You Can Earn up to $50 for Every Completed Survey.

Do you want to earn money in your leisure time?

You can earn by doing some surveys even when you’re watching videos online.

Well, you might be wondering if it is a scam or something like that.

But nope, it is a legit way to earn money online. There are so many companies who are willing to pay if you do their surveys.

There are so many scams online, but there are still so many legit companies who pay to complete their surveys.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best survey companies where you can earn up to $50 for every completed survey.

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How Much Can You Earn Doing Surveys?

earn up to $50 for every completed survey

Most of the websites that promise to pay for taking surveys usually offer $3-$50 per survey.

The amount depends on the time duration it one survey takes to be completed.

Some surveys can be done within some minutes, while some take at most 20 minutes.

The long surveys are paid up to $50 each.

If you use your free time for doing surveys for 3-4 hours that are worth $50, you can at the end of the month make $2000 easily.

Besides, all the sites have many other options available to get some extra cash

If you do those tasks, you may earn $3000 per month.



Inboxdollars is one of the most known companies who pay for doing their surveys.

They are doing this since 2000. Even they paid over $59 million since then.

There you will not only be able to find survey works, but you will also find offers, videos, games, shop, etc.

All are the ways you can do to earn money from Inboxdollars.

They have two options to get paid, PayPal and Gift Cards. You can choose any of them to get the payment.

They offer $5 as a sign-up bonus for the first time. And the ways to sign up is also easy.

You will be paid $.50 to $5 in the first time for completing one survey.

But when you are matched with a demographic profile, you can earn up to $50 for every completed survey.

The minimum cash out amount is $30.

Join Inboxdollars and get instant $5 for signing up

Unfortunately, Inboxdollars is currently adding members from the U.S. only.

So if you are not now in U.S., you won’t be able to be a member of Inboxdollars.

But you do not need to be a worry. Some companies are accepting new members from other countries.

Please continue reading to know about them.

Survey Junkie


Survey junkie is one of the most reliable companies where you can do legit survey works and earn money.

They have over 10 million active members with 4.5 stars BBB rating and 4 stars in Trustpilot.

You can work from anywhere you want.

To complete their surveys, you will need just a little of your time.

The short surveys take between 1-3 minutes, and longer surveys take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

They have $2 sign-up bonus for the newbie. You will get this $2 after creating your profile in Survey Junkie.

PayPal and Amazon Gift cards are the only ways to get paid. The minimum amount to payout is $10.

Though these surveys are available only in U.S., Australia, and Canada, you need to be over 13 years old to sign up. 

There is potential to earn up to $50 for every completed survey and $18 per hour.

It’s free to sign up, so don’t miss the chance.

Vindale Research

Vindale research is another company where you can get a huge amount of payment by doing survey works.

They were doing this for over a decade and paid more than $50 million to its members.

There are so many opportunities to earn apart from taking surveys.

By referring Vindale Research to your friend, you can earn $5 for each.

Also, by sending your photo with the payment, you will get an extra $5 bonus.

And, of course, you will get $1 for signing up.

The normal survey usually takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete, and $.50 t0 $2 are paid for completing.

But you can earn up to $50 for every completed survey if your profile matches the demographics.

The minimum cash out amount is $50, and remember you need to be over 18 years to sign up.

And Vindale Research is available for now in U.S, U.k, Canada, and Australia.

Join Vindale Research to get $1 sign-up bonus!


Sawbucks is another popular company for doing survey works.

They are doing this business for 15 years, and they have more than 15 million members.

They have also paid over $380 million to their members.

By completing normal surveys, you will get around 100 t0 350 Sawbucks.

100 Sawbucks (or S.B.s) are equal to $1, and you can cash out after making that amount.

But there are also surveys by completing which, you can earn up to $50 for every completed survey.

These types of surveys are rare.

You will get $10 as a sign-up bonus, but first, you have to spend at least $25 on this site’s retailers. 

