website on social media, like creating a shop on Facebook, and so on.


If you want to see a boost in your sales, then there is nothing better than doing some marketing.

So, here are some probable ways you can apply to promote your eBook.

Creating a blog

If you already have one, don’t bother to create another blog; instead, promote with that.

In your blog, you can give a simple preview, tell people how it can help them, offer discounts, and so on.

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Social Media

Social media is the best place where you can promote your eBook.

Use Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and social media to promote your eBook.

Also, don’t forget to give an announcement on your niche relevant Facebook groups and subreddits.

Also, if you have a fan base, then it’ll be a plus point too.

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Email Marketing

Do you have an email list of your targeted audience? If yes, then it’s going to be a money booster for you.

You can mail them about the eBook and how it can help them, announce publishing date, giveaways, discount, and so on.


There is nothing better than a giveaway. You can giveaway to people for sharing genuine feedback and for sharing on social media.

Also, you can give away the first chapter of the book, and so on.

If you are willing to be a frequent writer, then giving away books will help your reader base.

More Books

easy way to make passive income

If you are planning to be a frequent writer, then an eBook can help you make a bunch of money every month.

You see, the more books you sell, the more you make.

That’s why we recommend you brainstorm new eBook ideas, write and sell online.

This is how you’ll build a reader-base and another passive income stream of $3000/month.


So, here is the easy way to make passive income 3000/mo selling eBooks.

Selling eBooks isn’t an overnight passive income building thing. That’s why we’ll end today’s article with one tip, which is to be consistent.

Your first eBook may not be the thousand dollars making a book, but if you keep writing consistently and keep improving, then making a passive income $3000/mo by selling eBooks is not too far.