Sawbucks are available in Asia, America, Europe, and some countries in Africa.

There are also other ways to earn money with surveying. So hurry up and sign up for doing survey works in Sawbucks.

Join Sawbucks today to get $10 sign-up Bonus

Branded Surveys

This survey site has got a 4.5-star rated.

Branded research is the parent company which is conducting researches on market status since 2012.

When someone signs up there for the first time, they get a free 50 points.

After finishing to make their profile, another extra 50 points will be credited. In total, this becomes $1 bonus for joining them.

Right after joining, you are allowed to take as many surveys as you want and when you have accumulated 1,000 points, cash it out by redeeming for 10 dollars.

Each survey can give you up to 5 dollars. That is not only it!

You can add more points by sending invitations to your friends and family.

And there are ways to take the daily poll, ranking yourself on the leaderboard, or being selected randomly for rewarding 1,000 points.

Join Branded Survey from here!

PineCone Research

PinCone Research

This survey has been existing in business for the past 21 years. This one also made it one of the highly-rated paid surveys.

This survey is owned by a well-known company named Nielsen. Most of the researches is about products and services.

For taking per survey, you get 300 points or $3, and according to PineCone, each survey takes few minutes only to finish.

You are given the products to survey and if you want you can either take money or the products.


Trust pilot company rates other survey companies, and they give LifePoints 4.5 stars out of 5.

Working from 1946 this company has made 5 million members till now.

You, too, can become their member, and the entry is free.

After creating your account and filling up all the necessary information, they reward you with ten life points.

The topics you will see there to take surveys on are mostly related to technology.

Regular surveys can pay you from $0.50-$2, although there are ways to earn up to $50 for every completed survey.

Join LifePoints From Here

Panda Research

The name has the word “Panda,” but there’s nothing like researching on pandas.

Just kidding!

Since 2005 the Panda Research company has been paying its members, and the amount they paid out in total till now is $2.2 million.

Here you can earn up to $50 for every completed survey or even more.

And when you go for cashing out your money, you can make extra money worth $25 just by reading out the paid emails.

You get your money on two days the first time one is the 1st date of the month, and the second one is the 15th day of the month.

You can get your cash through a PayPal account,

And after gathering $110, you are allowed to cash out $100, and the rest dollars will be left to be included with the next payment.

To Become their member, you must be at least above 18 years old. The minimum rate for cashing out your earnings is 50 dollars.

Join Panda Research From Here

Opinion Outpost

Before you join Opinion Outpost to take surveys, they will give you some questions to give answers.

The questions asked may involve your age, your education level, and your marital status.

Also, some questions will be upon the recent events.

You get 30 points per survey that can be redeemed for $3.

And one thing you need to keep in mind that they will test you with the same questions because they will check if you are answering honestly.

You can cash out the money only when you have successfully accumulated $10.

You need a PayPal account to receive the payment, or you can request Amazon Gift Cards too.

Join Opinion Outpost From Here


Toluna is a firm that researches on markets.

It has existed since 1994. The Trustpilot has rated the film 3.5 stars.

You don’t need to fill in any profile or anything but go through the link you will get by email.

That’s enough to finalize the registration. Get free 500 points as a bonus for signing up.

 The point system can get you 15-50,000 points per survey, but the problem is you must make 30,000 points to cash out at least $10 or to request a $10 amazon gift card.

Although you can ask for a cash-out if you have 10,000 points,

It is a legit company that will pay you for real, so better not neglecting the free source of making money.

Join Toluna From Here

Final Thoughts

The good thing about online is that you can make money in both ways, either by doing simple works or doing tough jobs.

Taking surveys is easy to work to make some free legal money.

The lovely thing to consider about this work is you can do the job at any time from anywhere.

You don’t even need a computer to take surveys; just a smartphone is enough.

These 10 websites are not the only ones that pay for taking surveys, there are plenty more, and we suggest you check them on our website.

Visit us more to know more about the traditional online ways to make money.

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